How To Setup Xbox Live With a Wireless Adapter

by Catherine Hewson

    Xbox 360 users are able to extend the use of their systems by adding Xbox Live to their devices. With Xbox Live, 360 users can play select video games online with other players, add content to existing games and download new games, among many other things. Xbox Live requires either a wired or Wireless Internet connection. Configuring Xbox Live with a Wireless Adapter merely requires connecting to the Wireless network on your Xbox 360 and then enabling Xbox Live.

    Step 1

    Check whether your specific Xbox already has wireless connectivity built in. The Xbox 360 Slim has a built-in wireless adapter, while the older Xbox 360s require the purchase of a wireless adapter that is plugged into the back USB port of the 360.

    Step 2

    Press the "Power" button on the Xbox 360 to turn on the device. Plug in your wired Xbox 360 controller or hold the "Guide" button on the Xbox 360 wireless controller.

    Step 3

    Press the "Guide" button on the controller and then move the joystick over to "Settings." Scroll down the Xbox 360 settings and select the "System Settings" option.

    Step 4

    Scroll down the Xbox 360 System Settings and select "Network Settings."

    Step 5

    Select your wireless network from the list of available networks. If your wireless network is not available on screen, select the "Advanced Options" button to manually input the name and information for your network.

    Step 6

    Type in the password for your wireless network if prompted. Your Xbox 360 will then connect to the wireless network.

    Step 7

    Press the "Guide" button and select "Xbox Live." Type in your Xbox Live username and password if you have an existing Xbox Live account. If not, select "Join Xbox Live" and follow the onscreen prompts to sign up for Xbox Live.

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