How To Purchase an Electrical Cord for a Portable CD Player

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    Supply your portable CD player with the juice it needs.

    Supply your portable CD player with the juice it needs.

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    It's a fact of life that even electronic portable devices at some point need a power cord, at least for charging. Should you lose the power cord for your portable CD player, all is not lost. Most portable CD players use one of three types of cords, including those from car chargers. Acquiring the right power cord for your CD players gets the batteries charged and unit back in action.

    Cord Types

    Portable CD players might come in the form of a handheld device, or as part of a portable music system including a tape deck and MP3 input. Depending on the type of device in question, the unit will use a different power cord. Portable handheld units like those on a Sony Discman use a smaller cylindrical unit featuring a small hole at the tip. These cords connect to a standard wall or vehicle charger. If the unit is part of a boombox or other portable system, the cord probably has a keyed cord featuring two rounded ends or one rounded and one square end. Take a close look at the input port for the power cord to determine the size and shape.

    Universal Adapters

    Portable handheld units are able to be powered by universal AC adapters that have interchangeable tips. Teamed with a sliding voltage selection switch, the universal adapter can power not only the CD player, but also a cell phone or an electric razor, depending on the selected tip and voltage. Since these devices have multiple tips and voltages on tap, take the unit with you to the store to ensure these variables work with your portable CD player.

    Car Chargers

    Car chargers and voltage inverters may be used for on-the-go battery charging. These units are also useful for portable CD players permanently installed in mobile environments. Essentially 12 volt versions of a 120 volt universal AC charger, these adapters plug into the power accessory or cigarette-lighter port and feature interchangeable ends. Power inverters are larger devices, taking the 12 volts supplied by the vehicle and converting it to 120 volts, ideal for boomboxes and other portable music sources. Inverters in most cases can also simply plug into a power port, with the power cord from the source plugging into the inverter just as it can into a conventional residential AC outlet.

    Emergency Chargers and Alternatives

    Crank-style emergency chargers are great for a quick boost for portable CD players using rechargeable batteries. These devices generate electricity through manual turning of a collapsing handle, and include multiple tips for different devices, a flashlight and emergency radio. Alternately, external battery packs you keep charged and with you in a pinch are useful for a quick plugin in you need to power the unit if you forgot an external power cord or charging cable.

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