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    How to View Photos With Sony Reader

    Modern e-book viewing devices such as Sony's Reader series use their high-resolution e-Ink screens primarily to provide crisp, legible text. But the Sony Reader is also capable of rendering book illustrations as high-quality black-and-white images in the common PNG, BMP, GIF and JPEG formats. Sony capitalizes on this ability by including an image-viewing tool in its Readers, enabling users to transfer photos to the Reader and view them individually or as a slideshow.

    What Is the Difference Between the Nook & the Nook Study?

    Barnes and Noble's Nook has fast become a book lover's e-reader, but the term "Nook" has grown to encompass more than just the device. Barnes and Noble introduced Nook Study to compete with Amazon's textbook applications for the Kindle for PC and Adobe's Digital Editions. Unlike Kindle and Adobe's reader apps, Nook Study's primary purpose is for reading college textbooks and providing users with access to applications that support their coursework. Nook Study is a standalone application that works only on iPads and computers, but not on Nook e-readers. Nook Study's many features can make it a cost-friendly alternative for cash-strapped students.

    Functional Differences Between Tablets & Laptops

    The advent of powerful tablets for work and entertainment computing potentially creates a dilemma of whether to select a laptop or tablet. Some laptops share some level of functionality with tablets, such as pinch-and-swipe gestures. However, basic differences between expansion and upgrade options are important considerations. Weighing these factors among others helps you identify whether that newest tablet might be a contender to replace your aging laptop.

    Different Kinds of E-Readers

    The e-reader and tablet computer market are transforming traditional publishing, giving readers a way to purchase and read e-books in a small, lightweight device, and buy new books anywhere. E-books are text files following a semantically organized format like HTML, XHTML or XML, with additional additional structural data that allows an e-reader to bookmark specific places. E-books first hit the consumer market in the early 1990s, but it took dedicated devices tied to specific online stores for them to take off.

    The Pros & Cons of a Tablet PC

    The explosion of tablets in the marketplace can't be denied: the iPad, Kindle Fire and their kin made up 22 percent of all computer shipments in the second quarter of 2012, according to research firm Canalys. While tablets can't do everything a laptop or desktop computer can, some tasks may be easier or more enjoyable on a tablet, and the gap is growing smaller with time.

    What Materials Can Be Purchased for a Nook?

    Owning a Barnes and Noble Nook e-reader or tablet gives you access to an online store containing millions of e-books, magazines and newspapers, but it also offers more than just an easy electronic reading experience. You can customize and extend the features of your Nook with a range of downloadable apps and buy useful accessories that will help you get the most out of the device.

    What Is the Difference Between the 16GB and 32GB iPads?

    Apple sells its popular iPad in three sizes, and figuring out which size iPad you need depends entirely on your usage needs. The smallest size of 16GB may be sufficient for light users who do nothing but read emails and surf the Web. If you install plenty of apps, the bare minimum may soon become insufficient for your needs, especially considering the iPad's proprietary storage and lack of expandability, and the larger file size of apps that take advantage of Retina display. Without regard to application and storage needs, your choices for generating additional space include purging existing content or purchasing the newer, larger-capacity device. Consider the price, level of usage and application needs before making your purchase.

    Specs for Microsoft Tablets

    Microsoft launched its first tablets in 2012, offering two different models: the Surface With Windows RT and the Surface With Windows Pro. The main difference between the two is the operating system and the fact that the Pro version has a more powerful processor and more memory. Both are about the same size and include a touch screen with an ambient light sensor, as well as an accelerometer, gyroscope and compass built in. If you are looking for a lighter, more mobile tablet, the RT version may be more to your liking, whereas the Pro version accommodates more applications, including those you might have used on your Windows 7 desktop.

    How to Change Pages on Sony Reader

    The Sony Reader e-reader offers many navigation functions over and above the basic capability of flipping to the next or previous page by swiping the touchscreen or pressing the device's directional arrow buttons on older models. The Sony Reader's advanced navigation features let you quickly move back and forth through the book to skip pages that you don't want to read or find a specific page, chapter or content that you've previously bookmarked for future reference. After selecting and opening a book or magazine on the Sony Reader, change pages with the features available in the device's onscreen page-navigation panel.

