How to Find the SSID on a Computer

by Ruri Ranbe

    Service set identifiers -- unique, case-sensitive identifiers that consist of up to 32 alphanumeric characters -- differentiate wireless local area networks from one another. An SSID can also be considered the network name of a WLAN. If you want to connect another computer in your home to your network but don't know the network name, you can find your WLAN's SSID on a PC or Mac that's already connected to the wireless network.

    In Windows

    Step 1

    Click the Wireless Network Connection icon in the notification area.

    Step 2

    Browse through the list of wireless networks, right-click the network labeled "Connected" and select "Status."

    Step 3

    Review the information under the Connection section to find the network's SSID.

    In OS X

    Step 1

    Click the Apple logo from the menu bar and then click "System Preferences."

    Step 2

    Click "Network," then "AirPort."

    Step 3

    Review the information to the right of the Network Name field to find the SSID.

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