How to Find Codes for a Toshiba Remote Control

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    While many Toshiba TV remotes include a "search" feature that enables you to program many devices without knowing their remote codes, it does not work with all brands and types of equipment. Even when the search feature does work with a device, using it can be time consuming. Therefore, if you need to program a device for use with a Toshiba TV remote -- or if you need to reprogram a device because you replaced the batteries in the remote -- it may be easier to enter its remote code manually. You can usually locate remote codes for various devices in the TV user manual or on the Internet.

    Step 1

    Power on the DVD player, VCR or other device you want to control with the Toshiba TV remote.

    Step 2

    Open the user guide for your Toshiba and locate the "Device Code Table." It should follow the section in the user guide that covers using the remote control. Locate the section for the type of device you want to program (i.e. VCR setup codes or Cable box setup codes).

    Step 3

    Find the manufacturer name of the device you want to program. The Device Code Table contains codes for most major electronics manufacturers as well as a few lesser-known companies. Therefore, there is a good chance that the table contains codes for most devices you own.

    Step 4

    Note the number of the code next to the manufacturer name of the device you want to program. For many brands, multiple codes appear in the Device Code Table. The first code listed is the most common one used for that brand and should work for newer equipment made by that manufacturer. However, other codes listed next to the brand name may work for your equipment as well.

    Step 5

    Press the "Mode" button on the Toshiba remote a few times until the indicator light displays next to the type of device you want to program and control. For instance, if you want to program your VCR for use with Toshiba remote, press the "Mode" button until the LED indicator next to the VCR label lights.

    Step 6

    Press and hold the "Recall" button on the remote. While holding the Recall button, enter the first four-digit code listed for the device in the Device Code Table. After you enter the device remote code, the Mode indicator light should blink twice. If the light does blinks only once, verify the code and re-enter it.

    Step 7

    Point the Toshiba TV remote toward the device you want to control and press the "Power" button. The device should turn off immediately if the code is valid. If the code does not work, enter the next code in the list and try again. Continue to enter codes from the Device Code Table until you find the one that works with your device.

    Step 8

    Program other devices with the Toshiba TV remote as needed.


    • If you don’t have the user guide or manual for your Toshiba TV, you can download an electronic version from the Toshiba Support website (link in Resources).
    • If you can find your TV's user guide on the Toshiba support website, you may be able to find valid codes for the remote on certain websites. Sites such as, Dogbyte Computer and have codes for many remote controls including those made by Toshiba (links in Resources).


    • You must re-enter codes for your Toshiba TV remote every time you change the batteries.
    • The remote for your Toshiba TV may not be able to control all features of your device. For some advanced features or functions, you may have to use the remote control that shipped with the device.

    Required Items

    • TV user guide or owners manual

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