How to Make Automatic Playlists on Your iPod

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    Using Apple Genius, you can create playlists automatically on your iPod based on the information contained in your music library. To use Genius, you must first enable it in iTunes and then sync your iPod with iTunes. After that, you can create a Genius playlist on your iPod Touch, iPod Nano or iPod Classic automatically without resyncing the device. If you have an iPod Shuffle, you can't create playlists on the device directly, but you can still create a Genius playlist in iTunes and then sync it with your iPod Shuffle.

    Activating Genius Playlists

    Step 1

    Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer if you don't have it already. It is available free from Apple.

    Step 2

    Click "Store" in the iTunes menu bar and then click the "Turn On Genius" button.

    Step 3

    Enter your Apple ID email address and password. If you don't have an Apple ID, you can create one by selecting "Create a New Apple ID."

    Step 4

    Click "Continue." Click the check box stating that you have read the terms and conditions and click the "Agree" button. Wait for iTunes to process information about the songs in your iTunes library. This may take several minutes if you have a lot of songs.

    Step 5

    Connect your iPod Touch to the computer using the USB cable that came with it. Launch iTunes if it doesn't open automatically.

    Step 6

    Select the iPod in the left iTunes menu. Click the "Music" tab and then click the "Sync Music" option at the top of the window.

    Step 7

    Select whichever songs in iTunes you want included on the iPod. Click the "Sync" button. A progress bar at the top of the iTunes window shows you when the sync is complete.

    Step 8

    Click the "Eject" button beside the iPod in the left menu after it has completed syncing. You can then safely disconnect the iPod from the USB cable.

    iPod Touch

    Step 1

    Tap the "Music" icon on the iPod Touch Home screen. Tap "Playlists" at the bottom of the screen and then tap "Genius Playlist." Tap a song in your music list to begin playing the song.

    Step 2

    Tap the screen while the song is playing to make the controls visible. Tap the "Genius" icon below the progress bar. The iPod Touch automatically creates a playlist based around the song you were playing.

    Step 3

    Return to the previous screen by tapping the left-facing arrow at the top of the screen.

    Step 4

    Tap "Save" to save the new Genius Playlist. It is saved with the name of the song as the playlist name and the Genius icon next to it.

    iPod Nano

    Step 1

    Play any song on the iPod Nano. Tap the album picture on the Now Playing screen.

    Step 2

    Swipe left on the screen and tap the "Genius" icon that appears in the middle of the screen. The iPod Nano automatically creates a Genius playlist based on that song.

    Step 3

    Tap "Save" to save the Genius playlist. Its name is the same as the song you used to create the playlist.

    iPod Classic

    Step 1

    Play any song on the iPod Classic. Press down the "Center" button until a menu appears on the screen.

    Step 2

    Select "Start Genius" and then press the "Center" button again. The iPod Classic creates a Genius playlist based on your selected song.

    Step 3

    Select "Save Playlist" to save the playlist. Its name is the same as the song you chose.

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