How to Connect RCA DVD Player to Sony Bravia

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    RCA is one of the oldest names in consumer electronics. Keeping in step with modern advances, RCA offers DVD players with HDMI outputs. This all-digital connection is an ideal fit with Sony Bravia flat-panel televisions, leveraging HDMI's one-cable convenience along with its high quality of audio and video. Once connected, the player and television team to provide countless hours of movie entertainment.

    Why HDMI?

    The High Definition Multimedia Interface allows one cable to carry the highest-possible audio and video afforded by the source. In the case of an RCA DVD player using this connection, this means 1080p video afforded by the player's video upconversion function. This takes the relatively small amount of video data and converts it up to near-HD quality, taking advantage of the video capabilities of the Sony Bravia television. If you connect the RCA player to a home theater receiver prior to the Bravia set, HDMI transfers Dolby Digital and DTS audio to the unit, with only one more cable needed to run to the television from the receiver. However, stereo audio is always available when the DVD player is connected straight to the Sony television along with high-quality video.

    Identifying Connections

    Locate the HDMI output port on the back of the RCA DVD player. This port is in a keyed, rectangular shape, matching the end of the HDMI cable. Insert one end of the cable into this port. Route the cable as needed to an available HDMI input on the front or side of the Bravia television. Insert this end into the selected port. Ensure that when you plug in the HDMI cables they go straight in, limiting the chance of damaging delicate internal connections. Likewise, make sure the cable has a reasonable degree of slack between the devices, and is not bent sharply at a degree smaller than the cable's radius.

    Sony Bravia Menu Settings

    All Bravia sets allow you to name or deactivate any input on the set. Glance at the HDMI input you chose for the RCA DVD player's connection. This port is indicated by a number. Turn on the television and press the "Home" button on the remote control. Press the left arrow key three times until the vertical Xross Bar is visible. Scroll down to the "External Inputs" option, then press the center "OK" key on the remote. Select the "Label Inputs" option. Scroll down to the individual HDMI inputs, selecting the one used for connecting the RCA DVD player. Click "OK," then scroll through the options until "DVD" is selected. Press "OK" to continue.

    Verifying Operation

    Turn on the RCA DVD player. Tap the "INPUT" button on the Bravia's remote control, selecting the input assigned to the RCA player. Verify that you see the "RCA" splash startup screen, or the menu for an inserted movie. If you do not, ensure you are on the correct HDMI input. Alternately, resume playback from your last starting point by pressing the triangular "Play" button on the RCA's remote control.


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