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    How to Convert the XLR Cable to Audio

    The XLR audio cable is often used for microphones because of its locking connector type and balanced audio transmission. The cable and wires functionally are no different from instrument audio cables that use a Tip, Ring and Sleeve configuration to transmit the balanced signal. The TRS cables can be ¼-inch or 1/8-inch (6.5 mm or 3.5 mm). The size of the TRS connector doesn't affect the way it's attached to an XLR cable.

    How to Ground an FM Antenna

    Grounding any antenna is critical for equipment safety and maximum performance. FM antennas are no exception, especially those affixed to rooftops and exposed to the elements. Proper grounding prevents static charge buildup, while serving as another obstacle for harmful surges and electrical spikes. Grounding an FM antenna is achieved in a few ways, each serving a distinct purpose.

    How Do You Clean Your Apple Cinema Display?

    Apple Cinema Displays are among the premier brands of computer displays. They're gorgeous, they're large and they're expensive. Keeping the display clean is a task that should be undertake routinely – about once every two to three months -- and it takes only a few minutes. When cleaning time rolls around, remember that your monitor has more to it than just the front panel.

    How to Make an ISO Disc With Microsoft

    Using ISO images, application developers are able to provide their wares to customers for immediate download on the Internet – even if their software usually ships on a CD or DVD. An ISO file is a complete disc image that you can download and then burn to CD or DVD so you can install an application on your computer. With older versions of Windows, you needed third-party tools to burn ISO images to disc. However, Windows 8 includes a built-in tool designed especially for the task.

    Differences Between the CCD-IN & CDC-IN Cables for GPS

    Premium stock stereos featured in certain vehicles often offer integrated GPS functionality. In addition to GPS displays, the screens on these devices are used for assisted reverse or "backup" cameras, alongside full metadata from connected compact disc changers. Both CD changers and charge-coupled devices like reverse cameras use proprietary harnesses, standard optical or RCA cables and DIN-style plugs to connect to the back of the stereo.

    How to Wire a Motorcycle Cigarette Lighter

    When you're out on a road trip on your motorcycle, you don't want to run out of battery power on your cell phone. If your bike isn't equipped with a 12V cigarette lighter, you can wire one in to charge your phone or other small devices. 12V power adapters are available at department stores in the automotive section. Check the label for one marked "waterproof" or "truck bed liner power adapter" to make sure it won't short out if it rains.

    How To Wire in a GPS on a Bike

    Before they can benefit from navigational GPS devices, motorcycle owners must first know how to wire the GPS unit to the bike's battery. Setting up the GPS device to run off the motorcycle's power supply does require some wiring skill and knowledge of electrical systems. If you're uncertain about your ability to successfully perform the task, consult your local motorcycle garage. Incorrectly wiring the device may result in damaging the motorcycle or even suffering bodily harm.

    How To Edit a Garmin GPI

    Each Garmin GPS device comes preloaded with numerous points of interest, or POIs. However, any one of these POIs may not have sufficient information, such as rapid speed reductions, red light cameras or known areas of traffic congestion. Software like GPS Babel and GeePeeEx Editor lets you make changes and updates to the existing database file, entering the changes in pre-defined fields. You can even use Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program to make edits in comma-separated value format. Using Garmin's POI Loader software lets you send the modified file, converting it to Garmin's proprietary GPI format.

    How to Add Touch Screens to LCDs

    Touch-screen interfaces offer increased functionality with programs that use multiple icons, icons or writing text. If you have an LCD monitor you otherwise find acceptable for your computer but need the functionality of a touch screen, you can purchase an overlay to make the conversion. The task is straightforward, working with most all programs and PCs.

    How To Wire Auxiliary Lights to a Motorcycle

    Motorcycle lights, in addition to offering new elements of safety, define a bike's character. They work with that custom paint job, chrome and other accessories to enhance the machine's overall appeal. Although many larger bikes come equipped with a variety of lighting options, adding more or different styles adds a personalized finishing touch.

    How To Buy Solder Wire Online

    Buying solder wire online can be a confusing experience. Even if you have a basic knowledge of soldering techniques, you still may need help finding the correct solder for your particular project. Considering a few important factors can help wade through the various online options to find the solder you need.

    How to Compare Internet Speeds to Choose Your Cable

    Although most of us don't remember the days of dial-up Internet connections, speed is still critical for most broadband users: Amazon found that one second of extra page-loading time could cost $1.6 billion in sales per year. Maximizing your Web surfing speed is a matter of optimizing both your broadband service and your home network for maximum throughput.

    How to Fix Harman Kardon Subwoofers

    Harman/Kardon is a well-known name in consumer audio, offering receivers, speakers, source components and subwoofers. The last forms the audio foundation for your music and movie experience, playing low frequencies conventional speakers have trouble producing. If you are experiencing issues with your Harman/Kardon subwoofer, the manufacturer has specific troubleshooting suggestions to solve the problem.

