Tips to Increase Cell Phone Battery Life

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    Your cell phone may state it has a specific battery life, but that's with minimal use. Apps, hardware settings and even the brightness of your screen all drain cell phone batteries faster than you may expect. With a few changes to your phone, you can increase battery life so your phone doesn't die when you need it most.

    Master the Display

    If you look at your cell phone's battery use settings, you'll see one of the biggest drains is the display. Go into your phone's display settings to reduce the strain on your battery. Start by changing the brightness level on the display. The dimmer the display, the less battery power used to illuminate it. Second, change your display timeout period to a shorter time. This is the length of time the display stays on when the phone is inactive.


    For hands-free communication, Bluetooth is wonderful, but it also eats up your battery charge. If you're not using Bluetooth, turn the feature off. This is perfect for times when you're not wearing your headset or not planning on using your phone at all. Another hidden battery waster is Wi-Fi. Unless you're in an area where you'll be using Wi-Fi, turn the feature off. The constant scanning for Wi-Fi networks drains your battery even if you're not connected to a network. Both features can be turned back on whenever you need them.

    Lose GPS

    Many apps ask for your location in order to work properly, such as mapping tools and check-in apps like FourSquare. These apps use the phone's built-in GPS to monitor your location. Unless you are actually using these apps, consider turning GPS off to avoid draining the battery prematurely. Alternatively, deny access to location tracking on specific apps if you'd prefer not to turn off GPS completely.

    End Notifications

    News and email apps, among others, love to notify you each time there is an update. If you rarely respond to the notifications, turn them off. Open each app and change its settings to prevent or limit notifications. Notifications often turn on your display and use audible sounds. Both drain battery power.

    Drop Unnecessary Activity

    Live wallpaper is pretty, but it does nothing but drain battery power when you're not looking at it. The same goes for widgets. These two simple items remain active even if your display is off. Consider using basic wallpaper and a shortcut to the app on your home screen instead to save your battery.

    Battery-Managing Apps

    For even more control over your cell phone's battery, download a battery-managing app. These utilities automatically turn off apps when your phone is not in use and turn off features you're not using such as Wi-Fi. By changing the app's settings, you choose exactly which features the app can change on your phone at any time. Common battery managers include JuiceDefender and Battery Saver for Android and Battery Life Pro for iPhone.

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