How To Determine Your Garmin Nuvi's Model Number

by C. Taylor

    The Garmin nuvi series is designed to aide driving navigation by supplying real time, turn-by-turn directions. Depending on the model of nuvi, additional features might include multimedia payback and SD card access. Knowing the model number of your nuvi device helps determine which features are applicable when reading the multi-model user manual, and the model number aids in finding technical support solutions.

    Model Versus Serial Numbers

    The nuvi model number offers a broad reference to the device you own. This number is useful for finding applicable technical support information, but it does not uniquely identify your unit. To register your specific unit, or to locate a stolen unit, the serial number is more useful. You should record both numbers separately from your nuvi unit. These numbers are both found on the Garmin nuvi device.

    Nuvi Sticker

    All Garmin nuvi devices have a sticker located on the back or underside of the unit. This sticker lists the model and serial numbers. The model number typically uses a two- to four-digit number that is often followed by one or two additional characters, as an example you might see "nuvi 260W" or "nuvi 3400." If the nuvi is already installed in your automobile, you might need to unclip the device from the holder to see the sticker. The device unclips by pressing the top release lever on the holder.

    Original Box

    If you still have the original box, the model number will be listed on the front or side information panel. The model might also be listed in the user manual, but Garmin often prints manuals that cover multiple models, so this is not a reliable resource when locating your specific model.

    Online Account

    When you first set up the Garmin nuvi device, the installation instructions recommended registering your device online. This entailed installing the Garmin Installation Plugin, creating an online account and connecting the device to your computer. Your device's details were then sent to Garmin and recorded in your account. If you followed this recommendation, you can log in to the online account and see the model number of your nuvi device.

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