    How to Replace a VGA Connector

    Video graphics adapter cables remain the predominant interconnect for connecting computers to monitors. Capable of high-definition graphics and near-universal compatibility, VGA cables are inexpensive and relatively durable. However, should your cable become nicked or cut and removal of the cable for replacement is impractical, soldering on a new connector is not as daunting as it may sound.

    Comparison Between Corrugated Copper & Corrugated Aluminum Coaxial Cable

    Coaxial cable uses a center wire, wrapped with insulation, which is then surrounded by a grounded shield with a braided wire strand, all to minimize the interference from other electrical and radio signals. Coaxial cable was originally used to transmit analog signals, but made the transition to digital signals deftly. There are two types of coaxial cable: copper and aluminum. Both use a corrugated outer structure to protect the cable and allow it to bend around corners.

    DIY Multi-Pin Audio Cables

    Several devices require a multi-pin connector on an audio cable, including headphones, microphones, music equipment and home entertainment systems. If you need to change connectors on your current equipment or if the cables or connectors have become damaged, it often makes sense to wire a cable yourself rather than to buy a new one. You don't need to be a master electrician to wire your own audio cables. The right tools, some planning beforehand and a bit of practice with a soldering gun are usually all that's required.

    How to Wire a Low-Voltage Idiot Light

    A low-voltage idiot light warns you when the voltage in a circuit drops to an unsatisfactory level. They can be used in a variety of circuits, so how you wire the light depends on what you are using it for. Before installing your own idiot light, you should be intimately familiar with the electrical system you will be working on. LED lights make ideal idiot lights, but because they use two prongs as leads, they can be difficult to wire and then mount. Using a shielded wire and then placing the LED in the threaded housing of a neon lamp indicator makes the LED much easier to work with.

    Easy Instructions for Logitech Headset

    Like most headsets, Logitech's offerings are used for multiple tasks including gaming, music, watching DVDs or engaging in phone conversations. Logitech's wired and wireless protocols allow you to enjoy the reliability of a wired connection or the freedom and convenience of a wireless option. Logitech's design means the headset should fit comfortably on most people after a simple adjustment, and it sets up quickly when plugged into your Mac or PC.

    The Differences Between Armored Cables & Metal-Clad Cables

    There are two complementary standards for prefabricated flexible electrical wire in metal conduit, Metal Clad Cable -- which goes to 18-gauge wire -- and Armored Cable, which runs from 14-gauge wire up to 1-gauge wire. Both are readily available for electrical contracting and home construction jobs; the Armored Cable standard is for higher electrical draw installations.

    How to Hook up a Car Subwoofer to Your Computer

    Low frequency information, also known as bass, lays the foundation for music and movies played through your computer. Without this visceral content, much the excitement of your multimedia content is lost. Car subwoofers provide this in droves, often packaged within their own model-specific enclosure. By using an 8-ohm subwoofer, a decent-quality amplifier and following standard wiring protocols, the new speaker assists those traditionally small computer satellites, giving your content a new dimension.

    How to Connect the Sony Handycam to the Internet

    High-speed Internet has made it possible to communicate using video with anyone in the world. While some people use a simple webcam to provide this functionality, you can use your Sony Handycam for this purpose and have better resolution and features at your fingertips to enhance the fun. While there are more steps involved to set up a Handycam for this purpose than there are for a webcam, it isn't much more challenging than uploading videos to your computer.

    Differences Between Bus Ducts & Cables

    Running electrical power through a facility involves balancing choices between tradeoffs in cost, safety, and total power and voltage needed. Power cables are good to a point. As current demand rises for a given installation, the more likely it is that a bus bar or bus duct is needed instead.

    How to Wire Rear Speaker Cables on Side Walls

    Although the front dash or door speakers tend to be the primary drivers in a car stereo system, rear speakers are still desirable for rear fill and ambiance. Some vehicles do not have a provision for rear speakers, necessitating wiring from the radio to the rear of the vehicle. Once in place, the rear speakers provide a little more life to recordings, while preventing you from turning up the front speakers excessively to placate backseat passengers.

    How to Wire a Sub Into a Stock Radio

    Subwoofers are the speakers in audio systems that add the visceral impact to recordings, adding excitement, muscle and depth. However, factory automotive stereos aren't necessarily friendly to adding a sub, although there are workarounds readily available to handle this situation. You need to properly match the amplifier and the subwoofer's power requirements and impedance to finish a successful installation.

    How to Wire a Mono Cable to a Stereo Jack

    When you play an amplified musical instrument through a multiple speaker system, play back older monaural records or tape or listen to a monaural source such as a speech or dictation recording through a stereo system, you may need to feed a mono signal into a stereo jack. There are two simple ways of accomplishing this: rewiring the mono cable plug and purchasing an adapter. Either method provides equally balanced signal to the stereo output.

