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    How to Create Movies for iPhone

    Like many smartphones, the Apple iPhone has an integrated camera that lets you capture videos as well as take snapshots. Therefore, creating short videos on the iPhone directly is relatively straightforward. If you want to copy videos from your computer to an iPhone, though, you may need to convert and edit them before you can view them on your Apple phone. Converting and formatting videos you want to view on your iPhone is not difficult, though, and there are many ways to perform the tasks.

    How to Download Games to a Kindle Fire HD

    In addition to the e-reader capability of earlier Kindle models, the Kindle Fire HD enables you to consume a variety of media, including music, movies, TV shows and games. Putting games on your Kindle Fire HD involves searching and downloading from the Amazon Appstore. You can do so directly on the tablet and enjoy the games as soon as you download them.

    How to Use a Logitech Dual-Action Controller

    A dual-action game pad has two independent control sticks, with the left stick controlling movement and the right controlling "look" or camera functions, depending on the game. Logitech, a well-regarded name in computer peripherals, offers two dual-action game pads as of 2013: the Gamepad F310 and the Wireless Gamepad F710. These controllers interface with your PC gaming rig, offering precise control. Both units are configurable via Profiler software, enabling mimicking of mouse gestures and keyboard movement for games that don't support controllers.

    Substitutes for a Samsung Wireless Adapter

    The Samsung LinkStick wireless adapter is designed to connect Wi-Fi-ready Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players to your home network. It gives you the ability to access news and sports from the Internet, as well as services such as Netflix and Pandora, or stream content wirelessly to your TV from your computer. At a retail price of about $80, it's an expensive accessory when you consider other USB Wi-Fi adapters are about $10 today. Unfortunately, other USB adapters aren't compatible with Samsung products.

    How To Compare Wireless Gaming Headphones

    Whether you're playing late at night or don't have a decent surround sound system to immerse you in the action, quality gaming headphones can make the difference between a mundane and exciting gaming session. Although consoles come with headsets that are monophonic and allow voice chat, they do nothing for environmental surround effects and locating your opponents. Gaming-centric headphones allow chat while getting lost in the multiplayer firefight or racing duel through superior sound quality.

    Does the AV Receiver Quality Make a Difference With HDMI?

    The High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI protocol is a consumer audio and video standard. Introduced in 2003, HDMI is now present on the vast majority of televisions and home theater receivers. Today's receivers handle the audio and video from HDMI, processing audio and video as well as passing video to the display. Given the vast array of options and quality levels among AV receivers, it's natural to question whether these differences affect HDMI performance.

    How to Connect a PSP to a Polaroid HDTV

    When you’re not on the go, you may want to amplify your experience by displaying your PlayStation Portable game on a larger screen. Connecting the PSP screen to an HDTV, requires a component cable that is not included with the purchase of a portable gaming console. Sony manufactures a component A/V cable that costs approximately $15.

    How to Choose the Right Processor Speed for a Computer

    Without a central processing unit, your computer can't compute. The CPU -- a piece of silicon -- performs the general purpose calculations for the computer. For most of the personal computer era, the rule for processor speed was simple: always get the fastest processor your budget could manage. When multiple-core CPUs hit the consumer market, that advice shifted. It is now easy to buy a processor that sits idle for hundreds or thousands of clock cycles, waiting for you to do something. Although the processor is still important, other computer parts can be more important to the overall responsiveness of the machine.

    How to Buy a Gaming Laptop

    Video games always push the boundaries of the hardware that runs them. To have a fast, crisp, truly immersive laptop gaming experience you have to spend money on a good machine. That doesn’t mean you need to get the very best, top-of-the-line, bleeding-edge stuff, but even the second-tier tech doesn’t come cheap. This makes a gaming laptop a major investment. Do your homework before buying anything, and be prepared to drop a bundle.

    How to Play GameCube Games on a Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo's Wii console provides backward compatibility with the GameCube console, allowing you to play older games on the new device as long as the appropriate controllers and memory cards are available. All models of the Wii are compatible with GameCube games except for the Wii Family Edition console, which is identified by the lack of GameCube controller ports on top of the device.

    How to Use Speed Dial on an iPhone

    The Apple iPhone is one of the best-selling smartphones in the world. Like other cell phones, this device has the ability to speed dial preset phone numbers, allowing users to quickly call their frequent contacts without having to manually enter the number. Unlike a traditional phone, the iPhone calls this feature the Favorites list. An iPhone owner can save either phone numbers or email addresses in the Favorites list. The saved email address allows videoconferencing using Apple's FaceTime feature.

    How to Get Closed Captioning on Podcasts on an iPad

    Closed caption programming is a standard Universal Access and assistive technology feature that displays captions at the bottom of the screen for hearing-impaired users or for users who cannot listen to a podcast or video broadcast. In order to use closed captioning, a podcast or video broadcast must support this feature. Typically, programs that support closed captioning contain the letters "CC" enclosed inside an open box. The podcast section of iTunes is where you manage your downloads and subscriptions to podcasts.

    How to Connect RCA to Coaxial

    Many modern televisions and video monitors come with more input and connector choices than you could ever possibly use. However, the same is not true of many older televisions built before digital cable and HDTV became the standard. While even low-end TVs made these days usually include at least of couple of different connection options, many older TVs have only the standard F-type coaxial connector used for cable TV connections and hooking up an outdoor antenna. Consequently, if you need to connect a new DVD player, game console or other modern video player to an older TV, you will find that most have RCA outputs but no coax connector. Fortunately, if you need to convert an RCA connection to coax, adapters and modulators are available, making this task relatively simple.

    Short Description of a Wireless Router

    A wireless router is a networking device that allows the computers and other electronic devices in your home to access the Internet via radio signals. A wireless router frees your home from some of the cable clutter that accompanies electronics and provides Internet access to mobile devices without Ethernet ports. Because many wireless routers have automatic setup sequences, you do not need to have a thorough understanding of computer networking to install one in your home.