How to Enable a Bluetooth Device on a Sony Vaio

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    Bluetooth is an international standard for wirelessly connecting electronics devices together, used for connecting wireless mice and headsets to laptops. In typical configurations, such as are found on most laptops, the Bluetooth controller can coordinate inputs from up to seven subordinate devices. Sony's Vaio line of laptops have Bluetooth capabilities, with some models having a physical hardware switch for activation above and beyond the software controls in Windows.

    Step 1

    Set the Wireless switch on the front edge of the laptop to "On." Because this switch can be jostled in your laptop bag, you may need to switch it all the way to "Off" and then back to "On."

    Step 2

    Open the Start menu and enter "Vaio Smart Network" into the search box to pull up the Vaio Smart Network application. Click on the software slider for Bluetooth to make sure it's toggled to "On." For computers with Bluetooth Version 3.0 + HS or later, you can increase file transfer speeds by also activating the Wi-Fi or Wireless LAN options to "On." This is useful for getting a longer-ranged Bluetooth connection or connecting to Bluetooth enabled printers.

    Step 3

    Turn on your Bluetooth device and make sure set to "Discovery Mode" or "Pairing Mode." This varies on a device-by-device basis, so consult your manual for device-specific instructions. If you do not have your manual, and cannot find it online, some places to check include small buttons or switches on the bottom of the device for wireless keyboards and mice, which may be labeled "Connect" or have the "Bluetooth" logo on them. The device should be fully charged before doing this to minimize errors.

    Step 4

    Open the Start menu and type "Add A Device" into the search box to open the "Add A Device" Wizard. You should see the Bluetooth device on the menu that comes up.

    Step 5

    Select the device from the Menu and click "Next." Windows may ask you for a pairing code; this code is given in your device's manual, though the default for many devices is "9999."


    • There is an LED indicator for "Wireless" that changes color from orange to green when the hardware switch is active.

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