    How to Wire a Single Coil Pickup

    Acoustic guitars make use of the instrument's large, hollow body to create resonance and volume, making your music audible from a moderate distance. With electric guitars, the relatively tiny sound of their fine strings must be picked up and electrically amplified by a small magnetic device mounted on the guitar, which is the origin of the term "pickup." Replacing a non-functioning pickup, or upgrading to one with better sound quality, is a basic skill any serious guitarist should know.

    How To Wire a Car Radio to a Fuse Box

    If you are replacing the factory radio that shipped with your automobile, the car probably has a wiring harness you can tap into when installing a new stereo. The wiring harness for a pre-existing stereo usually negates the need to wire the new radio for power and ground. However, if you want to add a radio to a car without one, you may have to wire power and ground for the unit to the vehicle's fuse panel underneath the dash. Although installing new electrical wiring for the radio may seem complicated, it's relatively simple as long as you are comfortable using a few hand tools and know some basic wiring methods.

    How to Wire a CPU Fan

    While several factors affect the speed of a PC, such as the amount of RAM in a computer and the type of hard drive or video card it uses, a faster processor in terms of gigahertz speed usually results in a better performance. Consequently, upgrading the processor or overclocking your current one can improve performance in applications and games. However, a faster processor also means more heat inside the case. Too much heat can quickly damage a CPU if the processor fan fails to cool the chip adequately. To ensure your processor does not over heat, you must know how to select, mount and wire a fan for the CPU correctly.

    How to Wire Amps

    Car stereo systems are made of three basic categories of components: Head units, preamps and amplifiers, and speaker systems. Amplifiers boost the electrical signal from the head unit to something powerful enough to drive the speaker coils, and are rated in watts of output. While original-equipment manufacturer amps are getting better, custom car audio enthusiasts can put in better ones themselves. Wiring the new amps into place is part of the process.

    How to Wire a DirecTV Multiswitch

    DirecTV satellite systems provide hundreds of high-quality digital channels, piped directly into your home. However, like all satellite systems DirecTV requires use of a multiswitch to feed multiple decoders. Depending on the size, shape and number of low-noise blockers, or LNBs, on the front of the dish, a standard multiswitch combined a single-wire multiswitch will get the job done.

    What Is the Difference Between Normal Ethernet Cables & Fiber Optic?

    With ever-increasing needs for bandwidth, the capacity of the cables we use to connect our computers and network devices continues to come under scrutiny. In the past, fiber-optic cable would always beat copper Ethernet cable hands down. However manufacturers have continued to update the technology behind Ethernet, meaning it can be just as fast as some fiber-optic cables today. When comparing the two, it's important to note that while Ethernet cable and fiber-optic cable are completely different, fiber-optic cable can be used in Ethernet networks. Ethernet refers to a collection of protocols and not just the cable. Fiber-optic cables and connections are also called Ethernet when they are designed for this same set of protocols.

    How to Wire a DIN Connector

    Multi-pin DIN plugs have a number of uses in audio and electronics. They've been used for computer keyboard connections and serial printer interfaces, they connect MIDI musical instruments to computers and each other, and they have many other uses in radio and specialized or industrial electronics. Wiring your own for repair purposes, or to replace a hard-to-find cable or connection, is only moderately challenging if your soldering skills are adequate.

    VGA to RCA Wiring Schematic

    While you normally use a CAT5 cable for Ethernet communication, CAT5, CAT5e and CAT6 cables can also carry video communication. When you want to connect a device with a VGA output to a device that has component input, you can make a custom video cable from a CAT5 , CAT5e or CAT6 cable by attaching three component connectors to one end of the cable and connecting the proper wires to a 15-pin VGA connector on the other end of the cable. Component connections are done in the RCA format -- the phono plug with a single, stubby prong surrounded by a sturdy ground collar, commonly used in consumer A/V equipment.

    What Is the Difference Between DV & FireWire Cable End Shapes?

    DV, FireWire, IEEE-1394 and i.Link are all names for a data transport protocol developed by Apple computer in the 1990s. Predating USB, and with significantly higher performance, the hardware was more expensive than contemporary varieties, but had a few technical advantages. There are a few differences between the cable types – though they had more to do with the type of connection being used, rather than the trade name used.

    How to Wire a Mini Jack for Headphones

    Headphones are one of the most intensely personal audio accessories. From the tiniest earbuds to the largest traditional headphones, most listeners have a very distinct preference. Unfortunately, mini headphone plugs are fragile and not all headphones use them. You can switch from one size to another easily with a snap-on adapter or permanently install a new plug to fit your mini jack.

    How to Wire Vonage to the Rest of the House

    Inexpensive Voice over Internet Protocol service providers such as Vonage offer consumers a strong alternative to conventional telephone service in areas where broadband Internet is reliable. The technology sends your voice communications over the same lines as your Internet connection, where they become a tiny portion of the data you send and receive. A Vonage VoIP device will connect a single phone, but you can use inexpensive wireless jacks or your phone company's existing wiring to have Vonage throughout your house.

