How to Unjam a CD Player

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    On October 1, 1982, Sony introduced the first consumer CD player and the first album released on CD, Billy Joel's "52nd Street." Since then, many manufacturers have sold CD players. Some have a single tray that ejects or a slot to feed a CD, and others have a magazine that feeds CDs or a tray that rotates multiple CDs into place. Depending on the type of player you have, you might take different steps to unjam a CD that's stuck in the player.

    Eject Hole

    Most CD players have a tiny hole underneath the CD slot or tray that you can use to manually eject a CD tray or a CD in a slotted player. Take a small paperclip and bend it so that one side is straight. Locate the hole and insert the straight end of the paperclip into it. Push lightly until you feel and hear the "click" of a mechanical movement, such as when you eject a disc or turn the CD tray. Carefully remove the CD or gently pull the tray until it's fully extended and remove the CD that's causing the problem.

    Power On and Open/Eject

    If your single- or multiple-disc player has a tray that slides out and the tray won't open, you can sometimes force the tray to eject when it powers on. First, power off the player. Then, press and hold the "Open/Close" or the "Eject" button on the front of the CD player and power the player back on. If it can, the player will open the tray so you can remove a CD that's not fully in its slot.

    Remove From Top

    If you load two CDs that are stuck together in a slot on a CD tray, or load a CD with a stuck-on label, the heat inside the tray often separates the CDs or the CD and its label. Either the CD or the label becomes stuck between the top of the player and the top of the tray when it turns. You can sometimes fix the problem from the top of the player by unscrewing the cover screws, removing the cover and lifting the jammed CD or removing the label from the top.

    Eject Into Magazine or Reset

    If your player uses a magazine to play multiple CDs, power off the unit and remove all CDs from the magazine. Place the magazine back in the changer, power the player on and wait for the player to eject the CD into the magazine. If that doesn't work, try resetting the unit. For example, on a JVC CD player, press the "Sel" and "Power" buttons at the same time to reset the unit and eject any CDs inside the unit.

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