How to Switch Phones Easily With Verizon Wireless

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    Verizon Wireless enables you to quickly change the cell phone that's associated with your account. There are two ways to accomplish this switch: You can visit a Verizon store and have the customer service make the change, or you can access the My Verizon website and complete the transfer from a computer. Both methods enable you to purchase a new phone and connect it to your existing number. This will also work with phones acquired from friends, as long as the phone is compatible with the Verizon network.


    Step 1

    Bring a copy of a recent Verizon Wireless bill to a nearby store location. This bill contains information that streamlines the process of switching phones.

    Step 2

    Take both the old and new phones with you. The serial numbers from the back of the phones must be verified by Verizon.

    Step 3

    Provide your name and phone number to the Verizon customer service personnel, and request a change of service to the new phone. Provide any additional information that's requested by the Verizon employees.


    Step 1

    Access the My Verizon website (link in Resources). Enter the phone number and password associated with the Verizon account, and click "Sign In." If an online account doesn't exist, click "Register" and provide the requested information.

    Step 2

    Locate the section labelled "I Want To," which is listed on the main My Verizon page. Click the "Activate or Switch Device" button. Choose one of your available Verizon numbers from the drop-down menu and click "Next."

    Step 3

    Enter the identification number for the new phone. This number is often located underneath the battery of the phone, near the product bar code. Click "Submit."

    Step 4

    Check the list of Verizon services that will be used on the new phone. Some phones may require upgraded service to function. Select the type of Verizon service that you would like to use. Click "Select Features and Services," and "Next."

    Step 5

    Review the final confirmation steps. The exact instructions may vary, depending on the phone. Dial the activation code on the new phone, if prompted by the My Verizon website.


    • Check that your name is listed on the bill. If not, bring the authorized account holder to the store. Unauthorized phone users can't make changes to the account.
    • Back up your contact list before changing phones. Use the Verizon Backup Assistant (link in Resources) to save information from the old phone.
    • Use the Verizon Web locator tool (link in Resources) to locate the nearest Verizon Wireless store. Enter your zip code and click "Find Stores."

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