Purchasing a Nook eReader

by Robert Kingsley

    If you're thinking about buying a Nook, you have four primary models to choose from. All four provide access to Barnes and Noble's extensive collection of e-books and magazines along with an intuitive and comfortable reading experience. All four devices also have MicroSD ports for expandable memory so you'll be able to fit your entire library regardless of your choice. Beyond that, there are quite a few variances you should consider before you make your purchase.

    Nook Simple Touch

    The Nook Simple Touch is the most inexpensive model. Its 6-inch touchscreen display with e-ink technology gives the appearance of reading from paper. This model's impressive battery life lasts as long as two months between charges. You can connect this device to Wi-Fi networks to browse B&N's online book collection to download new titles. It weighs in at 7.48 ounces and measures 6.5-inches by 5-inches.

    Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight

    The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight has most of the same features as the Simple Touch. It's got the same 6-inch e-ink screen and the same measurements, though it weighs a bit less than the previous model at 6.95-ounces. This model's main feature is the GlowLight, which illuminates the screen while you read. The Simple Touch contains no light source, so you need to keep a light on in order to read in bed, but this model solves that problem. You don't need to sacrifice the Nook's long battery life for the convenience of light either; the GlowLight model can go as long as a full month between charges with the light on. This model runs about $20 dollars more than the Simple Touch, as of October 2012.

    Nook HD

    The Nook HD's 7-inch 720p HD display is fully back-lit, making night reading a non-issue. The tablet has a 7.65-inch by 5-inch frame and weighs in at 11.1-ounces. This model offers a number of enhanced features over the Simple Touch models. You can download Android applications to the device, view and listen to multimedia files and send or receive emails. Of course you can still read e-books and magazines, but you'll be able to read them in full color. Battery life for the HD can't compare with the e-ink models, but compares well with other tablets -- 10.5-hours between charges when reading. The Nook HD comes in 8GB and 16GB models and two color options: snow and smoke.

    Nook HD+

    The Nook HD+ is similar to the HD, but features a 9-inch screen that displays a full HD resolution of 1920 by 1280. This model measures 9.46-inches by 6.41-inches and weighs 18.2-ounces. The HD+ includes a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor that lets you get the most from your apps and media files. This model can run as long as 10 hours between charges. There are two options available for this model, one with 16GB and one with 32GB of internal storage.

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