    The Difference Between SATA II and SATA III

    SATA is a hardware connection standard that provides data transfer between hard drives and a computer's motherboard. The current standard is SATA III as of December 2012; SATA I was supplanted by SATA II around 2006. SATA connectors have been the default way of connecting hard drives to motherboards since around 2004 The first SATA hard drives were released in 2003 and had significant performance increases.

    How to Wire a DVC Subwoofer Into a Series

    Dual voice coil subwoofers offer a large variety of wiring options, especially as you add more subwoofers. The impedance of a DVC subwoofer affects power output, with these woofers offered in dual 2, 4 and 8 Ohm coil configurations. Wiring DVC subwoofers in series is additive, with the impedance ratings of each coil summed to create the actual load presented to the amplifier. This is the opposite of parallel wiring, which divides the impedance in half at the amplifier. Once you know the true power output and impedance capabilities of your amplifier, you'll know better which DVC subwoofer configuration to choose and how to wire it.

    How to Wire an RCA Plug

    If you have a soldering gun, you can wire your own RCA plugs. When choosing cable, coaxial cable generally gives you better performance, especially over long distances, because it is designed to shield the wires from interference that could degrade signal quality. A multimeter is essential to test the connectivity of your plug and to ensure there are no shorts. If you are trying to connect another type of cable like S-Video to an RCA jack, you might want to consider an RCA adapter. The cost is about the same as buying an RCA plug, without the work.

    How to Combine an HDTV Satellite Box and a Rooftop Antenna

    Although many local broadcasters transmit their high definition content over DirecTV and Dish Network, there may be some channels available you can only get over-the-air. Additionally, terrestrial HD broadcasts received over an antenna remain the highest quality available, using far less compression to maintain a higher level of picture quality. Many modern satellite dishes and decoders no longer require the use of an external diplexer to combine the outputs of a rooftop antenna and the dish itself, accessible through your DirecTV or Dish Network satellite box.

    How to Wire DirecTV LNB

    The LNB (Low Noise Block) converter on your DirecTV satellite dish receives and amplifies the low-power, satellite-television signal before sending it down a run of RG6 coaxial cable to the set-top box connected to your TV set. After you've installed the DirecTV dish and attached coaxial cable from the satellite set-top box to the cable grounding block outside your house or apartment, run another length of coaxial cable from the grounding block to the LNB. Careful wiring is essential to avoid signal loss, which can prevent you from receiving all available channels and may cause video and audio distortion on the channels you do receive. The DirecTV dish LNB comes with four output jacks, so you might want to install multiple cables to connect additional receivers in different rooms.

    How To Buy Serial Crossover Cable

    Although they're seldom used since the advent of USB connections, many computers still have one or more of the older-style serial communications ports installed. These were originally used for general-purpose connections to modems, printers, mice and other external devices. They could also be used for computer-to-computer connections, enabling direct communication or file transfers. That's still a convenient option, but you need a special-purpose serial "crossover" cable.

    How to View a Camera Connected to a Router

    If you have a Wi-Fi router, connecting a camera to your network is an inexpensive way to add some security to your home or office without the monthly fees associated with professional security services. Before you can view videos on the camera, some configuration will be required using the CD that comes with the camera. Setup shouldn't take long; most cameras come with an installation wizard to guide you through the process. Knowing what these cameras can do beforehand will make it easier to select the preferences that are most important to you.

    Is There a Difference in Ethernet Cords?

    While there can be huge differences in the purpose and quality between one Ethernet cord and another, it's not usually what meets the eye. The color of the outside sheathing means almost nothing. Ethernet cables can be blue, yellow or even mauve. What's important is the order of the colored wires inside the cable, which is the difference between a patch cord and a cross-over cable. Another important difference is whether the cable is Category-5, Cat5e or Cat6. Finally, the cable's certification rating determines whether you can safely run the cable in an air duct, under a carpet or outdoors.

    How to Connect an HD DVR to a Sony Bravia

    There's no denying the convenience of a digital video recorder from your cable or satellite provider to time-shift your favorite shows, ensuring you don't miss an episode despite your busy schedule. Connecting modern DVRs to flat panels like Sony's Bravia line is a quick process, thanks to the one-cable convenience afforded by HDMI cabling.

    How to Connect a Sony Bravia to a Verizon Box

    Verizon's high-definition set-top boxes encompass their standard and digital video recorder offerings. Verizon also offers decoders for older, analog-only televisions that operate in standard definition. Despite these differences, connections from these boxes to sets like Sony's Bravia televisions are standard and straightforward. Once hooked up, you can enjoy all of your favorite episodes, time-shifted or in real time.

    How to Bridge Wireless Routers

    Bridging two or more wireless routers in the same network can be useful if you have a lot of space to cover, if you want to isolate traffic from bandwidth-hungry devices or if you just have a lot of wireless devices in your home or office. The process is not complex and requires no special equipment beyond the two wireless routers themselves. One of them needs to be connected to high-speed Internet to act as the primary router. The other must have bridge mode capability in order to connect to the primary router.

