How to Connect the Sony Handycam to the Internet

by Mark Applegate Google

    High-speed Internet has made it possible to communicate using video with anyone in the world. While some people use a simple webcam to provide this functionality, you can use your Sony Handycam for this purpose and have better resolution and features at your fingertips to enhance the fun. While there are more steps involved to set up a Handycam for this purpose than there are for a webcam, it isn't much more challenging than uploading videos to your computer.

    Use a Cable for Streaming

    Step 1

    Determine what output cable options are available with your Handycam. USB, FireWire and HDMI connections all could support streaming in the right circumstances. USB streaming does not work with Windows 7 or 8, as there is no compatible driver.

    Step 2

    Download the appropriate USB streaming driver if you use Windows Vista or XP. Click "Run" and install to the appropriate location. This driver is different from the basic USB support driver that allows you to download to your computer.

    Step 3

    Choose a live streaming service if you are not using the Handycam on an instant messenger service., and are among the choices. Register for an account.

    Step 4

    Connect your cable with the camera turned off. Turn on your camera and wait for your drivers to recognize the device.

    Step 5

    Press the "Menu" button while in camera mode. If you have a USB streaming-compatible Handycam, toggle to the USB menu. Toggle on the USB streaming option in this menu and choose "On" from the options. If you use a FireWire or HDMI cable and install a support driver for it, it should work with no additional streaming driver as it is designed to send and receive video.

    Step 6

    Open your streaming or messaging service and look for your Handycam in the list of available webcams. Choose the device and begin use.

    Capture Card

    Step 1

    Purchase an internal or external video capture card. Be certain it interfaces with an available output jack and cable on your Handycam.

    Step 2

    Install the capture card's included driver software. This allows for any input cable to recognize the signal and pass it to your computer for streaming.

    Step 3

    Connect your Handycam to the capture card using the cable you use to connect to your television. While standard composite cables will work, the resolution will be far inferior to that of FireWire or HDMI cables.

    Step 4

    Search for your camera among the webcams available on your streaming service. It may be listed as a generic webcam or as the brand of your capture card among the list depending on the service's availability to recognize the Handycam beyond the capture card.

    Step 5

    Download, if asked, any Adobe or proprietary software required when starting. This software typically appears as a popup or a browser bar notice.


    • High-speed Internet is essential to stream live video.
    • Merely uploading videos to the Internet does not require USB streaming drivers.


    • Power off your Handycam before removing the USB cable from the computer to prevent damage to your recording or the USB port.

    Required Items

    • USB cable
    • FireWire cable
    • HDMI cable
    • Capture card

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