How to Set Up a Remote Connection to 2Wire Routers

by Ruri Ranbe

    Some models of 2Wire router include a feature called Web Remote Access that enables users in a remote location to connect to, and obtain files from, the home network. You can connect to the device using a personalized domain name, or Web address, and enable a secure login on your network to prevent intruders from accessing your personal data. Web Remote Access can be configured from the 2Wire's Web-configuration utility.

    Step 1

    Open a browser and navigate to Select "Web Remote Access" from Quick Service Links.

    Step 2

    Enter your administrative credentials into the Password field or use "admin" as the default. Click "Submit.

    Step 3

    Choose the "Remote Access" tab and then select "Enable" next to Remote Access, Administer System and Access Shared Files.

    Step 4

    Click "Edit Domain Name" and then read and accept the privacy policy.

    Step 5

    Enter a unique ID into the Change Domain Name field. The ID must be no more than 63 characters in length.

    Step 6

    Click "Save" to accept the new domain name for the home network and return to the Remote Access screen.

    Step 7

    Enter a new password, if applicable, into the Enter New Password and Confirm Password fields.

    Step 8

    Select "Enable" next to Enhanced Login Protection, if preferred, to suspend access to remote access after a specific number of invalid login attempts.

    Step 9

    Enter the maximum number of login attempts and the duration of the suspension into the appropriate fields, if applicable.

    Step 10

    Click "Save" to configure remote access on the 2Wire. Click "Start | Control Panel | Network and Internet | Network and Sharing Center."

    Step 11

    Select "Change Advanced Sharing Settings" from the left pane and then click "Home or Work."

    Step 12

    Select "Turn on Network Discovery," "Turn on File and Printer Sharing," then "Turn on Sharing So Anyone With Network Access Can Read and Write Files in the Public Folders."

    Step 13

    Click "Turn Off Password Protected Sharing" and then click "Save Changes" to enable file sharing on the PC.

    Step 14

    Click "Start," then "Computer." Type "%systemdrive%\users\public" (without the quotes) into the address bar and then press "Enter."

    Step 15

    Drag and drop the files to share into the appropriate public folders to share them on the network.

    Step 16

    Repeat configuring the Network and Sharing Center options on the other PCs connected to the 2Wire network, if desired.


    • A computer must be connected to the 2Wire network to support file sharing.
    • If an error occurs when attempting to create your 2Wire domain name, another user may have already taken the ID.
    • Setup may vary depending on the make and model of your router and the version of your device's firmware.


    • Not all 2Wire devices include this feature. Some ISPs may disable Web Remote Access.

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