How to Hook Up Wireless Rear Speakers

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    Wireless surround speaker systems are primarily designed to solve the problem of fishing wires from the receiver's location to the intended surround mounting spot, along with potentially reducing clutter. Although you still need to connect the wireless transmitter to the surround receiver and the surround speakers to the wireless receiver, wireless systems solve many problems when creating surround-sound in lofts or in homes built on a concrete slab. Using the same technologies found in Wi-Fi routers, wireless speakers maintain the ability to offer high levels of sound quality despite their increased ease of installation.

    Step 1

    Examine the rear panel of your surround sound receiver. Look for a set of RCA jacks labeled "Surround."

    Step 2

    Plug the included RCA cables into the "Surround" jacks on the A/V receiver. Plug the other end of the cables into the corresponding inputs on the wireless transmitter.

    Step 3

    Place your wireless surround speakers as you wish. Plug the wireless receiver into a nearby AC outlet.

    Step 4

    Connect the included speaker wire into the outputs on the wireless receiver. Plug the other end of the wires into the matching inputs on each speaker, paying attention to which speakers are labeled "Left" and "Right."

    Step 5

    Turn on the home-theater receiver, wireless speaker transmitter and receiver. Play a movie or surround-enabled television show to confirm correct operation.


    • If you encounter interference with 2.4 gigahertz surround systems, try 5GHz alternatives. These units tend to avoid destructive frequencies caused from microwave ovens, Wi-Fi routers and cordless phones.

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