How to Hook Up a Linksys Wireless Router to a Motorola DSL Modem

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    Connecting a Linksys router to a Motorola DSL modem gives you all the benefits of a wireless network without your having to replace the modem -- often an expensive proposition if your modem is supplied by your Internet service provider. Even if you have a wireless computer, you will need to connect it with an Ethernet cable when you set up the router. After you've connected the router to the modem, be sure to change the router's password and set up its wireless security. Failing to do this leaves your network open to hackers and can put your personal information at risk.

    Connecting and Setting Up

    Step 1

    Ensure the Motorola modem is operating properly and connected to the Internet. You can test this by connecting a computer to it, opening a Web browser and going to any active website.

    Step 2

    Connect one end of an Ethernet network cable into the WAN or Internet port on the Linksys router. Plug the other end into the Motorola DSL modem's Ethernet port.

    Step 3

    Connect an Ethernet network cable into any of the Ethernet ports on the Linksys router. Connect the other end to the Ethernet port on your computer.

    Step 4

    Connect the router to a wall outlet using its AC adapter.

    Step 5

    Launch a Web browser on the computer and type "" in the address bar. A dialog box opens asking for your username and password. The first time you access the panel, type "admin" in the User Name field and leave the password blank. Click "OK." The router's Setup page opens.

    Step 6

    Leave the default DHCP connection type unless you are an advanced user. DHCP automatically assigns each device connected to the network an individual IP address.

    Step 7

    Click the "Status" tab and then click the "Connect" button. The router accesses the Internet through the modem.

    Setting Up Security

    Step 1

    Click the "Administration" tab. Type a password in both text fields. This password will be required the next time you try to access the router's admin panel, so select a password you can remember.

    Step 2

    Click the "Wireless" tab and then select "Wireless Security" to setup wireless encryption for the network. Select "WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode" in the Security Mode menu. This is the strongest encryption setting able to accommodate both newer and older devices.

    Step 3

    Type a password in the Passphrase text field. This password will be required on any device trying to access your wireless network, so make sure you can remember this one too.

    Step 4

    Click "Save Settings." Disconnect the Ethernet cable between the computer and router if your computer has wireless access. Click the Wireless Network icon in the bottom right corner of the Windows desktop. The icon looks like a bar graph or a bar graph with a sun on it. If you can't see the icon, or if the network isn't visible, open the Control Panel from the Start menu. Click "View Network Status and Tasks" in the Networking and Internet section of the Control Panel and then select "Set Up a Connection or Network."

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