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    Saving a Photo on an SD Card in a Samsung Galaxy S3

    Unlike previous models, the Samsung Galaxy S3 does not require a microSD card in order to take photos or shoot videos. Samsung, however, still recommends that you use one and that you set the microSD card as your default storage location for photos and videos. The Samsung 3S supports a MicroSD card of up to 64GB, which slides into a slot located behind the back cover.

    How to Aim a Yagi Antenna

    The Yagi antenna is a powerful form of directional antenna that may enhance cell phone and Wi-Fi reception. Because it relies on clear line-of-sight for optimum results, aiming a Yagi antenna requires precision to ensure it's pointed directly at its desired signal source. A poorly aligned antenna greatly reduces signal reception and compromises device performance.

    How to Connect a Computer & Cell Phone Without Cables

    You can connect cell phones and computers wirelessly so they can share information back and forth. If file syncing is your main concern you can use a cloud service -- like Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud -- to keep files synced between your computer and phone. If you only want to share files once in awhile you can use a Wi-Fi file transfer app like Bump or WiFi File Explorer. To share media and hardware between your computer and phone, a Bluetooth connection can allow you to do more than just transfer files.

    How to Get Ringtones From Verizon

    Whether you’re growing tired of the pre-installed ringtones on your phone or would rather hear your favorite song play when a friend or family member calls, you can customize your phone by installing new ringtones. The Verizon Wireless Media Store offers thousands of ringtones for customers, ranging from mainstream artists to indie bands. To purchase new ringtones, access the site on your computer or through your phone’s Web browser. After you complete your purchase, the file is sent to you through a picture message and can be saved directly to your phone.

    How To Locate a Motorola Cell Phone by GPS

    Carrying your cell phone everywhere is a normal part of modern life. However, this frequent use invites misplacing the phone, leaving it on a restaurant table, the bar or in a checkout line at the grocery store. Motorola and other third-party app makers understand this pitfall, so they created global positioning system-based software that lets you locate your missing Motorola device.

    How to Check for a Bad ESN on a Cell Phone

    Cell phones use electronic serial numbers, or ESNs. These unique identifiers are tied to current and previous customer account histories. Checking if the phone has a "bad" ESN is important if you purchase the device secondhand, to ensure that the unit was not stolen or has an outstanding account issue. You can check the ESN history directly though the service provider or via an online database.

    How to Text From My Laptop to a Cell Phone

    Text messaging isn't relegated to just cell phones; they can also be sent from a laptop if you don't have a text messaging service, if you've used up your monthly text message allowance or if you find yourself in a location with a Wi-Fi signal but no cell signal. You have several texting options by accessing a website, sending an email or using Google Voice. Except for the latter, you'll need to know which wireless carrier your text message recipient uses.

    How to Port a Landline to a Cell

    When you first set up cell phone service, your mobile carrier may automatically assign you a new phone number by default. However, if you're making the change from a land line to a mobile phone, you don't have to lose your old phone number in the switch. The Federal Communications Commission has a federal program in place that enables users to port their old land line phone numbers to their new mobile accounts -- with a few restrictions and considerations.

    How to Print Text Messages Off of Your iPhone

    Most text messages you receive on your iPhone are not so important that you'll want to keep them forever. Nevertheless, there are times when you receive important messages containing communications you want to keep safe or refer to later. While the iPhone saves your text messages, accidental deletion is possible. If you have important SMS messages you want to keep, printing them is a simple permanent solution.

    How to Dry Out a Smartphone

    If you have ever spilled a glass of water across your expensive smartphone or accidentally dropped it into a puddle, you know that water and electronics do not mix. Water damage can quickly turn a smartphone from an essential communication lifeline into an expensive paperweight. If your smartphone gets wet, quick and careful action may be able to salvage your device and prevent a costly replacement charge.

    How to Change an Apple Account for an iPhone

    To download apps from the App Store on your iPhone and to sync it with an iTunes account, you need to have an Apple ID. Once you've associated an Apple ID with your iPhone, your phone references the iTunes account and App Store purchase history associated with that account each time you update or download new content onto your phone. However, if you've recently changed your Apple ID, or if you're the new owner of a previously owned iPhone, you can quickly change the Apple ID to the correct account on your phone through its settings.

