How to Connect to a Wireless Network Using the iPod Touch

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    In addition to being a music and video player, the iPhone Touch allows you to surf the Internet just like the iPhone. Although the iPod Touch looks almost identical to the more expensive Apple iPhone, there are a couple of important differences. For example, the iPhone allows you to connect to the Web via a wireless phone carrier's cellular network. However, with the iPod Touch, you must connect to the Internet using a wireless connection through a Wi-Fi router.

    Step 1

    Tap “Home” to view the iPod Touch main menu screen. Tap the “Settings” icon and then "Wi-Fi." On the Wi-Fi Networks screen, use your finger to slide across the “On/Off” label next to Wi-Fi from left to right to enable the wireless network adapter inside the iPod Touch.

    Step 2

    Wait a few seconds as the iPod Touch detects all the wireless networks in range of the device and displays them on the screen.

    Step 3

    Tap the name on the displayed list of the wireless network to which you want to connect.

    Step 4

    Tap the “Connect” button. Wait a few seconds and then type the wireless network security key or username and password if prompted. After you enter the required login credentials, if any, the iPod Touch connects to the selected wireless router and obtains a dynamic IP address. Note that if you are connecting to an open or unsecured wireless router, the iPod Touch does not prompt you for a security key or username and password.

    Step 5

    Return to the Home screen and tap "Safari" to open the iPod Touch Web browser. Alternatively, open a chat or email application. Use the iPod Touch to surf the Internet, chat or place video calls as you normally would.


    • If you tap “No” when prompted to have the iPod Touch search for wireless networks automatically and then enter information manually to access a specific router using the "Other" option, the device stores the login credentials and details for the hotspot. If you return to that location again, the iPod Touch connects to the Wi-Fi network automatically without prompting you for a username, password or access key -- unless the password or security key changed since the last time you logged on to the network. If the password changed, the iPod Touch still connects to the network but prompts you to enter the new login credentials.


    • Even if you connect your iPod Touch to an encrypted or secure wireless router, avoid transmitting sensitive data such as banking, credit card or other private information over the Wi-Fi connection. Hackers or other unscrupulous users on the wireless network may be able to intercept or capture data you send from your iPod Touch to websites on the Internet.

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