    The Differences in Dialup and Cable Modems

    The Internet can connect you all around the world. Every year more people go online, and they do more once they’re there. You have many different options for how you connect to the Internet, including dial-up service and cable service. Dial-up service peaked in the 1990s and is still the only Internet service available in some remote locations. Cable is available in most locations and has grown to become one of the dominant forms of Internet service in the 2010s. The two technologies have clear differences between them to explain the gap in their popularity.

    How to Wire Amps to a Car Radio

    There are many factors that work against quality car audio. The biggest culprit is road noise, competing with and canceling out critical audio frequencies. As this noise forces you to turn the volume up, you'll quickly find that your in-dash radio's small amplifier runs out of steam. The solution is to add an amplifier, dramatically infusing your speakers with plentiful, clean wattage.

    How to Convert HDMI to Composite Cable

    More and more video sources employ HDMI as the only video output. Although HDMI outputs provide stunning high-definition signals, this presents a problem to those wanting to use the newest devices with older analog televisions or to archive various video formats. Converters and scalers take the output from an HDMI port, performing a process called transcoding to create an analog or composite signal. The converted video output is almost universally compatible with any video device with the most basic of inputs.

    How to Hook Up a Motorola Wireless Modem for a MacBook

    Motorola makes two types of wireless modems. Models like the Motorola SURFboard are designed for those who use a cable company for their Internet access. Models like the Motorola N-DSL are designed for DSL Internet access through a phone line. Whichever model you choose, hooking it up for a MacBook is easy and should only take a few minutes. Once you are up and running, take some time to read the user manual that came with the modem to ensure you get the full benefit of its additional features, like optimized HD movie streaming, gaming and Motorola diagnostic tools.

    Importing With a USB Cable on the Kindle

    Using a Kindle's USB cable is a quick and easy way to transfer all sorts of files from your computer to enjoy on your Kindle e-reader or tablet. For example, you can copy music files to listen to while you're on the go, or transfer word documents you want to read later. If you don't have wireless access, you can also transfer purchases you made from the Amazon website directly to your Kindle device via USB.

    Importing Text Documents to the iPhone Kindle App

    Amazon offers the Kindle Personal Documents Service, which allows you to send text documents from any computer to the Kindle app on your Apple iPhone via the "Send-to-Kindle" email address that Amazon assigned when you first registered your Kindle. To prevent spam, your Send-to-Kindle email address accepts messages only from the email addresses that you authorize. To send documents from your computer to the Kindle app on your iPhone, you must therefore authorize an email address to work with Send-to-Kindle. After authorizing an email address and sending the personal or work document to your iPhone, you can open and read it in the Kindle app while you're away from your home or office computer, allowing you to prepare for meetings, catch up on college work, check the ingredients required for a recipe or view a shopping list that you originally prepared on your PC.

    How To Make a Point of Interest on a Garmin GPS

    Portable GPS devices from major manufacturers such as Garmin offer more than a way to get from point A to point B. You can also personalize them, creating a richly detailed view of your chosen routes including points of interest. These can be anything you designate, from historical sites to especially clean restrooms. You can flesh out your POIs with detailed comments or special alerts, and on some models even attach custom audio files or images. Garmin's older device management software, MapSource has more features and flexibility than its 2011 replacement, BaseCamp. You may download and install either. User-community sites such as garmin-mapsource (link in Resources) are the best source of comprehensive information for making the best use of MapSource.

    How to Turn Off the Wireless on a Linksys WRTP54G

    The Linksys WRTP54G wireless router integrates two phone ports for voice-over-IP, or VoIP, Internet-based telephone communication. Although the device supports four types of wireless encryption modes, no Wi-Fi security setting configuration is as secure as a purely wired one -- and the wire is a much faster connection to boot. If you have no need for wireless connectivity, consider disabling the wireless feature for improved network security. Doing so only affects wireless connections, so your wired LAN and VoIP settings persist.

    How to Wire a Coaxial Cable Wall Box

    A wall mounted cable TV outlet allows you to access a cable signal by fastening a coax cable with an “F” connector to the output. The wall plate also appears far more aesthetically pleasing than a hole in the wall with a cable wire sticking out. Most cable TV installers leave you with the latter, but there is a relatively quick and easy solution. With a fast trip to your local electronics retailer and a few household tools you can install and wire a coaxial cable wall box that looks just like a professional setup.

    Differences Between High Quality HDMI Cables

    The High Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI, is a system of sending uncompressed audio and high-definition video over a single cable. Most consumer electronics only offer the best audio and video over this connection when compared to other audio and video output types. Although picture and sound quality is largely the same among all HDMI cable price points, there are quality differences between manufacturers. Prior to installing even a high-quality HDMI cable, there are considerations to keep in mind in order to help guarantee success.