    Comparing Antenna Booster Signals

    As we rely increasingly on wireless devices in our daily lives, the need for predictably high-quality reception becomes paramount. Wired devices such as digital televisions require strong signals for maximum viewing enjoyment. In all cases, antenna boosters carry the potential to turn otherwise borderline fringe signals into reliable feeds to our devices that we can count on.

    How To Locate the GPS on Verizon Phones

    Verizon carries many popular smartphones that include GPS, including iPhones, Windows Phones, BlackBerry phones and Android phones. You might want to disable GPS to save your battery and re-enable it when you use your map app to get directions. All these different phones have different settings for enabling and disabling the GPS signal.

    How To Track Your Child's GPS Cell Phone

    Although it's impossible to always be there to protect your child, GPS technology can help you locate your child's phone and presumably the kid as well. Various tracking apps for Apple and Android devices, while useful for finding a lost phone are also helpful in keeping up with your child's whereabouts. Keeping GPS turned on and running in the background lets you track the phone on a virtual map, leveraging the device's location services.

    How to Compare Cell Phone Signal Boosters for a Car

    Although urban areas typically have adequate to excellent cellular coverage, there are occasions where cell phone signals are low. Although they cannot restore a nonexistent signal, boosters can enhance low-level cell signals, making otherwise spotty service clean and reliable. Mounting the right booster in your vehicle keeps the phone safe and stable on the road, while providing you with the communications, navigation and entertainment features to which you've become accustomed.

    Cheap Way to Boost a Cell Phone Signal

    Your phone may include a camera, GPS, gyroscope and 120 apps, but none of that helps you get reception when you are a little too far from the nearest cell tower. Your wireless provider is more than willing to help you -- if you're willing to shell out for a repeater or femtocell. If you're not flush with cash, or if you're in a pinch, you have cheaper options at your disposal.

    How To Download a GPS System Onto a Cell Phone

    The GPS chipsets built into modern cellular phones were initially intended as a way to locate subscribers who reported emergencies. However, they've made your phone capable of acting as a full-blown GPS navigation device when an appropriate app is installed. Applications are available from major GPS manufacturers such as Garmin and TomTom, cellular carriers such as Verizon, and third parties including Google and Apple. Your phone, your budget and your needs determine which app you choose.

    How to Turn a Samsung Eternity Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

    Personal mobile devices, such as cell phones, laptops or tablets, can act as Wi-Fi hotspots that provide Internet access to other mobile devices, allowing you to surf the Web, check email and download music and movies. The process by which a cell phone acts as a personal hotspot is called tethering. Most cellular carriers require the activation of a qualified data plan to take advantage of tethering capabilities. AT&T's Samsung Eternity provides tethering capabilities when used in conjunction with the AT&T Communication Manager via a USB or Bluetooth connection. You must purchase a separate rate plan called Laptop Connect or DataConnect if you plan on using your cell phone for tethering.

    How To Buy Home Video Equipment

    Home video equipment largely falls into three categories: HD video camcorders; DVD players and Internet media boxes; and flat screen televisions. In the field of DVD players and set-top boxes, the hardware has largely become commodity products – the components are identical and only the branding label makes any difference. Camcorders are nearly at that stage now, but there's a lot more differentiation in product types in that field. Most camcorders on the market are well made, reasonably priced and feature rich. Your primary choices boil down to a combination of the features you want and your available budget.

    How To Hook Up GPS

    Portable and cell phone-enabled GPS units can make travelling by car, bike or another type vehicle a safer and more pleasurable experience. Cell phone apps that offer cell-based GPS service are a nice alternative to a commercial unit. To get the most out of your GPS unit and protect it from damage, it must be able to get a strong signal and be hooked up correctly and securely.

    How To Buy a Cell Phone Antenna Booster

    If you ask cell phone users about their biggest complaint, most would say lost or dropped calls. The problem exists for many users even with the high-efficiency digital phones available today. Cell phone antenna boosters promise to address many users' problems, but they are not without concerns ranging from substantial cost to potential FCC regulation of the industry to protect emergency frequencies from overzealous manufacturers. Choose wisely as you wade through the details of this potential solution to your dropped-call conundrum.

