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    Gable Antenna Installation

    The main difference in mounting an antenna to a gable from mounting it to a roof is the mounting kit. A roof-mounted antenna kit allows for the mast to be supported from underneath, but a cable mount needs to add that support in the form of a mounting bracket. Additionally, gable mounted antennas may have a more difficult cable run to connect the antenna to the receiver and the ground wire.

    How to Measure an Antenna Wavelength

    The frequency and wavelength of radio signals requires different types of antennas to send and receive them well. Low frequency signals have a very long wavelength and high frequency signals have a short wavelength, so matching the size of the antenna to the wavelength of the signal is imperative for good transmission and reception.

    Do It Yourself iPad Cover

    Hundreds of mass-produced iPad covers are available to buy, but making your own isn't complicated. Design a do-it-yourself case and create a custom conversation piece. Showcase your originality and design abilities -- add on a few pockets, handles and straps to make the cover more useful. With any DIY iPad cover, remember to line the inside with felt, flannel or any soft, lint-free cloth to protect the screen. Four pieces of elastic glued or sewn to the interior will hold each corner of the iPad snugly in place; or you can use the plastic frame the iPad came in when you bought it -- just glue it inside your DIY cover.

    How to Make a Portfolio for an iPad

    An iPad portfolio opens like a book and there are many colors and styles available commercially. But you can also make your own DIY iPad portfolio using recycled or easily sourced materials. Get as creative as you want with the materials you use, just make sure the sides are sturdy and there's enough padding to protect your iPad if you drop it.

    How to Rejuvenate a Three-Element Yagi Antenna

    The Yagi antenna (more properly the Yagi-Udo antenna design) is used for both UHF and VHF television reception, and by ham radio operators. Because the elements of the antenna are exposed to the elements and may involve a motorized swivel to direct the antenna to different broadcast sources, their performance may degrade due to corrosion or wear on the antenna leads. Periodically, a Yagi antenna should be taken down, disassembled, cleaned and re-assembled.

    How to Install a Vertical Antenna

    Taking up ham radio is a technically challenging but rewarding avocation. Long-time hams don't refer to it as a hobby any more than people who rebuild car engines think of that activity as a hobby. After you've obtained your technician's license and your own call sign, one of the first things you'll need to learn is how to set up your first vertical antenna on its mast.

    How to Control a DVR From a Different Room

    Digital video recorders, or DVRs, have revolutionized how we watch television, giving consumers the ability to store programming for later viewing with far more convenience than the old-fashioned procedure of loading VHS cassettes into a recording device. Because a DVR is essentially a computer with a large hard drive, it can be accessed and controlled in a number of ways, even in different rooms.

    How to Make a Homemade iPad Sleeve

    A casual stroll through the personal electronics section of any big-box store will provide a handful of standard-issue iPad sleeves to choose from. Sure, you could buy a mass-produced sleeve to protect your iPad, or with a little ingenuity you can make a homemade iPad sleeve out of all kinds of materials and trick it out to suit your needs. It's not as difficult as you might think, and the protection can be just as good as commercial sleeves.

    How to Mount a Yagi Antenna

    Yagi antennas are directional devices, prevalent in amateur radio, cellular and broadband distribution and television applications. Yagi antennas must be mounted securely and in the right spot for maximum effectiveness, same as any other. However, the directional nature of the array makes placement considerations even more significant than with omnidirectional-type antennas.

    How to Ground an Antenna Mast

    In any electrical circuit -- or anything involving electricity at all -- a proper ground is required. In the case of antennas, proper grounding is for constant bleeding of small static charges that continually build, shunting them safely to prevent static discharge. Grounds also help mitigate the effects of surges, which can wipe out your TV, DVR, shortwave radio or anything else connected to the array.

    How to Upgrade a CB Antenna

    In any citizens band radio system, the antenna is arguably the most important individual item. The Federal Communications Commission restricts CB radio power, so upgrading the antenna is the fastest way to improve performance. Better units offer better range and reception that is more reliable. Antennas in the grand scheme of total system cost are on the lower end of the scale, so there's little reason not to upgrade one. Because the actual installation normally consists of unscrewing the old antenna and screwing in the new one, most of the work is in the selection process.

    CB Antenna Instructions

    Since all CB radios produce a maximum power output of four watts, choosing the right CB antenna can deliver improved reception and increased broadcasting power. Everything from the antenna's size to its position and its ground requirements can affect performance. Knowing how these and other key factors influence each other can be critical in choosing the correct CB antenna for your specific needs.

    How to Change the NAT Type for a Netgear Router

    Network Address Translation creates a firewall because it hides each computer's local network address from devices outside the network and drops traffic addressed to a port that's not open or assigned by the router. Secured NAT enhances security by inspecting packets and dropping those that look similar to packets used in network attacks, but it can cause some online games and applications not to work. Open NAT forwards all traffic on an incoming port to its destination computer without inspecting the packets. It's less secure but more compatible with most games and applications.

    How to Ground a CB Base Station Antenna

    Base station antennas are fixed installations for receiving radio signals, and are usually on tall structures placed at a great height over the ground. This makes them easy targets for lightning strikes, as they're usually high structures made of a conductor. Grounding your base station antenna requires some reading on both relevant regulations and some of the underlying physics. These principles apply to both Citizens Band (CB) and High Frequency (HF) base stations, though CB stations can get by with lesser protections in this arena.

    Understanding HF Antennas & Radials

    Large high-frequency radial antennas have elements as large as 300 feet long, commonly deployed by HAM radio enthusiasts. High-frequency antennas may be laid on the ground or elevated, depending on the intended use of the array. High-frequency arrays can be effective, using the Earth as half of the antenna's element for sending and receiving signals.