    How To Remove a TomTom GPS From Its Mount

    Most TomTom GPS satellite navigation devices ship with a separate slide or clip mount so that you can insert and remove the device while leaving the mount fixed to your dashboard or windshield. However, the TomTom Go 800 series, Via series and Start 20 series of devices all come with integrated ball-and-socket mounts that you'll need to rotate in order to detach the device. Removing the device from its mount helps if you want to take the TomTom with you when leaving your car, or if you need to send the TomTom for servicing or repair.

    The Differences Between a Power Amplifier and a Voltage Amplifier

    Amplifiers are electronic circuits that increase the strength of signals. Hundreds of amplifier designs exist, ranging from simple single-transistor circuits to elaborate digital systems. A power amplifier and a voltage amplifier represent two designs that strengthen signals in different ways. Understanding the difference between voltage and power and their applications helps you select the correct amplifier type for a project.

    How to Replace a Headphone Plug

    Modern stereo earbuds and headphones are small enough and light enough to wear everywhere. Their sound quality ranges from acceptable to exceptional, depending how much you're prepared to spend. Unfortunately, the lightweight wire used in most headphones isn't very sturdy, and over time it will wear out. Most headphones are inexpensive enough to be disposable when that happens, but it's not difficult to replace a plug if you want to keep your current set. The process varies, depending whether your headphones use a single shielded cable or a pair of wires side by side.

    How to Install XM Radio with Sureconnect

    SiriusXM's SureConnect system is a fast and convenient method of getting audio from your SiriusXM radio to pipe through your vehicle's FM tuner. Ideal for use with rentals or if you're simply seeking an easier installation, SureConnect's compact wiring and FM transmission system means you don't need any special tools or training. Best of all, you don't have to remove the vehicle's radio or have unsightly dangling cords from a cassette adapter or other dongle.

    How to Renew MagicJack

    MagicJack is a hardware-driven voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP, service that offers the hardware for free, lets you use your existing telephones and gives a free trial period. Once the free trial period ends, you have the option of renewing the service by paying an annual fee for unlimited calls for a year. It is also possible to renew MagicJack for longer periods of time, such as three or five years. MagicJack renewals can only be done over the Internet.

    How to Align a Satellite Dish Without a Meter

    There's a lot to be said for sitting back and relaxing while a professional installs your satellite dish for you. Unfortunately, the novelty wears off after you've paid for it a few times. Learning to align your own satellite dish can save you hundreds of dollars over the years, and isn't especially difficult. You'll need to orient your dish for the correct up-and-down angle, or elevation, and its left-to-right angle, or azimuth. Getting great signal is easiest with a commercial meter, but all you really need is your receiver, a television and a helper.

    How to Run Satellite & Antenna Signals on the Same Cable

    The digital signal that comes through your satellite receiver and the broadcast signal from your antenna both run through coaxial cable into your home. The satellite cable goes to your DVR or set-top-box while the antenna cable goes to your digital converter box. To combine these two signals on the same cable, you need an A/B switch. The A/B switch combines and controls the two signals so you can run both to your TV with one cable.

    Types of Indoor Antenna Connectors

    Connecting various antennas in your home -- whether for over-the-air television, wireless Internet or AM/FM radio -- is relatively easy. However, if one of the various types of connectors becomes damaged, you will need to know what to look for as you seek a replacement. You can generally use the connector to associate an antenna with its intended function.

    How to Split a Cable TV Line

    Cable TV wire comes in three types: RG-6 (heavy duty all weather above and underground), RG-11(medium duty indoor-outdoor) and RG-59 (light duty indoor). All three are coaxial; that is they have at least one layer of negative ground shielding and a center pole of copper-coated solid wire wrapped in plastic. When adding another TV receiver or high speed cable Internet, the single line entering your home or office needs to be split into two or more lines to accommodate the new devices. To do this you need a 75 ohm coaxial line splitter available in two, three, four or more outputs and additional cable. Signal loss can occur if output demand exceeds input signal strength (see Warnings).

    How to Hook Up a Stereo Power Amp to a PC

    Computers with the assistance of music management software like iTunes are ideal solutions for use as music servers. Whether listening at your desktop or in your living room, you'll want to connect a stereo power amplifier if you're using unpowered speakers. Making the connection between a computer and an amplifier is straightforward, allowing you to play back all of your music in high quality.

    How to Splice Coaxial Cables

    Coaxial cable is the round cable that runs from your cable box or DVR to the wall. It's used for cable TV, multimedia systems and high-speed Internet connections because the thick, plastic coating protects the audio-visual signal from being disrupted by other electronic noise. The most common reasons to splice coaxial cable are to shorten a cable that's too long or to extend a cable that's too short. In either case, cut and strip coaxial cable and splice it to another piece with a coaxial connector.

    How to Clean Soldering Irons

    If you work on any wiring or electronic projects, you know the importance of a clean soldering iron. A contaminated soldering iron tip reduces heat transfer and makes your job much more difficult. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the soldering-iron tip is critical in ensuring accuracy in your soldering task, as well as the longevity of the tool itself.

