GPS Systems That Use MicroSD

by Fred Decker

    With mobile devices such as GPS receivers, space to store all the files you want can be a challenge. Most have only a few gigabytes of internal storage, and must rely on SD cards to increase their memory for maps. MicroSD cards are favored for the minimal size and weight, and can be found on models in all price ranges.

    Garmin nuvi 2455

    Garmin's nuvi series is broad and covers a number of models with varying features. The nuvi 2455 combines several once-costly features in a modestly priced GPS, suitable for use in your vehicle or as a handheld navigator for pedestrians. This model provides lane guidance for upcoming intersections, so users never have to miss a crucial turning point. This includes voice prompts and in some cases realistic images of the intersection's streets and signs. This richness of data increases the size of every map set, so the added storage available through the device's microSD card slot can be crucial for anyone needing multiple maps. Maps can also be purchased on SD cards.

    TomTom Via 1535TM

    A GPS navigation device is only as good as its maps, and major manufacturers provide regular updates to keep their products current. TomTom's Via 1535, like many competitive models, can be purchased with lifetime traffic and map updates included. The company's own updates are issued at set intervals throughout the year, but TomTom users can also upload corrections and updates for the rest of the user community. Each user can choose to receive only updates verified by TomTom, or updates from other trusted users. With a microSD card installed, the 1535 can accommodate additional massive maps with massive numbers of user-added corrections and points of interest.

    Garmin eTrex 20

    GPS devices designed primarily for out-of-vehicle use, such as the eTrex 20, look quite different from standard GPS models. They're built to be weatherproof and rugged for hiking, cycling, rafting and other outdoor activities. The eTrex goes beyond standard GPS, making use of the comparable Russian GLONASS satellite system as well. With an inexpensive 4GB microSD card to complement its internal 1.7GB memory, the eTrex can store large quantities of detailed, data-rich topographical maps in addition to its standard map set. Users can also save favored trails or routes to microSD cards, and pass them on to friends and fellow enthusiasts.

    Magellan RoadMate 9055-LM

    Magellan's massive RoadMate 9055 is well suited to the needs of RV enthusiasts and other serious road warriors. Its 7-inch screen is easily viewed even in large vehicles, and its icons are easier to tap than those on smaller screens. The unit also supports an external camera, turnings its large screen into a monitor for backing an RV into tight spaces. The RoadMate includes the AAA Tour Book Guide, providing information on AAA-rated accommodations and attractions across the United States and Canada. With a microSD card added, serious vacationers can add thousands of personal photos to illustrate the GPS device's points of interest.

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