How to Turn on Subtitles on a Sony LCD Bravia

by C. Taylor

    Sony Bravia LCD TVs integrate a closed captioning feature in compliance with U.S. Title 47 Code of Federal Regulations. This regulation requires all digital televisions over a minimum size and produced after July 1, 2002 to contain circuitry for decoding closed captioning broadcasts. These closed captions display subtitled transcriptions of spoken words and sound effects. This feature assists hearing impaired viewers, but it is also useful when the Bravia's sound is muted. The quickest way to turn on subtitles is with the remote control, but Sony also integrated this feature into its menu settings.

    Remote Control

    Step 1

    Turn on your Sony Bravia LCD TV and tune in to a broadcast that supports closed captioning.

    Step 2

    Locate the "CC" button on your remote control. This button's location varies depending on the Bravia model, but it is clearly labeled "CC."

    Step 3

    Point the remote at the Bravia TV and press the "CC" button until you see "On" or "On When Muting" displayed on the screen. "On" always displays subtitles, but "On When Muting" only displays subtitles when you press the "Mute" button.

    Menu Settings

    Step 1

    Press the "Menu" button on your remote control.

    Step 2

    Press the navigational arrows to highlight "Setup Settings" and press the center button to select it.

    Step 3

    Select "Closed Captioning (CC)."

    Step 4

    Select either "On" or "On When Muting" to turn on subtitles.

    Step 5

    Press the "Menu" button to exit the menu.


    • To disable subtitles, follow the same procedure and select "Off."

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