    How to Get a Deleted Book Back on Kindle

    Amazon maintains a list of e-books you've purchased through your Amazon account, so the books are always available even after you've deleted them from your Kindle. To restore a deleted book, you need to access your Amazon account. Accessing your account from the Kindle enables you to directly download the book. However, you can also initiate the transfer from your personal computer, which gives you the option to transfer the book wirelessly or via USB.

    How to Get to the Last Page Read on a Kindle

    Amazon's Kindle reader and Kindle book market allow you to read the same e-book on the Kindle device, a smartphone or tablet running the Kindle app and on your computer. The Whispersync service is meant to keep all your books synced up so you can get to the last page read no matter where you are or what device you've been using. However, syncing only works if the service is turned on and a data connection is present.

    How To Decode Motorola Two-Way Radios

    Motorola and other high-frequency radio manufacturers use digital coding systems to ensure radio communications remain clear. Known as Digital Private Line in Motorola parlance, the systems keep interference to a minimum by placing each transmission on a specific DCS code. Noise from stray signals cannot "false" or inappropriately key a receiver. DCS and DPL formats are the digital evolution of analog PL or Private Line systems used by Motorola, and Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System from other companies.

    How To Install a Motorcycle's CB Radio Kit

    Several of the larger “cruiser” style motorcycles have optional or aftermarket CB radio kits made expressly for a particular make and model. Detailed installation instructions exist for each of these motorcycles. Before you begin your installation you should know what tools you will need, what you need to know about your bike, any required parts removal, any cutting or drilling required and the order of disassembly and reassembly.

    Air Band VHF Antenna DIY

    Air band refers to the frequency range used by the aviation community. These communications occupy the 108 to 136 megahertz range, and you can pull them in by building a compatible J-pole style antenna. After you construct the right kind of antenna using parts easily found at any major electronics hobby store, you can eavesdrop on these interesting VHF transmissions.

    How to Control Two Cameras Connected to a PC

    Webcasting, security and video production can require multiple cameras plugged into a single computer. The computer needs very specific hardware configurations to make everything work as intended. With the right video cards and software installed for your machine, you can funnel multiple independent feeds to the computer with minimal hangups and pauses.

    How To Use a Car Antenna for a CB Radio

    Using a standard car radio antenna to send and receive Citizens Band transmissions requires a few tweaks and measurements from a signal strength standing wave ratio meter. It is helpful but not entirely necessary to have an adjustable-height antenna that can be controlled from the passenger compartment of the vehicle. After mounting the CB radio a minimum amount of tools and time are required to get the best results.

    XTS Motorola Radio Compatibility

    The Motorola XTS line of two-way radios is a staple of public service workers, first responders, law enforcement and any group that needs solid communication in the field. Part of the P25 portable radio lineup, Motorola XTS units' compatibility considerations include not only other Motorola radios, but communication systems specified by various agencies. From accessories to encryption, understanding XTS radio compatibility helps ensure the right devices are correctly deployed.

    How to Wire XLR Digital to Coaxial Digital Audio

    XLR cables are commonly used in long analog and digital runs, noted for their excellent noise rejection attributes. Eliminating hum and static creates a quiet noise floor, making the audio signal perceptibly "louder" when using the interconnect. Despite XLR's virtues, there are relatively few consumer-grade pieces of equipment that support it. Should you have a XLR-equipped pro-grade or high-end consumer source with only a digital coaxial input on the receiver or amplifier, you will have to use one of two means to convert the connection type.

    How to Download Songs Onto an iPod Shuffle

    Though the iPod shuffle does not have a screen like other iPod models, the method for downloading songs to your device is the same as with other devices in the iPod family: you connect it to your computer and then sync it with your iTunes library. You can either automatically sync your iPod when you connect it to iTunes or manually transfer selected songs to the device.

    Cheap DIY CB Radio for a Motorcycle

    A professionally installed CB rig for your motorcycle can cost up to a thousand dollars. But if you are handy with tools and just want the basics, you can get away with spending much less. Putting together a motorcycle CB radio set up on a limited budget requires a set of tools found in any do-it-yourselfer’s work room, a few hours of time and a bit of imagination. Decide how much you are willing to spend on your motorcycle CB radio project. Any amount under $70 relegates you to seeking used equipment. For new, in-warranty gear $75 and up is your financial starting point.

    How To Connect a Dual Subwoofer Amp to the Wires in a Car

    To wire a subwoofer in the rear of your vehicle, first find the dual voice coil car subwoofer power terminals mounted on the back side of the speaker. After you locate them, you are ready to connect to the output from the “head end” or preamplifier of your car radio, mobile tuner and controller. The amp that powers the subwoofer runs in between these two. Decide on one of several car amplifiers to power the subwoofer. Before you start the installation, you need to decide where to place the wiring that runs from the dashboard radio to the rear window deck where the subwoofer is mounted and where to mount the amp. Gather the tools you require to get the job done. Finally, check to see that the output impedance of your amp matches the input of your subwoofer.

    Comparison of Ethernet Routers

    To properly evaluate Ethernet routers you must first know which features you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay for those features. Ethernet routers range from simple distributed switches to extremely complex tools capable of managing the activities of hundreds of clients. They can cost as little as a few dollars to well into five figures. Whether you are looking for an Ethernet router for your home network, one for a small business or something larger for a factory or school, you need to be familiar with some terminology to make an informed decision.

    Jeep CB Radio Installation

    Citizens Band radios have a loyal niche market in off-road driving enthusiasts. Many Jeep owners appreciate that the CB provides the ability to communicate in areas that cellular towers fail to cover. Other Jeep owners, who would never take their vehicles off-road, still appreciate the utility and the fun of communicating with truck drivers and emergency personnel while driving. Installing a CB in a Jeep requires some planning to get the best signal possible.

