How to Reconnect a Forgotten Bluetooth Device on an iPad

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    If you have not used a Bluetooth device with your iPad for a long time, if you deleted it from your Bluetooth device menu, or if you have recently reinstalled the iOS operating system, you may find that the iPad has forgotten how to connect to it. Reconnecting a Bluetooth device is just like connecting it for the first time. This is done by putting the device into discovery mode and then pairing it with the iPad. If you've not used the device in a long time, consult the user guide to refresh your memory on how it should be connected and if a passkey is required.

    Step 1

    Turn on the Bluetooth device and put it into discovery mode so it can be visible to the iPad. In some cases, simply turning on the device or turning it off and on again puts it into discovery mode. Other devices may require additional actions. Consult the manufacturer's documentation if you can't remember the required actions.

    Step 2

    Place the iPad beside the Bluetooth device. Tap the "Settings" icon on the iPad home screen. Select "General" and then tap "Bluetooth." Slide the toggle to the "On" position if it is not on already.

    Step 3

    Scan the list of devices to confirm the iPad has not been paired with a device that will conflict with the one you now want to use again. For example, if you paired a keyboard with the iPad and now want to pair a different keyboard, you need to unpair the current keyboard first. Unpair any Bluetooth device from the iPad by tapping its name in the list of Bluetooth devices and selecting "Forget This Device."

    Step 4

    Select your Bluetooth device from the list of nearby discoverable devices.

    Step 5

    Enter the passkey or personal identification number that came with the device if prompted. If you are connecting a Bluetooth keyboard, the iPad will display a code on the screen, which you need to type on the Bluetooth keyboard to pair it with the iPad.

    Step 6

    Note that the Bluetooth icon in the top of the iPad screen is either blue or white when a Bluetooth device is successfully connected to the iPad. If the Bluetooth icon is gray, Bluetooth is on but no device is connected. If there is no Bluetooth icon, Bluetooth is turned off.


    • If you can't find the passkey or PIN for your Bluetooth device, it may be in the documentation that came with the device. It may also be somewhere on the device itself, such as inside the battery compartment. Some Bluetooth devices may work with "0000" or "1234" as the passkey. If these don't work, search for the passkey on the manufacturer's website or call the customer service department.

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