How to Install a Logitech Wireless Mouse

by Michael Cox

    Logitech provides many wireless options to help you untether your mouse, including the Marathon Mouse -- rated as one of the top wireless mice in a 2011 Gizmodo article -- that boasts a battery life of up to three years. A Logitech wireless mouse comes with a wireless receiver, and requires a battery to power it and an available USB port for connecting the receiver.

    Step 1

    Install the Logitech SetPoint software to configure your mouse and the Logitech Unifying Software to configure your Unifying Receiver before disconnecting your old mouse. You may use the disc included with your mouse or download the latest versions from the Logitech website (link in References). If you already have a Logitech Wireless device installed, such as a keyboard, you may not need to install the software.

    Step 2

    Install the batteries in the wireless mouse according to the documentation. The method of installing the batteries varies by model. For example, the M505 has a locking switch on the bottom that opens the back end of the mouse, while the Marathon Mouse has a sliding battery compartment door on the bottom.

    Step 3

    Slide the mouse's power switch -- located on the bottom of the mouse -- to the On position.

    Step 4

    Plug the receiver in to one of your computer's USB ports. If you already use a Logitech wireless device, such as a keyboard, with a Unifying Receiver, you can use that receiver for up to six compatible devices.

    Step 5

    Configure your mouse to your liking using the SetPoint software. For example, you may wish to adjust the mouse pointer speed or acceleration


    • The wireless receiver should be connected to a USB port on your computer and not a hub or other device. The range of the wireless signal may vary by model; if you have problems connecting, move the mouse closer to the receiver and test it.
    • If you have trouble connecting with your mouse, check its batteries and move the receiver to another port. Depending on your mouse model, you may have to use Logitech Unifying Software or Connection Utility to establish a connection. For instructions for your model, see the Logitech website (link in Resources).
    • To find the configuration settings, choose "Logitech" from the "Programs" submenu of the Windows "Start" menu, choose "Mouse and Keyboard" and choose "Mouse and Keyboard Settings."
    • If your Logitech wireless mouse model is not rechargeable, you may find that you must purchase batteries frequently. Consider purchasing rechargeable batteries to save money in the long run.

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