How Do You Connect Your DVD Player to a Digital Converter Box?

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    In September 2009, conventional analog television broadcasting went dark. For users of analog, non-high definition televisions, a converter box is required to watch over-the-air broadcasts. To facilitate this, the United States government, retailers and broadcasters took steps to ensure digital television converter boxes were available via voucher or sale. If you are watching an analog television and require a DTV converter box and DVD player, you can easily connect both.

    Step 1

    Turn the digital converter box and DVD players around, so the back panels are visible. Locate the red, white and yellow outputs on the DVD player. Find the coaxial "IN" and "OUT" threaded connectors on the DTV converter.

    Step 2

    Plug the RCA cables into the "A/V OUT" jacks on the DVD player, following the color coding.

    Step 3

    Plug the other end of the A/V cables into the corresponding "LINE IN" RCA jacks on the back of the television.

    Step 4

    Screw the antenna's coaxial cable into the "ANT" input, if it is not already attached. Screw the second coaxial cable from the "RF OUT" on the DTV converter into the "RF IN" port on the rear of the television.

    Step 5

    Turn on both the DVD player and DTV converter box. Switch the TV's input to "LINE" or "AUX," using the channel buttons or a button labeled "INPUT." You should see the DVD player's menu when you land on the correct input.

    Step 6

    Change the television's channel to 3 or 4, depending on which one you use to watch television. The DTV converter box image should be visible on the television.

    Step 7

    Perform a channel scan on the DTV converter to ensure you are pulling in all the channels available in your area. Consult your converter box manual for specific steps, as these will vary depending on model.


    • Most DTV converters have a feature known as "analog pass through." This means you usually don't need to split your antenna signal between the converter and television.

    Required Items

    • Digital converter box
    • Television remote/manual
    • DTV converter box remote remote/manual
    • RCA audio/video cable
    • Coaxial cable

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