How to Send Pictures From Cameras to Computers

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    Sending photos from cameras to computers is a fundamental step in archiving and preserving precious digital photographs. Storage options extend beyond memory cards and computer hard drives, although those remain the primary mediums. Cloud-based storage offers potentially greater capacity and the comfort of knowing that your photos are not subject to loss from a failed hard drive. Modern smartphone users who use the built-in camera on the phone as their only digital photo-capturing device are increasingly familiar with both types of storage and transfer methods.

    Universal Serial Bus

    Step 1

    Plug a USB connector into the computer and the corresponding connector into the camera or cell phone. In most cases, the camera or phone's USB port is smaller and typically trapezoidal in shape, compared to the larger rectangular port on the computer.

    Step 2

    Turn on the digital camera or smartphone. Allow the computer to recognize the device. Look for the pop-up window that showcases the thumbnails of the images on the camera.

    Step 3

    Click on each thumbnail to check or uncheck those images you wish to transfer from your camera to the computer. Click "Next" to move to the screen that allows you to name the picture library and appoint the destination for the files.

    Step 4

    Click "Next" to begin import of the images from the camera to the computer.


    Step 1

    Access the Dropbox software by first downloading the app to your phone.

    Step 2

    Take a photo with your smartphone or upload a picture from your existing photo album. The photo automatically syncs to Dropbox.

    Step 3

    Download the Dropbox program for your computer by going to the Dropbox. Follow the on-screen directions to complete installation. Each picture assigned to your Dropbox account and taken from your phone is now synced across your desktop and mobile devices.


    Step 1

    Press the "Settings" button on your iPhone. Scroll down to the "iCloud" button.

    Step 2

    Scroll down to the "Photo Stream" option on your phone. Tap this button.

    Step 3

    Slide the "Photo Stream" slider to the right to enable the feature. All photos taken with your iPhone automatically sync to the cloud. These are now accessible from any computer with iTunes or other Apple tablets and phones.


    • You have the option to purchase more storage space from Dropbox, iCloud and other services.
    • Keep a physical backup of your important media, even if your files are saved to the cloud.

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