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    How to Aim a Sony DSS Dish

    After mounting a Sony DSS satellite dish, you'll need to aim the dish antenna accurately to align it with the broadcast satellite and receive the satellite TV signal. The Sony DSS system comes with an onscreen location-finder and signal strength meter that will help you to aim the dish precisely, but you should ask a friend, neighbor or family member to help you by reading out the signal strength information from the TV screen while you're outside refining the aim of the Sony DSS dish. To watch digital-satellite TV programming after installing and aligning the dish, you need a subscription to a satellite provider with a viewing card to unscramble the signal.

    How to Connect a TV to a Wireless Network

    Connecting an Internet-enabled television set to your wireless network can open up a whole new world of entertainment and useful content without the need to hard-wire the set to your router with an Ethernet cable. Most Internet TV sets come with a range of apps for accessing online content, including YouTube, Facebook and video-on-demand services. Premium "smart" TV sets usually come with an integrated Wi-Fi adapter that detects and connects to your home wireless network. On basic or older Internet-ready TV sets, you may be able to use a wireless adapter that plugs into the network port to hook up the set to your Wi-Fi network. Connecting your TV set to a wireless network also helps to keep the set up-to-date with the latest firmware and software that controls how your TV set operates. Manufacturers occasionally release online software updates to fix bugs and offer additional functions.

    What Is the Difference Between 60Hz and 120Hz HD LCD TVs?

    As high definition LCD televisions progress to ever-increasing levels of video quality and detail, manufacturers have to find other ways to improve images beyond sharpness and color accuracy. Increasing refresh rates from the original 60 Hertz to 120 Hertz smooths jerkiness commonly seen on quickly moving on-screen objects, known as judder. Removal of these anomalies is touted as an important feature by manufacturers, but may not make or break overall video quality in every case.

    How to Program a Vizio Remote Control

    If using separate remote control handsets for each of your TV and audio-visual devices leaves you fumbling to find the correct handset each time you want to change a channel, adjust the volume or record your favorite show, you might want to program your Vizio universal remote control handset to operate all your equipment. The Vizio universal remote works automatically with your TV, and you can also program it with the correct remote code to operate your cable TV set-top box and DVD recorder/player. The Vizio remote control also works with any home theater audio system, audio receiver or amplifier connected to your TV set. Although there's no separate button on the Vizio remote handset for a VCR, you can program one of the other device buttons to work with your VCR if you're not using one of those devices.

    Plasma Vs. LED TVs

    If you're considering the purchase of a high-definition TV, there are two families of display technology on the market: plasma and LED/LCD displays. Both offer superb image quality. Other factors you should consider include brightness, viewing angle, cost to purchase, size and energy efficiency.

    How to Program a Dish Network Remote Control to Operate Your TV

    The remote control handset for your Dish Network satellite TV receiver can act as a universal remote control that will also operate certain functions on your TV set, including the volume control and changing channels. To program your Dish Network remote handset to control your TV set, point the remote at the TV set, and then enter the correct three- or four-digit remote code.

    How to Buy an LCD TV

    There has never been as many options when it comes to choosing a TV set that is right for you. Determining exactly what you need and then testing the set before purchase is essential to ensure you don't waste your money. LCD TVs are the most common form of display technology, which allows slimline set designs with a variety of different-sized screens and resolutions. Understanding the available options and comparing them to your needs will help you to make an informed choice when it comes time to buy a new TV.

    How to Use a TV as a Monitor for a Laptop

    In the early days of laptops, the machines were little more than advanced word processors or calculators that also allowed owners to play simple games. As years passed, though, the laptop has not only shown it is capable of performing more advanced computing tasks but also that it can replace many commonly used media and entertainment devices such as stereo systems, game consoles and even televisions. While a laptop allows you to do many productive and entertaining things, the relatively small size of most notebook displays may make the computing experience less than it might be if you used the larger screen on your television. Modern laptops allow you to enhance your computing experience by connecting the notebook to your TV to view applications, games and movies in a larger format.

    How to Upgrade a Samsung TV

    Samsung builds many advanced features into its line of high-definition televisions. However, one of the most useful features on many Samsung HDTVs is the ability to add even more functionality to the unit via a firmware upgrade. The software that controls the TV, allowing you to customize audio and display on the television as well as configure input and output options, is called firmware. Firmware upgrades often contain tweaks to current features and may add extra functionality or input support. Additionally, firmware upgrades can help fix bugs in the software on your TV that prevent use of some features or keep them from working properly.

    How to Buy Replacement TV Remote Controls

    It's highly likely that every audio or theater component in your home operates via remote control. Given the high levels of use these remotes are exposed to, it follows that one or more might need replacement. When faced with this, you have the choice of simply replacing that device's controller or going the universal remote route. This decision is based primarily on cost and comfort level.