    Comparison of the Speed of AMD & Intel

    Over the years, many companies have manufactured computer processors. However, only two major manufacturers remain: AMD and Intel. In the early days of the CPU war between AMD and Intel, it was easy to tell which company was winning. When 486 and original Pentium processors ruled the desktop computer market, all you had to do was look at a CPU's megahertz rating to determine how fast it was. With modern CPUs, though, a megahertz rating alone does not tell the story. Consequently, to compare speeds between modern AMD and Intel processors, you must consider other factors.

    Differences Between VHF and UHF Wireless Microphone Systems

    Providing microphones for a large number of speakers, vocalists or musical instruments is a significant logistical challenge. A large number of microphone cables must be run, bundled and tied down to prevent on-stage accidents. Switching to wireless microphones eliminates the inconvenience of cabling but introduces a number of other factors. These include battery life, the radio-limiting characteristics of a given venue and the potential for interference. These factors and a few others influence whether you should opt for microphones in the VHF or the UHF band.

    How To Put a CB Radio in a Car

    While cell phones are the predominant method of communication while travelling in a vehicle, CB radios still have a following. Many appreciate the range, the lack of dialing while driving and the entertainment value of listening to others with these devices. Mounting a CB and its antenna in a car can be challenging. There are several important considerations you must evaluate as you complete this task to make your CB radio experience fun and safe.

    How to Wire an XM Radio

    XM Radio packages are self-contained, making them simple to install in your car, whether you have a cassette deck or a 3.5 mm input auxiliary jack. Installation does not require you to access the internal wiring in the stereo system to listen to your XM Radio through your car's speakers, although running the wire for the antenna may require you to remove some pieces of your car's trim and put them back afterward.

    How to Know if You Have an HD-Ready Antenna

    In June of 2009, television as we know it changed from analog to digital, ushering in the HDTV age. All televisions from this date forward require either an integrated HDTV tuner or an external converter box to receive antenna signals from local broadcasters. While several antenna companies used marketing gimmicks to coerce buyers to purchase an "HD-ready" antenna, any antenna capable of receiving UHF and VHF signals will suffice, provided it can find the signal. Choose your antenna wisely to maximize your signal strength and get the most out of your high-definition television.

    How To Choose a Good CB Antenna

    All CB radios, no matter how expensive or how fancy the features, operate at a maximum output of 4 watts. The CB antenna is what makes all the difference, determining the full extent of the radio's transmission power. Being such an important factor in performance, selecting the right CB antenna for your vehicle can be an intimidating process. However, comparing a few basic elements can ensure you get the best antenna for your money.

    How to Get a Sony Vaio Out of Hibernate Mode

    Like other modern Windows laptops, Sony Vaios allow you to hibernate or sleep your notebook. Sleep mode is a power-saving mode designed to let you resume using your Vaio quickly; think of it as a "Pause" button. Hibernation mode is also a power-saving state, but more akin to a "Stop" button. After a prescribed period of inactivity, hibernation mode saves open files to the hard drive and then turns off the laptop. However, rather than performing a cold boot to restore a Vaio from hibernation mode, you can just wake it. Waking a Vaio from hibernation let you load Windows and open your files and desktop much faster performing a cold boot.

    How to Wire a CB Antenna

    Citizens band radios aren't as widely used as they were at their peak of popularity in the 1970s, but they remain an efficient and inexpensive way to communicate between vehicles. On or off the road, a CB provides reliable communication even in areas where cellular coverage is unavailable. They're limited to 4 watts of transmission power by law, so the primary factor in determining a radio's signal quality is your antenna. A properly installed antenna gives significantly better range.

    How to Use a Motorola Microphone With an Icom Radio Adapter

    Icom and Motorola both supply a wide range of radios and accessories for both professional and consumer use. Mixing and matching accessories between the two brands is possible, although both companies use a variety of connector types over their product range, some of which are incompatible without an adapter.

    What Is the Difference Between Kinect & Move?

    Both the Xbox Kinect by Microsoft and Sony's PlayStation Move use motion-detection to give you more options for controlling and interacting with games than are possible with a basic gamepad. How each company has designed these features, however, is quite different. An understanding of these differences should help you decide which is the right choice for you. Both the Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move are available as separate purchases for your existing game consoles or as part of a package deal when you buy an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 console.

    How To Wire Up a Two-Way Speaker Crossover

    A speaker crossover separates the full-range signal from the amplifier and divides it into component sections that the woofer and tweeter reproduce. Since each speaker driver can only effectively reproduce certain segments of the signal without audible stress or failure, a crossover is essential. After the total impedance of the woofer and tweeter are properly ascertained, wiring the individual drivers using a preassembled two-way crossover is a straightforward process.

    Differences Between PAL & US for Wii

    If you've grown up in the US, television is simple: turn it on and find a signal. It's the same with gaming: the Wii you buy in the local shop will work with your TV. However, it isn't so simple when you go abroad. In North America, most countries use the NTSC standard created by the National Television System Committee. Most other countries use PAL, which stands for Phase Alternating Line. While these were originally analog TV standards, the digital revolution hasn't bridged the gap entirely. While physically connecting a Wii from one region to a TV from another is possible, the console itself will accept only games from its "home" region.

    How to Replace Capacitors in an Antique Radio

    Antique radios add a nostalgic charm to a room and may be worth a considerable amount of money if in working condition. As with many other products from the early and mid-20th century, manufacturers made radios from the era to last and provide years of reliable service. Consequently, working antique radios still exist and play broadcasts now as well as they ever did. If you have an antique radio that no longer plays, chances are good that replacing a few defective capacitors or tubes can restore the radio so that functions normally. Replacing capacitors or vacuum tubes in an old radio is not difficult, but it does require a bit of caution and attention to detail.

