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    How To Choose Wireless Adapters

    Before the introduction of wireless network technology, accessing the Internet required connecting some sort of cable from your computer to a modem or router. Modern Wi-Fi adapters, though, enable you to connect to high-speed broadband networks from your home or at many hotspots on the road. Wi-Fi technology transmits data between computers and other Internet-capable devices using radio-wave signals rather than cables. Several types of wireless network adapters exist for desktop and laptop computers. Choosing the wireless adapter that best suits your needs depends on several factors such as the type of computer you have, where you usually connect to the Internet and your own privacy and security concerns.

    How to Manually Scan for Channels Without a Controller on a VIZIO

    If you run out of battery on your Vizio remote controller or if the controller doesn't work any more, you can still manually scan for channels on your Vizio TV. However, you must be able to access the "Menu" button on the TV, as well as the arrow and "Enter" buttons. These buttons are typically located on the left side panel of the TV. The buttons you press to scan for channels are identical to those you press when using a remote.

    How to Transfer Microsoft Office Files To and From Your iPad

    Although there is no iPad Microsoft Office app, several companies make apps to write or edit documents in Office format, which you can then transfer to your computer via iTunes. You can also install a cloud storage app on both your computer and iPad so you can share documents between devices.

    Buying Cleaning Spray for Electronics

    You expect your quality electronics to operate without a hitch every time you turn them on. However, this does not mean you can neglect them, allowing those devices to accumulate dust and grime. Choosing the right cleaning spray for your television, electronic components and their jacks and contacts ensures the reliability you anticipate.

    How to Speed Up an Internet Connection

    Your Internet connection is the business and entertainment lifeblood of your home. A fast Internet connection improves gaming performance, video streaming, productivity and general browsing tasks. Speeding up an Internet feed that is slower than it should be will maximize what you receive from your service provider while staying solidly connected.

    What File Formats Does the iPad Support?

    The iPad is an increasingly important tool for entertainment, business and education use. The iPad's document, image and audiovisual capabilities means that the device must support commonly used formats across Microsoft Office, iWork and audiovisual apps. This flexibility means that regardless of the type of material you add to the iPad for work or fun, it most likely is supported. This allows you to further leverage the iPad's inherent portability to maximize productivity.