How to Change the Time in the BIOS in a Sony Laptop

by C. Taylor

    Under normal conditions, you do not need to change your Sony laptop's system time because this information is continually updated and saved in the laptop's basic input/output system, or BIOS. Even if you format the Sony laptop and reinstall the operating system, the system time remains accurate. However, the laptop will not maintain the correct time if the CMOS motherboard battery is removed or depleted. Therefore, you may need to enter the Sony's BIOS to manually change the system time.

    Step 1

    Power on or reboot your Sony laptop. If a password prompt appears, enter the power-on password and press "Enter."

    Step 2

    Press "F2" repeatedly until the BIOS screen appears.

    Step 3

    Press the "Down" arrow to select the time from the Main tab, which is selected by default.

    Step 4

    Type the current hour and press "Enter" to move to the Minutes field.

    Step 5

    Type the current minute and press "Enter" to move to the Seconds field.

    Step 6

    Type the current second and press "Enter."

    Step 7

    Press "F10" and select "Yes" to save your changes and exit BIOS. Your laptop will then reboot.


    • You can confirm that Windows recognizes the current time by viewing the clock in the lower right area of your screen. Completely powering down your laptop for 10 minutes and rebooting will test if BIOS retains the correct time. If the time resets after you power off the laptop, the CMOS motherboard battery is likely depleted and needs to be replaced.
    • You may also need to adjust the date, which is located on the same screen as the time, by selecting the date and following the same procedure.

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