    How to Put CB Radio Antennas on a Truck

    The most efficient CB radio truck antenna rig is a pair of 102-inch whips mounted on either side of the truck bed immediately behind the passenger compartment. These can be seen on larger off road vehicles, many emergency and rescue trucks and some military Humvees. On big rigs and most utility trucks a twin whip setup tends to be impractical for daily street or highway use. The answer for truckers is either a pair of mirror-mounted center-loaded antennas or for pickups a pair of truck-bed-mounted fiberglass continuous-loaded antennas.

    What Are Standard Polarity and Reverse Polarity Antennas?

    If you're new to the world of radio enthusiasts, much of the hobby's terminology will be confusing at first. This is especially true of terms that change meaning in different contexts, such as polarity. For example, antennas might be horizontally or vertically polarized depending on the type of signal they're intended to receive. If they're spoken of as having standard or reverse polarity, that refers to the antenna's connections, rather than how it receives the signal.

    What Is the Difference Between HD Radio and Hi-Fi Radio?

    Since the earliest days of recorded music and commercial radio, manufacturers and enthusiasts have looked for ways to reproduce music with the highest possible level of fidelity. The term high-fidelity, or hi-fi for short, has been applied for decades to state-of-the-art sound equipment. In radios, for example, analog tuners were replaced by electronic circuits that locked onto channels precisely, eliminating tiresome adjustments of the tuning dial and providing better reception. The advent of high-definition radio has raised the bar still further.

    How to Clone Motorola Radios

    Motorola's line of two-way radios is widely used by commercial fleets, emergency services, construction companies and hobbyists or RV enthusiasts. Advanced models can provide groupings and frequencies for hundreds of users, all communicating with the same central transmitter. Unfortunately, this can mean a great deal of programming when new radios are added. The simplest way to do this is by "cloning" an existing radio with the correct settings. Motorola provides several methods for doing this.

    Equipment to Program a Motorola XPR Two-Way Radio

    High-end professional-quality commercial radios such as Motorola's XPR series are designed for use by clients with the largest and most complex communications requirements. They're capable of transmitting voice or data through repeaters or even over the Internet, and can be organized into flexible working groups for several teams on one or more job sites. Programming these features requires both time and expertise, as well as specialized equipment and software. It's generally performed by the dealer, or by trained staff.

    How to Wire a Bass With Two Pickups

    Electric bass guitars are generally built from a solid piece of wood or other material, and don't have the large, resonant bodies of traditional acoustic instruments. Instead, the vibrations of their strings are converted into electric signals by one or more pickups and then transferred through a cable to your bass amplifier. Installing upgraded pickups, or wiring a bass from scratch, is a reasonably simple project.

    Mini Stereo Jack Wiring

    A mini stereo jack is an electrical connector found on many kinds of audio equipment, including personal computers, MP3 players, smartphones and related accessories. The jack is the female counterpart of the mini plug; the jack accepts the plug and the two form a solid electrical connection. Its small size makes it ideal for portable and desktop audio devices, many of which have limited space.

    How to Put a Two-Wire AT&T DSL Modem into Bridge Mode

    The AT&T-provided 2Wire Gateway DSL modem is both a modem and a router. When you add another router to your home network, for example, a wireless router, you may not be able to perform some tasks such as port forwarding because both routers erect their own firewall. To fix the problem, turn off the routing functionality on the modem by placing it in bridge mode.

    How to Wire a Two-Ohm Amp

    Car amplifiers offer a variety of wiring options, based largely on the number of channels in the amplifier and the impedance of the chosen subwoofer. Choosing the right amplifier with sufficient power to drive your 2-ohm subwoofer is key in determining how you wire them together. The goal of wiring a 2-ohm subwoofer to that amplifier is maximum sound output, while ensuring the amplifier remains stable enough not to shut down or enter protection mode.

    How To Choose a Subwoofer Cable

    Nothing short-circuits subwoofer performance -- both literally and figuratively -- quicker than the wrong RCA cable or speaker wire. Lacking in signal delivery performance and sometimes allowing hum, the wrong cable takes what should be an exciting addition to your system and turns it into a frustrating troubleshooting experience. Basic issues such as shielding and thickness or gauge of each internal conductor and the overall length of the wire all matter when you're selecting subwoofer cables.

    How to Connect a Motorola Radio Mic

    Often used by emergency personnel, Motorola two-way radios offer the ability to connect with compatible microphones, allowing operation without holding the radio to talk. Some mics also include features such as noise cancellation or speakers. Although Motorola's professional-grade radio models use proprietary connectors, its consumer Talkabout models use 2.5mm headset jacks to connect to hands-free microphones, headsets or earbuds.

    How To Wall-Mount Sharp Aquos

    Compared to older projection-style TVs, modern flat-screen models such as the Sharp Aquos series are substantially smaller and lighter. However, they can still take up a significant part of your living room if they're mounted on a stand, so many users prefer to wall-mount them like a large painting. It's not a complicated procedure, though if your TV is a large one you should have two or three people to help lift it onto the mount. You'll also have to carefully select a practical location in the room.

    iPod Technology & Distributed Audio Receivers

    Distributed audio or zoned audio systems are those that send music to multiple areas of a home. These systems feature a suitably equipped receiver and sources, connected to multiple pairs of speakers in different rooms. Long a staple of these systems, compact-disc changers are limited in terms of overall capacity and content flexibility. Solving these inherent problems is Apple's iPod, storing hundreds of gigabytes of music arranged and organized exactly as you wish. Distributing music from an iPod is yet another method in leveraging the device's music server functionality when teamed with a receiver featuring multizone capabilities.