    How to Reset a Wireless Key

    Wireless networks can be secured using the Wired Equivalent Privacy, Wi-Fi Protected Access or WPA2 protocols. WEP, WPA and WPA2 configurations require a password, or security key, to prevent unauthorized clients from logging in to the network. If you've noticed intruders on your network -- and therefore want to switch to a stronger password -- or if you've forgotten the security key for your wireless network, you can log on to the router itself to change the key.

    How to Check Your Mac's IP Address

    Your Mac computer's IP address allows other computers, servers and networks connected to the Internet to identify your physical and digital location. Your external IP address is a necessary aspect of connecting to -- and using -- the Internet, both for identification and addressing when accessing websites, social networks, file downloads and more. The Mac's internal IP address provides the same function, only within a local network rather than the Internet. Depending on the application, you could be required to find either your Mac's internal or external IP address.

    How to Fix a DNS Error

    The Domain Name System allows you to use easy-to-remember domain names when surfing the Internet. Without DNS, you would have to remember and enter obscure number values before you could view a website. For example, one of the many IP addresses Google uses for its search engine is If DNS on your system does not function, you would need to enter the numeric IP address instead of "google.com" to reach the search engine. If you are experiencing problems connected to websites in your browser, and your connection is active, chances are there is a problem with your Windows DNS settings. Resolving DNS problems sometimes takes a bit of patience, but is something you can usually do yourself without calling tech support.

    How to Connect a Webcam to Wireless Ethernet

    Using your webcams with services such as Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger works well when you're using the computer connected to the webcam, but other users on the network cannot utilize the camera in most cases. If you only have one webcam, and you have a Wi-Fi router with a USB port, you can connect the camera so that all users on the network can access and use it.

    How to Dry Out Wet iPhones

    You carry your iPhone everywhere. In addition to making calls, you use it for music, movies and any number of useful apps. With this constant use comes the risk of the iPhone ending up in a pool, toilet or puddle. Water is fatal to most electronics, but you may be able to salvage the device using proven techniques. A quick response is necessary if you hope to save the phone.

    How to Delete Music on an iPhone

    If you want to delete music from your iPhone, you can do it directly on the phone, or you can connect your phone to your computer and managing the content through iTunes. Delete music to make room for new songs or to keep the content on your iPhone fresh. You can also edit and create new playlists or play your music at random.

    How to Fix a Slow Internet Connection

    Today's broadband Internet is the conduit for business and entertainment. Carrying the data needed to live a connected life, your Internet speed is affected by numerous things. In the event your Internet connection speed isn't as fast as you would like or were promised by your service provider, there are steps you can take to rectify the situation.

    How to Prevent the Coiling of Audio Cables

    Audio cables somehow manage to coil themselves after installation. In addition to being unsightly and becoming entangled with one another, delicate wiring like optical fiber and HDMI may be internally damaged from twists and kinks. Keeping your wires organized and straight helps ensure system reliability and a reduction in damaged audio cabling.

    How to Back Up a Garmin Nuvi

    The Garmin Nuvi is a popular brand of automotive GPS. There are several varieties of Nuvi, and the device is available with different screen sizes and features. All Nuvis use color touchscreen displays to show a moving road map and are designed specifically for drivers. Nuvi owners can save favorite locations and frequently used addresses on the device. A USB transfer cable can also be used to back up these preferences to either a Mac or Windows computer.

    How to Reset the Password on a LinkSys Router

    Linksys provides an online application that enables you to manage your router settings, such as setting the security type and your password. The password supplies encrypted key access to your network to help exclude unauthorized network access. You may want to change the router password regularly to help maintain Internet security.

    How to Reboot or Reset a Cable or DSL Modem Properly

    You can separate cable and DSL modems into three broad categories: standard modems, voice modems and combined modem/router units. On standard and voice modems, using the modem's reset button triggers a reboot, but on a combined modem/router it restores factory defaults and deletes any user-configured settings. Therefore, using this button should never be the first option for a combined unit. Power cycling a modem also forces a reboot on all cable and DSL modems, but should never be used with voice modems, or you could lose voice capabilities. Before deciding which method to use, verify the type of modem you have. As a general rule, combined units are identified by multiple Ethernet ports on the back, and voice modems have multiple phone line connections.

    How to Increase Internet Connection Speed

    Most of us spend any hours online. In the age of broadband, Internet access speeds get ever faster and more accessible. However, you might not be maximizing your Internet speed for a variety of reasons. Using a wireless versus wired connection, running numerous programs and computer viruses are all causes of slow Internet speeds. A faster Internet connection allows you upload and download content faster, improving your workflow and online entertainment experience.

    How to Wire Resistors in a Series & in Parallel

    Resistors are an essential component in electronic circuits that provide controlled impedance to the voltage and current running through the circuit. Resistors can be wired in two different ways within a circuit: series or parallel. Both options have their own specific benefits and uses, and it is essential that the correct wiring option is selected for your circuit as the resistors behave differently in each configuration.

