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    How to Find the Security Key for Your Internet Network

    The security key on your router is necessary to join your network. Although many devices remember the key, preventing the need to reenter it every time, knowing its location is useful when adding new devices or network users. Locate your WEP, WPA or WPA2 key on your router or through select utilities on a computer on your network.

    How to Change iTunes Password

    The Apple ID is a username and password that Apple users are required to have to download music, videos, apps and other items from the iTunes Store. This ID is sometimes known as the iTunes password because it is often entered in while using iTunes to download these items. If you have forgotten your iTunes password, you will find that you cannot download new apps on your iOS device or even browse past purchases on iTunes. At other times, you may need to reset the password for security reasons. Resetting the password requires using Apple's password reset page.

    How to Change Security Settings on a Belkin Wireless Router

    Your Belkin wireless router's security settings controls access to your wireless network, such as leaving it unsecured or encrypting it to block unauthorized access. Although it may sound like a good gesture to open up your network to all, there are too many problems that can arise from doing so, such as having your computer hacked or being responsible for another person's illegal activities. Therefore, if your network is unsecured, it's a good idea to change your security settings.

    How to Add a New Network in iPhone Using Wi-Fi

    Apple's iPhone allows network connectivity through your cellular carrier's data plan or a local Wi-Fi network. Using Wi-Fi preserves your data plan's bandwidth and reduces data charges. Apple made connecting to a Wi-Fi network a three-tap process, but that simplicity assumes the network's SSID name is being broadcast. If the network is closed or private, the name is not broadcast, and it does not appear in the network list. You must manually configure the connection.

    How to Secure an iPad

    The iPad tablet computer was released by Apple Inc. in 2010 and has since become one of the fastest-selling computer products in history. Between 2010 and March 2012, more than 55 million iPads were sold. The demand for the iPad has increased steadily over time. The high popularity and value of this device can make it sought after by thieves. To prevent data theft and help owners locate lost units, several useful security features can be used on the iPad.