    What Is the Difference Between the Nook & Nook Color?

    Many critics consider the Barnes and Noble Nook devices as the reader's e-reader since its emphasis is first and foremost e-book reading. Enhancements since the first Nooks flooded the market have made this reader competitive with the Kindle and Sony readers. The Nook Simple Touch and Nook Color models both sport touch screen interfaces with clean and crisp text, fast refreshes and access through Wi-Fi connectivity to a library of more than a million books, magazines and newspapers. Of the devices, the Nook Color most closely approximates an all-in-one tablet. The one major flaw cited in both the Nook Color and Nook Simple Touch is the lack of 3G connectivity.

    How to Lock the Keyboard on an iPad to Type a Letter

    On your Apple iPad, you can "lock," or hold, the keyboard to a specific setting to type your text faster or emphasize certain words or phrases. There is no Caps Lock key on iPad's virtual keyboard, but you can enable the Caps Lock feature in the Settings and then use a keyboard combination to lock the keyboard to all caps. Furthermore, you can lock the keyboard for the AZERTY keyboard setting. AZERTY mode is useful when you use the Latin alphabet.

    Enabling FM Radio on an iPhone

    Unlike the iPod nano, the Apple iPhone does not have an FM radio tuner built in. However, you can still use it to listen to FM radio stations if you install the right app. To receive FM radio stations in the United States, your best choice is the free Tunein Radio app, which connects you to most local radio stations, as well as police and fire radio frequencies. It also lets you listen to other stations around the world.

    How to Get the Onscreen Keyboard Off the Screen on an iPad

    The popular Apple iPad, introduced in 2010, features a color touchscreen display. This enables users to tap, pinch and wipe to interact with programs without using physical buttons. The on-screen keyboard of the iPad appears in any app that supports text input and editing. Several shortcuts can be used to hide or move the keyboard for easier use.

    Listening to Music on an iPhone Through the Radio

    The Apple iPod Nano includes an integrated FM radio adapter that allows you to tune in to your favorite stations over the air, but other iOS devices don't offer this feature. If you want to listen to a radio station on your iPhone, for example, you will instead need to download an Internet radio app that gives you access to tens of thousands of local, national and global online radio stations, playing everything from jazz, funk, blues and hip hop to classical music, news and talk shows. The iTunes App store offers a wide choice of ad-supported free and premium Internet radio apps that you can use to listen to music on the radio, create favorite station lists and share content via social media networks.

    Reasons to Have a CB Radio in Your Car

    In an age of smartphones and tablet computers, CB radios might seem as quaint as the bell-bottom jeans and polyester disco suits that shared their 1970s heyday. In truth, they remain a useful automotive accessory. Handheld walkie-talkie-style CBs are convenient and easy to use, while conventional car-mounted units offer superior range and typically offer more features at any given price point. A CB of either type provides a combination of entertainment, security and inexpensive communications.

    How to Listen to FM Radio on iPod Touches

    With Apple's iPod Touch, you can listen to music, send and receive email and play games. Beginning in 2012, you can buy it in your favorite color. However, some users are disappointed about its lack of an FM radio receiver, and the inclusion of such a tuner in the cheaper iPod Nano only makes things more frustrating. Fortunately, you can fill that gap with either an app that receives the streams many FM stations offer or hardware that adds a receiver to your iOS device.

    How To Compare Exterior Antennas for DTV

    The allure of a new high definition television increases once you realize digital programming is freely available over the air. Terrestrial HD reception is the best-looking digital content available, without recurring monthly charges. Rooftop or attic antennas pull in this content, broadcast from local towers in your area. Additionally, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 authorizes mounting this antenna to your home or condominium for the best reception without interference from local homeowner's association. Although there is a wide variety of antenna types, resources like help you choose the exterior DTV antenna most suited to your location.

    Technology Used in Touch-screen Electronics

    Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers don't have room for physical keyboards. Instead, you control these devices by using fingers or a stylus on the screen. These screens sense the presence of one or several fingers or a stylus on the surface of the screen and use varying technologies to determine what part of the screen the finger or stylus is touching. When the software has calculated the location of the touch, it executes the command corresponding to the image the finger or stylus has touched.

    How To Mount a Sharp AQUOS LC-C6554U

    Sharp's AQUOS LC-C6554U is a high-performance flat-screen LCD TV, sold primarily during the 2009 model year. It supports HDTV modes up to 1080i, and has inputs for component video, HDMI, S-video and standard analog audio and video. Although it was thinner and lighter than many competitive models, it's still a large television, with a 65-inch screen and a weight of approximately 110 pounds. Sharp recommends professional installation, but it can be successfully mounted at home.

    How To Wire a Car Amp to a Wall Outlet

    If you've got an MP3 player and a decent car stereo, it's easy to get by without an equally powerful home setup. If you're in that position, you might occasionally want to use your car amp in the house to drive a set of speakers. Car amplifiers run on 12V DC power and your wall outlet puts out 110V AC, so making them play together nicely takes a bit of persuasion.

    How to Choose the Right Outdoor DTV Antenna

    A relatively simple rooftop antenna is your key to free high-definition television. HD terrestrial signals broadcast from local affiliates not only issue the highest video quality from any television HD source but also offer Dolby Digital surround sound in most cases. However, you must choose the right HD antenna to suit your distance from and relationship to your local broadcasters. The Consumer Electronics Association provides a color-coded standard to point you in the right direction. Other factors to consider include amplification and mounting options.

    Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Instructions

    Introducing a Microsoft wireless keyboard helps you achieve a clutter-free workspace by eliminating at least one cable. Microsoft wireless keyboards use either Bluetooth or radio frequencies to connect the device to its corresponding receiver. Since the keyboard and receiver do not require line-of-sight to operate, you can place the keyboard on your lap or desk as you prefer. Installing and using the wireless keyboard is designed to be intuitive and quick, getting you on your way toward completing your next computing task.

    Which Kindle Is Best for Going on the Internet?

    Amazon introduced the first Kindle in 2007 as a stand-alone reading device for its electronic books. Reviewers, such as John Timmer of Ars Technica, found its easy-to-read screen a notable feature. Amazon further developed the concept and added additional features over the last five years. The company now offers a variety of e-readers and tablets incorporating different technologies, with several models in each family. The inexpensive, basic Kindle model is designed to read e-books on, while the most powerful unit is a full-featured tablet comparable to the Apple iPad.

    How to Sync Mac OS X Calendar With Outlook

    The primary calendar applications for Windows and Mac OS, Outlook and iCal, work very well within their native operating systems. Unfortunately, communication between the two isn't so easy, as Microsoft has been slow to adopt the WebDAV or CalDAV standards. In turn, Microsoft claims that with OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion," Apple is deprecating Sync Services, although Apple has not made an official statement. With direct sync problematic, the easiest solution is Google, whose online Calendar service and Google Calendar Sync utility can connect Outlook and iCal.

    The Best Way to Import Outlook Contacts Into an iPhone

    Apple's iPhone has been compatible with Windows since its release in 2007, and that includes compatibility with Microsoft's Outlook email and calendar application. The best method for syncing contacts between the iPhone and Outlook depends on whether you sync your iPhone with iTunes or with iCloud, or prefer to simply perform a one-way import to your device.

    How To Use a Car Lighter to Run a CB Radio

    Citizens band radios have been a useful communication tool for motorists since 1958, when inexpensive sets using the 11-meter frequency band arrived on the market. Cellular phones have cut into their popularity, but CBs are still a versatile and low-cost alternative, especially in areas where cellular coverage is shaky. If you use a CB regularly, wiring it permanently to your car is the best option. However, if you want to be able to use one occasionally in several vehicles, it's better to power it from the car's lighter.

    How to Stop 100 Percent CPU Usage

    As a general rule, no process should be consistently monopolizing 100 percent of the CPU's processing power. If you think a program is doing so, it's probably malfunctioning and needs to be terminated. Windows 7's Task Manager lets you identify the process at 100 percent CPU usage and subsequently close it down.

    What Are the Benefits of Buying a Weather Radio?

    In this age of multifunctional smart devices, buying a single-purpose radio for the sake of listening to weather broadcasts might seem old-fashioned and a bit quaint. In reality, weather radios are still a practical and useful item to keep in your home, car or boat. Models are available from numerous manufacturers in portable and countertop versions, for daily or emergency use.

    How to Activate, Set Up or Buy an iPhone

    Apple's iPhone is one of the most popular smartphone devices in the world, but buying, setting up and starting to use it can be intimidating for newcomers. However, the iPhone features an intuitive interface that makes it easy for people of any ability to get the device up and running, and help is available when you need it.

    Instructions for a Garmin Friction Mount

    Although most Garmin GPS units come equipped with a conventional suction cup-style windshield mount, you may opt for a friction dash mount. Some cities restrict the use of windshield mounts to certain locations on the glass, which may not work well for you. Garmin friction mounts fold flat, letting you hide the GPS unit in certain high-risk areas while providing a secure environment for your navigation device. A friction dash mount makes moving the navigation device from car to car faster and easier, useful when renting or in a multi-car household. Additionally, Garmin friction mounts mold to your dash, allowing stable performance and low vibration in nearly any car.

    Comparing the Kindle Fire HD and Nook HD

    Barnes & Noble and Amazon invest heavily in their e-reader and tablet product lines. Both companies released updated versions of their 7-inch media tablet products in late 2012. The Kindle Fire HD and the Nook HD present significant improvements over the prior versions of the product.

    What Is the Difference Between a Dual-Band and Single-Band Router?

    In the U.S., you need special licenses to broadcast radio-frequency signals in most cases. Examples of licensed broadcasting include radio stations and cell-phone networks. Some devices, operating at low power and in specific frequency bands are exempt from licensing requirements. Such devices include radio-controlled toys, portable phones, baby monitors and Wi-Fi routers. Routers use the Wi-Fi radio frequency bands to establish wireless computer networks and control their traffic. Many of their operating characteristics depend on what bands they use and how.

    Comparison of Intel Core Processors

    Intel's venerable Pentium line came to an end in 2006 with the launch of the Core 2 processor architecture, which was Intel's first 64-bit x86-architecture consumer processor; prior to this, 64-bit processors were largely relegated to servers. The Core 2 line went through two generational improvements before Intel refreshed the line with the Intel Core i-series, known as the Core i3, the Core i5 and the Core i7. Intel uses a "tick-tock" development strategy, where the odd "tick" generation -- first, third, and fifth -- introduces new features, most of which are aimed at performance and some of which are aimed at reducing power usage, while the "tock" generation -- second, fourth and sixth -- also enhances performance or reduces power usage, but doesn't contain additional architectural changes.

    How to Take Advantage of a Dual-Core Processor

    Since the introduction of the Intel Core i3 CPU in 2010, every major processor niche for Intel and AMD has been a dual core processor. The higher end processors have four, six or even eight cores. Modern operating systems, such as Windows 7 and later, make taking advantage of a dual-core system much simpler than it used to be.