    The Differences Between the Samsung & BlackBerry Tablets

    Samsung and Research In Motion came from different angles in creating their tablet computers. Samsung already had made a name as a computer manufacturer as well as a wireless phone maker. RIM, on the other hand, wasn't known for making devices larger than their iconic BlackBerry phones. Today, however, their 7-inch tablets compete in the marketplace.

    How to Get the Most From My New Tablet?

    If a PC's like a Volvo, then a tablet's like a Porsche. They both get you where you need to go, but driving the Porsche is more fun. A new tablet is exciting; it's a clean slate waiting for you to make it your own. Reliable Internet access is a must for most tablets, as downloading files and getting news updates requires it. Some apps, like email, news and multiplayer games can't be used if you're offline. If you don't have regular access to Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection for your tablet, tethering to your cell phone is a viable option. Otherwise, it's important to select apps that allow offline access to files.

    How to Convert E-Books to Kindle Format

    Unlike other e-book readers that use EPUB format, Kindle devices use the MOBI format with an .AZW or AZW3 file extension. There are several quick ways you can convert an e-book to MOBI format for free. You can use software called Calibre or use an online conversion website. Although MOBI files are the official Kindle format, it's good to remember that the Kindle also reads word processing documents in DOC, DOCX and RTF formats. Kindles also read Web documents in HTML and HTM format, as well as PDF files and most image formats like JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP.

    How To Shop for a Kindle

    Since its 2007 introduction, the Amazon Kindle has transformed from a pricey, single-purpose gadget into a family of aggressively priced tablets and e-readers. Having choices is a good thing, but it also muddies the decision-making process. Before you go out and spend for a Kindle, it's prudent to spend some time getting acquainted with their features. That will help you decide which is the best fit for your lifestyle.

    Beginner Electronics Projects

    An average home contains a startling range of electronic devices, from powerful computers and stereos to tiny watches and kitchen timers. Although they differ widely in size, price and complexity, all of these devices rely on the same handful of principles and components. Learning how they work, and how to build your own circuits, is surprisingly easy and inexpensive. You need just a few basic supplies, and some instructional books and websites, to complete a variety of beginner electronic projects.

    How to Choose the Right Tablet for Your Lifestyle

    Tablets fill the gap between smartphones and laptops. Many people discover that they often need a larger screen and more power than is available on their mobile phone, but they don't need a full-featured computer. Depending on the kind of tablet you get, you can use it like a smartphone, read books on it, write and edit documents and tweak photographs that you take. The key is to decide how you are going to use your tablet and get one that has the corresponding characteristics and features.

    Choosing an E-reader

    The rise in digital publishing has seen e-books overtake sales of printed material by a significant margin. Most e-books are available for all e-reader platforms, in one way or another, so the most important decision is in choosing a device that offers the features that best suits your needs.

    How to Remove Write Protection From MicroSD Card

    If you are unable to write to your MicroSD card, there are two possible causes. If you're using a MicroSD to SD card adapter, it has a built-in lock feature that prevents accidental erasure. As a side effect, this protective feature also prevents you from writing to the card. If you can read from the device, but not write to it, this lock is the most likely culprit. However, data on the card can also be corrupted and prevent reading from or writing to the device. If that's the case, you will need to format the card and start over.

    What Is the Purpose of RFID?

    A key challenge in many situations is to identify and get information about an item located near you. Radio frequency identification lets you use a reader to get information from a tag attached to the item. The tags are either passive or active. Passive tags consist of an antenna that uses the electricity generated from the radio waves of the reader to power a microchip and send back data. Active tags work the same way but have their own tiny battery, which increases the range at which they can function. Depending on their design and the radio frequency at which they operate, RFID tags can help track many items at varying distances and in many different applications.