    Different Kinds of Cell Phones

    Cell phones seem to evolve by the day with manufacturers and service providers competing to produce the next consumer craze. While smartphones have emerged as the market leader, conventional cell phones, prepaid phones and unlocked phones offer viable alternatives. Knowing the difference between the various cell phone types will help you find the best choice for your specific needs.

    Good GPS Units for Kids

    In today's digital age, concerned parents have turned to GPS technology to monitor their children. Numerous manufacturers produce GPS devices that use satellite positioning to track a child's exact location and a cellular signal to report the information to parents. Several key factors go into determining a good GPS unit for kids.

    What Is TTY Mode on Cell Phones?

    Cell phones have so many features, it can be tricky to figure out what they all do. One of the more mysterious options is the TTY mode. The TTY abbreviation stands for teletypewriter, a device that allows deaf or hearing-impaired individuals to communicate via the telephone by typing text messages. Cell phones with a TTY mode are compatible with this technology and perform the same service after they're connected to a TTY device.

    How to Buy an HTC Smartphone

    Before HTC became the first company to release an Android-powered phone, the T-Mobile G1, few Americans had heard of the Taiwanese manufacturer even though they have been making phones and other portable devices for other well-known companies since 1997. Since the release of the G1, HTC has come into its own as a major player in the cell phone and smartphone space and produces some highly sought-after models. HTC produces a variety of smartphones for other companies as well as those the company brands under its own name. If you are thinking about purchasing an HTC smartphone, you should consider several important factors before deciding on a particular model.

    How to Track Stolen Phones

    Losing an old-fashioned cellular phone was inconvenient, but nothing a new phone couldn't cure. With modern Internet-connected smartphones, losing a phone is a much bigger issue. Your smartphone probably contains enough personally identifiable information -- sometimes including credit card numbers and bank account passwords -- to cause serious problems. If your phone is lost or stolen, several apps and services can help you locate it before it can be resold or mined for data. Most will also lock or erase the phone.

    How to Operate the Car Remote Via Cell Phone

    Modern smartphones can be used for a wide range of noncommunications purposes, from playing games to acting as a remote control for your TV. They're also becoming a larger factor in automotive design. Not only are in-car entertainment systems using cellular phones for content and Internet connectivity, but new apps make it possible for your phone to start the car and perform other functions.

    What Are the Differences Between OEM & Non-OEM Cell Phone Batteries?

    Handheld portable devices such as tablets and smartphones have become remarkably powerful since the turn of the century, and the most powerful can replace standalone computers for some uses. Unfortunately their powerful processors and large, crisp screens play havoc with battery life, and you might need to replace the battery before you replace your phone. Whether you're upgrading from choice or replacing a failing battery, you have the choice of a factory-original or third-party battery.

    How to Get Better Signal With Verizon Wireless

    Verizon Wireless sells cellular phone services and wireless data plans for both phones and as an alternative to conventional broadband services for the home. These data plans are part of Verizon's 4G LTE network. Wireless connections have any number of reasons for bad reception, mostly dealing with signal strength and the relative distance to a cellular tower.

    Difference Between Digital & Tri-Band Cell Phones

    Cellular phones use channels defined by frequency hopping within a slice of the broadcast spectrum. The four commonly used bands of the radio spectrum used by cellular phones are 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz. Of these, the 850 and 1900 MHz bands are most commonly used in the U.S. and Canada, while the 900 and 1800 MHz bands are more commonly used in Europe and Eastern Asia. A tri-band phone is one that has multiple antennas and can connect to any of these frequency ranges. Technically all tri-band phones are digital phones, but not all digital phones are tri-band; many sold in the U.S. and Canada only use the two frequencies that their carrier supports.