    How to Program a Sony Universal Remote Control

    Most Sony home-entertainment equipment comes with some sort of remote. Consequently, if you have several pieces of Sony gear, keeping track of the multiple remotes can be a real chore. To streamline your A/V equipment, Sony offers a line of universal remote controls that enable you to control devices from Sony or other manufacturers, such as A/V receivers, cable boxes, DVD players, DVD recorders, DVRs and VCRs. When using a Sony universal remote, you'll find it works with many Sony devices right out of the box. With some Sony products, though, as well as those made by other companies, you must program the remote before you can use it with the device.

    How to Wire a Two-Way Toggle Switch

    Installing or replacing a switch is one of the most common tasks in hobby electronics and DIY repairs, so it's a useful skill to have in your arsenal. Your local Radio Shack has a selection of tutorial booklets, inexpensive switches, wires and all the other tools you need to practice with. Pick out a basic single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switch, which has a common ground in the middle and connectors for two separate circuits at each end. It will control two devices -- say, a light and a buzzer -- which makes it a good choice for demonstration purposes.

    How to Select the Right Soldering Iron

    Soldering is a supremely useful skill to have in your repertoire. It's a prerequisite for fixing or maintaining almost anything electrical or electronic, from major appliances to tiny cell phones and MP3 players. All that's required is the appropriate soldering iron for the job, a steady hand, and the patience to do it over again until you've mastered the process. Soldering irons offer a wide range of tips, temperatures and other features, so selecting one requires some thought.

    How to Buy a Radio Scanner

    Thanks to your cable television package and your Internet connection, it's easy to keep up with events on the other side of the world. Yet, it can be surprisingly difficult at times to find out why emergency vehicles were speeding past your house last night. Radio-frequency scanners fill this gap, making it possible for you to listen to emergency vehicles, municipal work crews, passing aircraft and most other sources of radio signals. Scanners actively monitor your chosen frequencies, and stop to let you listen whenever there's an active signal. Choosing which one to buy requires some basic knowledge.

    How to Reset a TomTom

    Like all electronic devices that rely on a computer processor, TomTom satellite navigation devices can sometimes freeze or stop working correctly and you'll need to reset the device to get it running again. Some TomTom devices include a dedicated reset button while others offer this function with the main "On/Off" button. Before resetting the device, charge the TomTom for at least two hours to ensure the battery is at full power. After recharging the TomTom, check the underside of the device's casing for the tiny "Reset" button -- if you can't find one it means you'll need to use the "On/Off" button to perform the reset. Both reset procedures are straightforward and take less than a minute to carry out.

    How to Purchase a Reliable Weather Radio

    Radio technology has become so well established that you don’t have to worry about the fundamental qualities of the radio. The trick to buying a good weather radio rests in the thoughtfulness of the radio’s design -- the usefulness of its functionality and the quality of its construction. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration sets technical guidelines that reliable weather radios should have, and radios will indicate their compliance with these guidelines in their marketing literature.

    Tips on Buying Soldering Irons

    Soldering tools can be used for a wide variety of tasks from construction to electronics to making jewelry and even woodworking. Any soldering tool can be dangerous in untrained hands. Make sure you learn the proper operating procedures before using one. A soldering iron or gun can be used to create a permanent connection between two copper or lead pipes or to affix an integrated circuit to a printed circuit board. The same soldering tool cannot be used for both these jobs, however. The first assessment you must make when deciding on which soldering tool to select is deciding on the task it is intended to perform.

    How to Set Up a Wireless Internet Router

    Wireless routers offer good coverage and Internet browsing speed, removing the need in most cases for a wired connection. Wireless "N" routers offer performance comparable to a wired connection. However, proper placement of the router, like any wireless device, is critical in ensuring adequate coverage and reliability. After you make your connections and place the router, you can make changes to your network settings as needed.

    How to Play Radio on a PC

    Modern PCs offer a wealth of options for listening to music. You can listen to MP3s, audio CDs and, with an Internet connection, stream music videos from YouTube or other websites on your computer. While all of these options allow you to listen to your favorite music, they all have one thing in common -- you must know what you want to hear. Therefore, when thinking about the music you want to hear becomes too time consuming, you can opt for a good, old-fashioned radio station. With Windows and a Web-connected computer, you have many options for streaming Internet radio to your PC speakers.

    How to Take Apart and Put Together an OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone

    The Otterbox Defender iPhone case is a rugged and durable shell, protecting the phone's glass surfaces from impact. The case consists of multiple pieces that fit together to provide shock absorption and a solid grip for your iPhone. Correct assembly and disassembly of the case is required to ensure proper fit and protection.

    Overview: How iPhone 4S is different from the iPhone 4

    The iPhone 4S looks the same in physical design to the iPhone 4 and uses much of the same software, but it boasts a handful of new hardware improvements that make it a formidable upgrade for the iPhone power user. Among the changes to the familiar, but faster, iPhone 4S are a voice-activated assistant called Siri and improved resolutions for video and photographic performance.

    How to Choose a Dual-Core Processor

    There's a saying that "two heads are better than one," and the same applies to processors. Using two processors instead of one makes a PC run faster. Dual-core processor technology essentially packs two processors in one computer in a way that's compatible with existing motherboards. Many processor models have dual-core versions, which means there are hundreds of different dual-core processors to choose from. The type of motherboard your PC contains determines which type of dual-core processor is appropriate. You must also choose between different brands and processor frequencies.

    How to Create App Folders on iPhones or iPads

    Organizing, creating and deleting folders on the iPad or iPhone is a simple, three-step process. When you purchase your iPad or iPhone, the Home screen will have a collection of icons representing folders on your device. You might have Settings, Videos, iTunes, App Store, Contacts, YouTube, Messages, Photos, Camera, Notes, Maps, Weather, Calendar, Clock, Voice Memos and possibly other icons. These are your app or application folders. You can add, delete, rearrange or combine two or more applications into a single folder.

