How To Load Pictures Into a Garmin Nuvi

by C. Taylor

    The Garmin nuvi series of GPS navigational devices includes a picture viewer for displaying images loaded into the unit's internal memory or residing on a Secure Digital memory card. The SD or microSD card slot allows you to transfer a memory card from your camera or cellular phone to instantly view photos on your nuvi. If you want to load pictures from your computer, or transfer them from the card, you need to connect the Garmin nuvi to your computer via a USB cable.

    Step 1

    Insert a microSD memory card into the Garmin nuvi's side card slot. If your model offers only an SD card slot, you can insert an SD card or use an SD card adapter to insert a microSD card. If you don't need to access images on a memory card, skip this step.

    Step 2

    Connect a USB cable from the nuvi's bottom mini-USB port to your computer's USB port.

    Step 3

    Press "Win-E" on your computer to open Windows Explorer. Look under the Removable Storage section to see the Garmin nuvi's internal memory and optionally installed SD card drives. These drive letters also appear in the left panel.

    Step 4

    Drag and drop images from Windows Explorer to the Garmin nuvi drive letter to copy them to the device. To transfer images from the SD card, drag and drop the files from the SD memory card's drive.

    Step 5

    Right-click the Garmin nuvi drive and select "Eject." Repeat for the memory card drive, if applicable. You can now unplug the USB cable to disconnect the nuvi from your computer.

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