    How to Extend an HDMI Cable

    High Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI, cables offer a one-wire solution for high-quality audio and video. Although you typically only need one cable per component, there are occasions where that cable is too short. This can happen if you replace a television with a projector, change your equipment rack's location or install a new component. Extending an HDMI cable is relatively straightforward, but you need to keep in mind the wire's length prior to installation.

    How to Get a New IP Address

    When you connect your modem to the Internet, your Internet service provider leases an IP address to you for a specified period of time, for example two weeks. Websites that impose limits, such as maximum downloads per hour or one rating per person, often identify you by your IP address. You can create a new identity by forcing your ISP to assign a new IP address to you. If you've just bought or moved your computer or router, reconfigured your home network or had a power outage, you may also need to force your ISP to assign a new address.

    How to Change Wireless Settings on a D-Link Router

    The wireless settings for your D-Link router are accessible via your Web browser by navigating to the D-Link router's setup utility. This utility contains both automated wizard and manual setup options. For maximum control, you should use the manual option. Changing your wireless settings is recommended when you do not have encryption enabled, your wireless password was leaked or hacked, you need to change security protocols or you want to disable broadcasting of your network name.

    How To Connect A Cable Modem To A Wireless Router

    If you only need to grant a single computer stationary access to the Internet, you do not need a router at all. However, when you have multiple computers that need Internet access, or you want to get on the Internet from anywhere in your house, you'll need a wireless router. Using the router's wireless capabilities requires a wireless adapter on your computer. However, computers without a wireless adapter can still use a wired connection to the router.

    How to Set Up Sharing on a Dell Inspiron

    A Dell Inspiron laptop enables you to surf the Web, create documents and perform other computing tasks virtually anywhere you go. After using your Inspiron laptop on the road, you might want to transfer files to your home computer or another PC through a wired local area network or Wi-Fi router. However, before other computers on the network can access the laptop, you must enable sharing file and folders on the Dell Inspiron to make them visible. Regardless whether you use a wired or wireless connection to join an Inspiron laptop to a network, Windows7 makes sharing of your media libraries and documents with other computers relatively simple.

    How to Turn a DSL Modem Into a WAP

    Any number of devices in the home today can benefit from a wireless access point, including laptop computers, cell phones, Smart TVs and game consoles like the XBox 360 or Playstation 3. If you have a DSL modem with built-in wireless, setting it up as a WAP is very easy to do. If your modem isn't wireless, you can still set it up for wireless connectivity just by connecting it to a wireless router.

    How To Setup Xbox Live With a Wireless Adapter

    Xbox 360 users are able to extend the use of their systems by adding Xbox Live to their devices. With Xbox Live, 360 users can play select video games online with other players, add content to existing games and download new games, among many other things. Xbox Live requires either a wired or Wireless Internet connection. Configuring Xbox Live with a Wireless Adapter merely requires connecting to the Wireless network on your Xbox 360 and then enabling Xbox Live.

    How to Reset a Garmin FM Receiver

    Garmin GPS navigation devices typically use services broadcast terrestrially. These towers send you weather, street and traffic conditions and other alerts over the FM band. Should your Garmin unit lock up or stop receiving these signals, you will have to reset the unit entirely. Once the reset is completed, your Garmin unit resumes offering comprehensive navigation with real-time updates.

    How to See If Your Wireless Router Is Working

    The wireless local access network access point for your home network broadcasts and receives signal in the 2.4-GHz band and the 5-GHz band, which is nearly always a router that combines the attributes of a switch, a local area network and a WLAN. The performance of your wireless router determines whether you can send and receive data packets to and from the Internet and your home network. Therefore it is vital that you understand how to check the performance of your router to determine if it is functioning properly.

    How to Delete Photos From an iPhone

    Quickly deleting photos from an iPhone is not an obvious process, but it's actually quite easy to do once you know how. Whether you use a Mac or a PC, you can back up your photos to your computer and then delete them from the iPhone without the need of any special software, or even Apple iTunes. It's important to delete accumulated photos occasionally to ensure you'll always have free space on the iPhone.

    Ethernet Cables & Benefits to Wired Vs Wireless Users

    All over the world, everyone seems to be going wireless when it comes to Internet connections. From 3G and 4G networks to Wi-Fi hotspots at many airports, cafes and coffee shops, Internet users search for ways to free themselves from wires while still being able to connect to the Web and their chat or email applications. While wireless networks are certainly convenient, they do expose users to certain disadvantages when compared to hard-wired Internet or network connections that use Ethernet cables. While using RJ-45 Ethernet cables for your network or Internet connection can be less convenient, there are advantages to the older technology that you should consider before implementing a router network.

    Setting up a Wireless Network at Home

    A home wireless network is not difficult to set up with the right planning. Most homes only need to add a wireless router to the incoming Internet connection, although some households with older computers may need to upgrade them with wireless adapters to join the network. If you don't already have a home Internet connection, consider sharing the connection from a 3G or 4G cellular network to connect your home.