How to Create Android Wallpaper

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    Between apps and settings, there are many ways you can customize an Android phone to reflect your own personality. One of the simpler options is setting a custom wallpaper. You can create them or buy them from several websites and apps. You can also set photos as your wallpaper. Creating wallpaper is a simple way to put a personal stamp on your Android phone or tablet. Because you do not need root access to change wallpaper, you can do it on almost any device.

    Free Android Wallpaper Downloads

    Step 1

    Download a free wallpaper for your Android phone or tablet from Android Central offers more than 1,000 wallpapers, as of October 2012. You can download the wallpaper on your computer and email it to yourself on your Android device and then set the image as your wallpaper. Android Central requires you to register an account, but the account is free and allows you unlimited wallpaper downloads.

    Step 2

    Install free live wallpapers from Live Wallpapers allows you to download free live wallpapers or some for a small fee. You can email the wallpapers to your email account on your phone, install them from the Google play store or use a QR codes to download them. Live wallpapers, like any Android app, may not work on some Android phones or tablets because of the hardware or the version of Android.

    Step 3

    Set a free wallpaper from Android Themes on your home screen. Right-click the wallpaper you want to use and select "Save As" to save the image to your computer hard drive. Then email or use the USB cable to transfer the image to your Android phone. All of the wallpaper images on Android Themes are free.

    Options for Getting Wallpaper onto an Android

    Step 1

    Browse to the website with the appropriate wallpaper on your browser and download the image or the live wallpaper app directly.

    Step 2

    Install the live wallpaper from the Google Play Store.

    Step 3

    Email yourself the image for your wallpaper or email yourself the APK file for the live wallpaper. To install an APK file, use your file manager to navigate to where the APK file is located and tap the APK file. You may have to check a box to indicate to your phone to install apps that are not in the Google Play Store.

    Step 4

    Plug your Android into your computer with the USB cable and transfer the downloaded file onto your phone. You may also be able to do this using a Bluetooth connection or a Wi-Fi connection.

    How to Add a Wallpaper to Your Home Screen

    Step 1

    Launch your file browser and navigate to the image you want to use for your wallpaper. Tap the image to open it in your phone's Gallery app.

    Step 2

    Tap your menu button and tap "Set Picture As." Tap "Wallpaper."

    Step 3

    Use the rectangle that pops up to crop your wallpaper to the image you want on your home screen. Tap the "Save" button.


    • You can also tap and hold your home screen and choose your wallpaper from your Gallery app. Navigate to the image you put on your phone through your folders listed in the Gallery.
    • You can create images for wallpaper from scratch in any image editing program or use your own photo. For best results, resize the image to the resolution of your Android device's screen using a photo editing program on your computer. Then transfer the image to the device and set it as wallpaper, as you would any other wallpaper.

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