How to Use a Logitech Dual-Action Controller

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    A dual-action game pad has two independent control sticks, with the left stick controlling movement and the right controlling "look" or camera functions, depending on the game. Logitech, a well-regarded name in computer peripherals, offers two dual-action game pads as of 2013: the Gamepad F310 and the Wireless Gamepad F710. These controllers interface with your PC gaming rig, offering precise control. Both units are configurable via Profiler software, enabling mimicking of mouse gestures and keyboard movement for games that don't support controllers.


    Logitech F310 and F710 controllers are designed to work out of the box with Windows 7 and 8 computers. For XP machines, you may have to install the drivers from the included disc. Most modern games for Windows are designed with the XInput protocol, which allows controllers like the Logitech units to vibrate and use proper button mapping. The wired F310 controller must be plugged into a free USB 2.0 input. The wireless F710 comes with a wireless transceiver that plugs into a USB input as well, preferably on the front panel of the PC to minimize interference and shorten the distance between the controller and transceiver. The wireless F710 can also be used in a wired configuration, by plugging in the adapter cable to the bottom of the controller with the USB end plugged directly into the computer or the back of the wireless adapter, depending on your version.

    Profiler Software

    Profiler is a customization program used to map buttons and set preferences for your controller. With Profiler, you can assign different buttons to individual games or set universal button preferences. You can also emulate keyboard and mouse behavior by mapping thumb stick and button actions to directional arrow or "WASD" key control. Although many games offer their own controller mapping functions, Profiler is useful in those scenarios where the game does not support XInput or is not natively designed for use with a game pad.

    Console Compatibility

    Although the Logitech controllers are designed to work with Windows PC games and Xbox 360 controllers are also compatible with those titles, the Logitech units do not work with the console. The Logitech F710 will work with PlayStation 3 consoles, but lacks vibration functionality. When plugged into the PS3, the directional sticks and buttons should have a familiar feel, because the native PS3 and the Logitech F710 controllers are laid out in a similar fashion.


    Although the Logitech F310 and F710 game pads should work without much installation effort, there are some things you can do if the controllers do not function as expected. USB hubs are not recommended if they rely on the 5 volts present on the USB line. Only use hubs if they are self-powered. Change which USB port is in use if the one you are attempting to use proves unresponsive. For wireless F710 controllers, swap out the two AA batteries for fresh ones, then attempt to resync by pressing the "Start" button on the game pad. In Windows, make sure the controllers are assigned to "ID-1" in the "Game Controllers" menu. Note that the information, setup and use for these two devices may vary slightly or significantly with other Logitech game controllers.

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