How to Take Pictures Off the Computer & Put Them on Your iPhone

by Spanner Spencer

    With its high-quality, built-in camera, the iPhone is a useful option for taking photos and videos while out and about without the need for a dedicated digital camera. All the content is stored in the iPhone's memory, but you can move the pictures to and from a computer. This is a recommended safety option that ensures you don't lose your photos if your device is damaged or lost and is also useful if you want to carry certain pictures with you that are currently stored only on your computer.

    ITunes Folder Sync

    Step 1

    Launch iTunes and click the "Help" menu. Select "Check for Updates" and allow any available updates to install.

    Step 2

    Connect your iPhone to your computer using its USB cable.

    Step 3

    Select your iPhone from the "Devices" section in iTunes and open the "Photos" tab in the main iTunes window. Check the "Sync Photos From" box.

    Step 4

    Choose the location of the pictures by choosing "Choose Folder" from the drop-down menu.

    Step 5

    Navigate to the folder on your computer containing the pictures you want to sync to your iPhone. Select it and click the "Open" button.

    Step 6

    Click the "Apply" button. The pictures stored in the selected folder on your computer are copied to your iPhone, and any pictures on your iPhone are synced to your computer.

    Emailing Picture Attachments

    Step 1

    Launch your email client on your computer and click the button to begin composing a new message.

    Step 2

    Add your pictures to the email as attachments and address it to an email account that is monitored by your iPhone. Typically, this means you email the message to yourself. Click the "Send" button.

    Step 3

    Launch the Mail app on your iPhone. The app automatically checks for new messages. Tap the new message containing your picture attachments.

    Step 4

    Tap each photo in the email and select "Save Image" from the pop-up menu to save the photo to the iPhone's Camera Roll album. If several photos are in the email, tap the "Action" icon and save them all at one time by tapping the "Save Images" option on the pop-up menu.


    • Any new pictures you place in the shared photos folder on your computer are copied to your iPhone the next time you sync your iPhone to iTunes on your computer.
    • Do not send too many pictures via email at once, as most email servers limit the size of attachments. Exceeding 10MB in attachments can cause difficulties in sending the message or downloading it to your iPhone. Divide the number of attachments among email messages to reduce the overall size and send them at intervals.

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