How to Get Water Out of an iPhone Screen

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    A small and versatile device like an iPhone begs to be carried around everywhere you go. With that convenience comes the risk of dropping the unit into a sink, toilet or swimming pool in addition to general moisture intrusion from a hard rain. Should the unthinkable happen and you see water behind your iPhone's screen, there are proven ways to rescue the device from certain doom.

    Step 1

    Immediately remove the device from the water. Remove any peripherals from the unit including headphones, cases or chargers.

    Step 2

    Press and hold the sleep/wake button to turn the unit off. Do not press any other buttons.

    Step 3

    Wipe down the unit as much as possible, without shaking the unit or turning it excessively. Such actions will probably force water into critical and unreachable places.

    Step 4

    Immerse the iPhone into a container filled with dry rice, kitty litter or a few desiccant packets. You can find the latter packaged with vitamins or with shoes or other leather goods. Ensure the iPhone is completely covered.

    Step 5

    Let the iPhone remain in the rice, kitty litter or among the desiccant packets for at least 48 hours. Attempt to turn the unit back on to test for functionality.


    • If all else fails, Apple will replace your water-damaged iPhone at reduced cost. Note however that water damage is never covered under AppleCare or the conventional warranty. Some cell-phone carriers may sell plans that cover water damage; ask your carrier for details.


    • Never apply intense direct heat to the unit from a heat gun, hairdryer or direct sunlight. Although you will probably solve your moisture problem, you'll also probably unseat adhesives and possibly warp delicate internal parts.

    Required Items

    • Clean dry cloth
    • Sealed plastic container
    • Dry rice, kitty litter or silicon desiccant

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