How to Program a Toshiba Remote Control

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    While most Toshiba TV remote controls are not as versatile as true "universal" remotes, a remote designed for your Toshiba set can also often control other Toshiba devices such as DVD players, and in some limited instances may be able to control devices made by other companies. This means that you can minimize the number of remotes you need to keep track of and buy batteries for. However, to use a Toshiba remote with various components, you may need to program it for the specific devices you want to control.

    Step 1

    Locate the Remote Control Codes table in the owner's manual or user guide for your Toshiba device. Some manuals and guides are available online (link in Resources).

    Step 2

    Browse through the list of manufacturers in the Remote Control Codes table until you find the brand name of the device you want to program and control with your Toshiba remote. Note the code number listed beside the brand name. If the brand has multiple codes listed beside it, you may have to try more than one before the remote can control your component.

    Step 3

    Press the appropriate mode select button for your component. Most Toshiba TV remotes have three or four mode buttons, which may include all or some of the following: CABLE/SAT, BD/DVD, AUX and VCR.

    Step 4

    Press and hold the "INFO" button on the Toshiba remote. While holding the INFO button, enter the four-digit remote code for the component you want to control from the Remote Control Codes list in the owner's guide or user manual. Release the "INFO" button after entering the four-digit code.

    Step 5

    Aim the Toshiba remote at the device you want to control, and then press the "Power" button on the remote. If the selected component turns on or off -- depending on the state of the device when you entered the code on the remote -- programming is complete. If the component does not respond when you press the "Power" button on the remote, press the "INFO" button again and try a different code number for the manufacturer of the device.


    • Unlike remotes from many other manufacturers, Toshiba controllers do not require that you turn on the component before programming. If you enter the correct code on a Toshiba remote, the controller can access the selected component automatically, regardless if the component was on or off when you programmed the remote.
    • If you want to control a Toshiba component with a remote from another Toshiba device, you may not have to program the controller at all. For instance, to use the remote for your Toshiba TV to control a Toshiba VCR or DVD player, you generally need only to press the appropriate mode or device name button.
    • With many Toshiba TV remotes, the manufacturer presets the AUX button to work with Onkyo Audio/Video receivers. Consequently, to control basic functions on an Onkyo A/V with your Toshiba TV remote, the controller may not require programming.


    • Remote control designed for other Toshiba devices such as DVD players, DVD recorders and VCRs generally do not work with other devices. However, in some cases, the remote may have a button that allows you to control basic functions on a Toshiba TV.
    • With older Toshiba TV remotes, you may not be able to control Blu-ray disc players or use it for advanced recording features on a DVD recorder.

    Required Items

    • Toshiba TV owner's manual or user guide

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