How to Make Free International Calls with the MagicJack

by Aubrey Kerr

    MagicJack is a small device with a USB connection on one end and a phone jack on the other. Plug the magicJack device into your computer or high-speed Internet router and use it just like a regular land-line phone jack to make local and international calls. Take magicJack anywhere in the world to make free international calls to the U.S. and Canada, or send one to friends and relatives in other countries so they'll have a U.S. phone number to make and receive calls for free. You can't make free international calls to any country besides the U.S. or Canada using magicJack.

    Step 1

    Register your magicJack if you haven't already. Plug magicJack into your computer and open a browser window. The registration page appears. Fill in your personal information and payment information if you want a dedicated phone number.

    Step 2

    Plug any land-line phone into the magicJack and dial as usual to make calls. No matter what country you're in, calling a U.S. or Canadian number is free.

    Step 3

    Remove the magicJack from your computer if you'd rather use it from an electrical outlet.

    Step 4

    Attach the power plug adapter from the magicJack kit to the USB end of your magicJack. Then attach the provided Ethernet cable from the "Internet" port on the adapter to any open port on your high-speed router.

    Step 5

    Plug the magicJack with power adapter into the correct travel plug adapter for your country. Connect any landline phone, plug into an electrical outlet, and make free calls to any U.S. or Canadian number from anywhere in the world.


    • If you opt to sign up for a yearly account with a dedicated phone number anyone in the U.S. can call this number like a regular local or long-distance U.S. phone call.


    • To call from the U.S. or Canada to a regular land line in another country, purchase international calling credits from the magicJack website.

    Required Items

    • magicJack PLUS adapter kit
    • magicJack account
    • High-speed Internet connection
    • Travel plug adapter

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