    How to Get the Best FM Radio Reception

    Frequency modulated radio reception is a trusted way to receive your favorite stations. Like any radio frequency, you must use a properly placed antenna to achieve the best results. High-quality audio is within reach using tried and true methods of eliminating competing signals while maximizing the ones you are trying to receive.

    Benefit of Using Multiple Subwoofers

    Subwoofers in any stereo or home theater provide that extra punch and oomph. That visceral impact enhances music and movies, in addition to covering the lowest two octaves that challenge even the best freestanding speakers. Variances in room shape and size often dictate the use of two or more subwoofers, evening out response across the environment. Using multiple subwoofers increases overall response, while reducing the individual load on each unit.

    How to Set Up Subwoofers

    The passing of a spaceship, a big explosion or the low notes of an ominous soundtrack are all reproduced by subwoofers in a modern home theater. Oddly shaped or large rooms often present difficulties in placement of a single subwoofer. Many rooms have peaks and nulls where bass response is either too strong or nonexistent. One way to solve this problem is to use two subwoofers in the space. Not only will the primary listening position experience better bass, but all seating areas in the room should have a more even low frequency response.

    How to Hook up Two PCs to One DSL Line

    Though a Digital Subscriber Line, or DSL, is a single connection to the Internet, you can share it between two PCs with a device called a router. The router manages the Internet data traffic from the DSL service; both computer users enjoy a private, secure Internet experience. Routers come in two basic types, wired and wireless. A wired router, having older technology, works with standard Ethernet cables; wireless technology does away with cables and provides Wi-Fi access for your mobile devices as well as PCs.

    How a Two-Way Radio Operates

    A two-way radio is an electronic device that can both send and receive voice broadcasts. The first radios were used by ships at sea during the early 1890s. Radios became commonplace in the 20th century, and are used today for recreational, business and emergency purposes. Some two-way radios are designed to be installed in vehicles, while others are handheld and can be easily carried. No matter the design, all radios operate using the same fundamentals.

    Video Adapters That Can Run Four Monitors

    Ever since the beginning of the PC revolution in the early 1980s, many users have yearned to increase the amount of viewable screen space with their systems. To that end, manufacturers now produce monitors as large as all but the biggest HD TVs. While 20-inch, 32-inch and larger monitors do certainly give you more screen real estate, for power users that really need to multi-task, multiple monitors are the only real solution. These days, dual monitor setups are more common than ever and are ideal for some power users. Nevertheless, if you are an online trader, a power gamer or someone that just likes a gazillion applications open at once, a video card or adapter that supports four monitors simultaneously may be just what you need.

    How to Listen to a CB Radio on the Internet

    When Citizens’ Band or CB radio began in the late 1950s it was primarily used in rural areas by farmers, ranchers and truckers. As the technology progressed, CB popularity grew by leaps and bounds. However, by the time the FCC increased CB bandwidth from 26 to 40 channels and dropped the licensing requirements in the early 1980s, CB popularity had begun to decline due to the introduction of cellular phone service with its potentially unlimited range. Because a CB radio has an average range of two to five miles in normal terrain, monitoring CB chatter over the Internet is somewhat impractical today. However, you can listen to one Lincoln, Nebraska-based CB Internet channel equipped with a 100-foot antenna and located on a flat 200 square mile plateau. The setup requires little effort.

    How to Get Radio Stations on an iPod

    After iPod inventor Tony Fadell failed in 2000 to convince RealNetworks and Phillips of the device’s potential appeal to music lovers, he pitched the music player concept to Apple. Apple subsequently released the iPod in October 2003 and launched the wildly successful iTunes application and music store. The original iPod did not come with a radio tuner, nor do all current models offer integrated FM reception. Nevertheless, whether you have an iPod Nano or the more sophisticated iPod Touch, you can receive and listen to FM radio stations without additional hardware or cables.

    How to Set Up Internet Radio

    Thanks to innovations like YouTube, MP3 players, smartphones that play music and video, and power media applications like Windows Media Player, iTunes and VLC, plenty of options are available for your digital listening needs. Most options require you to select tracks or playlists for music you want to hear. Sometimes, though, nothing beats an old-fashioned radio in the background while you are performing other tasks. Listening to the radio not only lets you enjoy the latest music but an occasional oldie you may have forgotten. An often-overlooked radio source is the Internet, and you can use the same media players that you use to listen to MP3s or CDs to choose from thousands of online ratio stations and stream music directly to your PC.

    How to Connect Two Laptops to One DSL Connection on Verizon

    Setting up a wireless network allows multiple devices to access your Verizon DSL connection. With a wireless router, you can set up your own network in your home, allowing you to share your DSL connection, including the available bandwidth between several laptops, tablets and even smart phones. Connecting all of these devices only requires one DSL line. RadioShack offers DSL gateways to connect you to Verizon's hard-wired Internet lines as well as wireless routers from many brands.

    How to Check If You Have Two of the Same Song on Your iPod

    Regardless of which iPod model you use, Apple recommends using iTunes on your computer to check if you have two copies of the same song on your device. Removing duplicates through iTunes ensures that the duplicates are not copied to the iPod again the next time you sync the device. If you use playlists, it's important to remember that the same song can be placed in more than one playlist. One song on two playlists is not a duplicate song. It's the same song with two different playlists accessing it.

    How to Access Wireless Hot Spots on the Wii

    If you have a Wii, Nintendo's fifth generation of home consoles, you can play dozens of games in solo mode. You can also play many of the games in the more interesting multiplayer mode, competing against online gamers from all over the world. To connect a Nintendo Wii to the Internet, you must have a wireless hot spot in or near your home. By default, the Nintendo Wii can connect and access hot spots, just like a laptop.