How to Put a Two-Wire AT&T DSL Modem into Bridge Mode

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    The AT&T-provided 2Wire Gateway DSL modem is both a modem and a router. When you add another router to your home network, for example, a wireless router, you may not be able to perform some tasks such as port forwarding because both routers erect their own firewall. To fix the problem, turn off the routing functionality on the modem by placing it in bridge mode.

    Step 1

    Disconnect your router from the 2Wire modem and connect your computer directly to the modem using an Ethernet cable.

    Step 2

    Launch a browser on your computer and enter the address for the management and diagnostic console on the 2Wire modem. For example, type: "".

    Step 3

    Click "Configure" in the section labeled Broadband Link. Choose "Disabled" for ATM PVC Search and choose "Direct IP (DHCP or Static)" for the Connection Type. Verify that VPI is set to zero and VCI is set to 35 for the ATM Circuit Identifier. Click "Submit" to save your changes.

    Step 4

    Click "Configure Services" in the section labeled Advanced. Uncheck the "Enable Routing" checkbox to disable routing and put the modem into bridge mode. Click "Submit" to save your changes.

    Step 5

    Disconnect your computer from the modem. Power off your router, reconnect it to the modem and power on your router.

    Step 6

    Review the status lights on the modem to make sure you have an Internet connection. From left to right, confirm that the first light (Power) is solid green; the second light (Ethernet) is solid or flashing green; the third light (Wireless) is solid or flashing green or not illuminated at all; the fourth light (DSL) is solid green; and the fifth light is solid or flashing green.

    Step 7

    Connect your computer to the Internet using your router to confirm you have Internet access.


    • When you put the 2Wire Gateway into bridged mode, the IP address for the device will reset to

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