    How to Buy Plasma TV Accessories

    Your new plasma television is capable of incredible details and color, making the most from Blu-ray and high definition broadcast sources. However, you need to connect the new set to your other components, mount it on the wall or a stand and protect it from surges. It's always important to examine the peripheral items required when purchasing a new plasma, especially if this is your first flat panel TV.

    How to Get High Speed Internet Access in Rural Areas

    Whether you live in the country because you like the privacy or you're running a family farm, you don't want to sacrifice Internet access just because you're located outside the reach of wired data connections. Even if you can get dial-up service, its speeds -- or, more accurately, lack of them -- place drastic restrictions on what you can view or download. As software companies increasingly provide all their updates via downloaded files and video content forms a larger part of your online experience, you need a broadband connection to use the Internet. Look beyond wired services for your connection options.

    How to Clean a Flat Screen TV

    Your flat screen television will require periodic cleaning to ensure that it stays in good working order. Flat screen TVs gather dust particles and lint, and will readily show oil-based soil such as fingerprints and grease stains. Older TVs were easy to clean because they were covered with thick glass screens, but modern flat screen TVs cannot be subjected to regular household cleaning as they have easily damaged, thin, sensitive screens. You can keep most flat screen TVs dust free by cleaning with a soft cloth and compressed air, but some require special cleaning solutions.

    How to Hook Up a TV to a Laptop

    Laptops are designed for portability, while most television sets are designed with size and image clarity in mind. Hooking up your laptop to a TV lets you use the TV as an external monitor for presentations or to view your stored video content on the big screen. HDTVs have two display adapter types, HDMI -- the most common -- which transports audio and video signals together, and DVI, which only transports video. Laptops may come with DVI, HDMI, MiniDVI, MiniHDMI, DisplayPort or MiniDisplayPort outputs, depending on the make and model. If your laptop does not have the same port type as your television, you need to use the appropriate adapter to connect the two. If your laptop has a DVI port, you also need a 3.5mm audio cable to make the sound play through your TV's speaker system.

    How to Program RCA TV Remotes

    Your RCA universal remote control pairs with your TV via a special code entered into the remote. Programming this code uses one of four methods. The direct code entry method is potentially the fastest, but it requires you to manually find the listed code for your device. If you cannot find the code, RCA incorporates three search methods. The manual and automatic code search methods search through all possible codes, so these methods may take considerable time. If you can find your TV brand in the manual, you can significantly reduce search times by limiting the search to blocks of code related to your TV brand. This method is quick enough that RCA recommends trying it first.

    How to Compare LED and LCD TVs

    Television replacement has taken on a speed comparable to computer upgrades. The rapid pace of advancement has created a profusion of options for HDTVs and a lot of confusing marketing pitches. One that can be clarified easily is the basic display technology comparing LCD to LED HDTVs.

    How Can I Update My LG TV Firmware?

    LG issues periodic updates to the firmware for different TV models. Firmware updates correct problems, enhance existing features and sometimes provide new features. You can update your LG TV firmware by navigating to the LG support site, downloading the firmware to a USB drive and installing it on your TV from the USB drive. If you have a network-enabled TV, you can choose to update your firmware automatically when updates become available.

    How to Turn on Subtitles on a Sony LCD Bravia

    Sony Bravia LCD TVs integrate a closed captioning feature in compliance with U.S. Title 47 Code of Federal Regulations. This regulation requires all digital televisions over a minimum size and produced after July 1, 2002 to contain circuitry for decoding closed captioning broadcasts. These closed captions display subtitled transcriptions of spoken words and sound effects. This feature assists hearing impaired viewers, but it is also useful when the Bravia's sound is muted. The quickest way to turn on subtitles is with the remote control, but Sony also integrated this feature into its menu settings.

    How to Add Movies to iTunes

    The versatile iTunes software can store movies, videos or television shows that you purchase or rent through the iTunes Store. ITunes can also import homemade movies and videos from your personal collection. After downloading or importing the movies into your iTunes library, you can drag and drop them to your video-enabled mobile device or perform a sync so the new files are uploaded to your mobile device.

    How to Turn Off the Startup Sound on a Sony Bravia TV

    Sony has a longstanding reputation for producing high-quality, innovative consumer electronics devices, and its Bravia line of LCD televisions is no exception. Sony Bravia TVs have won numerous design and performance awards all over the world and received many favorable reviews from experts and consumers alike. However, one complaint frequently voiced by owners is the loud startup tone they hear when powering on a Bravia. If you have a Bravia TV and don’t want to hear the startup tone, disabling it is relatively simple in most cases.

    How to Compare Satellite Dishes

    Finding the best deal in satellite TV service is not just about the package or the money. Dish Network, for instance, offers seven options, from the basic 55-channel lineup to the more than 320-channel America’s Everything Pak. However, beyond the number of channels, each provider has its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to service, installation, hardware, repair and replacement policies, and the cost of cancelation. To find the best deal, first determine your preferences, such as children’s programming, sports, movies or a little bit of everything.