How to Set the Clock on Your iPod Nano

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    If you're a music lover, the iPod Nano lets you enjoy your favorite tunes just about anywhere. However, the Nano is more than just a multimedia device; it's also an accurate, reliable timepiece. The Nano includes a built-in digital clock that displays the current time in either standard 12-hour fashion or the 24-hour format used by the military. The Nano also offers several options for customizing the appearance of the clock as well. Setting the time, date and time zone on your Nano is relatively straightforward and takes only a couple of minutes.

    Set the Time and Date

    Step 1

    Press the "Home" button on the Nano to display the primary home screen. Swipe to the left with your finger to see the second home screen.

    Step 2

    Tap "Settings," "General" and then "Date & Time." The Date & Time menu appears on the Nano screen.

    Step 3

    Tap "Time Zone" to display the Country list. Tap the name of your country and the name of the city or state in which you reside. After you select your time zone, the Time & Date menu displays again.

    Step 4

    Tap "Date" on the Time & Date menu screen. Tap the dials to change the month, day and year. Scroll through the values on the dials by sliding your finger up or down. Tap the "Done" button after setting the date.

    Step 5

    Tap "Time" on the Time & Date menu screen. Tap the dials next to the Hours and Minutes fields and slide your finger up or down to change the time values. Tap "Done" after setting the time.

    Step 6

    Tap "Off" next to the 24-Hour Clock option to display the time in standard 12-hour mode. For example, if you prefer to display time as 11:00 PM rather than 23:00, switch the setting to the "Off" position. To leave the time in the 24-hour format, leave the default "On" setting in place.

    Step 7

    Tap the "Off" button next to the Time on Wake option if you don’t want the Nano to display the current time and date every time you wake or power on the device. Otherwise, leave the default "On" setting in place.

    Select a Clock Face

    Step 1

    Press the "Home" button and then tap "Settings."

    Step 2

    Tap "General" and then tap the "Date & Time" option.

    Step 3

    Tap "Clock Face" and swipe down to see the various clock face options. Tap the clock face you want to use and tap "Set."


    • To view the current time and date while the Nano is in Sleep mode, press the "Sleep/Wake" button.
    • If you want to remove the clock from the home screen, tap "Settings," "General," and then "Home Screen." Tap the "On" button next to the Clock label to switch it to the "Off" position.

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