How to Connect a Speaker Wire to a Binding Post

by C. Taylor

    Binding posts are commonly used for connecting speaker wire to receivers and other audio equipment. These multiuse posts work with a variety of speaker wire connections, but the procedure differs depending on the way the speaker wire terminates. Speaker wires may terminate with bare wire, pins, banana plugs or spade connectors. Banana plugs are the simplest connection, but bare-wire connectors are commonly used when cutting specific lengths of wire.

    Step 1

    Unscrew the top of the binding post in a counter-clockwise direction to reveal the eye. Insert 10-gauge or smaller bare-wire or pin connectors through this hole and tighten the binding post by screwing the top in a clockwise direction. Twist frayed bare wire to create a single, straight strand that slides into the hole more easily.

    Step 2

    Bend bare wire that is greater than 10-gauge into a hook shape and drape it around the binding post. Tighten the top of the binding post onto the wire by screwing in a clockwise direction.

    Step 3

    Unscrew the binding post and slide a spade connector around the post. Tighten the top of the binding post to secure the connector.

    Step 4

    Insert banana plugs into the hole on the top of the binding post. If there's a plug obstructing the hole, pull it out. You might need to bend the end of a straightened paperclip into a small hook to pull out the plug.

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