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    How to Add RAM to a MacBook

    One of the simplest ways to improve performance in your MacBook Pro is to upgrade the random access memory, which acts as a temporary data storage area where information is placed to access quickly and out of sequence. The more RAM you have installed on your system, the faster your various programs can run because the processor isn't accessing the slower hard drive for information. Only the original MacBook Pro models offer the option to upgrade the RAM, and the last of these models were released by Apple in late 2012.

    Why Does DSL Require an Internet Modem?

    Digital Subscriber Line or DSL Internet services operate on existing phone lines. Signals from your DSL service provider are sent from a local hub, called a Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer, or DSLAM. Decoding these modulated feeds requires a modem, which processes the data transmitted to and from your computer. DSL modems are commonly called "gateways," another term for a combination DSL modem and router. A DSL modem provides an always-on connection, differing significantly from dial-up services that also use copper phone wires. The service's high speeds and dedicated lines offer typically reliable service and quick Internet access.