    How to Erase All Contacts on a Samsung

    The versatility of modern cell phones and tablets is one of their greatest attractions. Putting all your contacts, your calendar, e-mail and favorite websites onto a single, easy-to-use device is irresistibly convenient. Unfortunately, it also places your whole life at the fingertips of anyone else who uses that phone or tablet. If you plan to resell or give away a device from one of the major manufacturers, such as Samsung, it's prudent to spend a few minutes erasing your contacts and other personally identifiable data. Android and Windows devices all work much the same way, but feature phones are more variable.

    What Is the Difference Between 3G and 4G?

    When shopping for a new cell phone, one of the most important decisions you have to make is whether to select a 3G or newer 4G model. In most cases, 4G phones offer greater data speeds than their 3G counterparts, but this can vary based on a number of different factors. Understanding the different 3G and 4G technologies, as well as doing some research on coverage in your area, can help you decide if opting for 4G is worth the extra expense for you.

    How to Geocache Using a Phone

    With a smartphone in hand, geocaching can be a fun activity for the whole family to get outside and discover hidden treasures. Geocaching apps use the phone's Global Positioning System (GPS), which combines satellite GPS systems, cell phone towers and even Wi-Fi hotspots to pinpoint your location and compare it to the location of a nearby cache. Caches are usually filled with small toys or other trinkets left by those who have already found it. Don't forget to bring a trinket of your own to leave behind when you find the cache.

    How To Purchase a SIM Card

    A Subscriber Identity Module card contains a microchip that phones compatible with Global System for Mobile Communications use to identify users on a cellular network. SIM cards encode service plan and account information, encrypt transmissions, and can store text messages and basic contact information, such as names and telephone numbers. Most SIM cards purchased from United States cellular carriers are limited to a specific network and will not work on competing networks, especially for locked phones. However, network-independent, third-party SIM cards are available. These can be useful options for those who cannot commit to long-term contracts and for travelers looking for cost-conscious alternatives to expensive, overseas roaming charges.

    Does the Phone Make a Difference in Reception?

    Different cell phone models get different reviews on their overall quality and reception. Many factors contribute to cellular phone reception, including make and model of the cell phone. Each phone is a small, low-power transmitter, and each phone also has one or more antennas that pick up the signals from nearby cell towers.

    How To Purchase a Verizon Contract Phone

    Modern cell phones can cost a bundle. In fact, a smartphone can easily run over $500 if purchased without a contract. While that would give you the freedom to purchase service and disconnect it at will, it may be hard to swing that kind of cash up front. To avoid the major price tag of a new phone, purchase one with a contract from a cell service provider such as Verizon. This will lock you into a service plan for a period of years, but Verizon will subsidize the cost of the device - saving you money. Pick up the phone in a store to get it up and running immediately.

    Pros & Cons of Personal Tracking Devices in Cellular Phones

    Since 2001, cell phone carriers have been making it easier to track your cell phone, whether your phone uses GPS or not. Part of the reason is the FCC regulation that make it possible for 911 emergency services to locate emergency calls. However, police also use this information in non-emergency situations to identify where people have been and where they are in real time. When it comes to cell phone tracking, consumer benefits, as well as personal and public safety, intersect with privacy issues and the ability of criminals to use this information to endanger people and property.

    How to View the Icon Glossary on a Verizon LG Phone

    Spending a few moments browsing the Icon Glossary on your Verizon LG cell phone will help you to recognize some of the phone's key functions and features. The glossary is also a useful tool if you accidentally hit the wrong button on the phone's keypad and display an icon that you don't recognize. The Icon Glossary is available on most older LG cell phones, including the Glance, Versa and handsets in the VX series. Use the Verizon LG cell phone's keypad to navigate and view the gallery of icons and their descriptions in the Icon Glossary.

    Types of Antennas in Basic Communication Systems

    Whether you see it or not, every wireless device uses an antenna to send and receive radio frequencies. The size and shape of an antenna depends on the size of the signal's wavelength. High radio frequencies, like those used in cell phones, have short wavelengths, so the antennas can be very small. Low-frequency radio signals have long wavelengths, so longer antennas are needed. Antennas can be made from almost any metal or alloy. The part that receives or sends a signal is called an element. Other parts you may see protruding from an antenna are called reflectors or directors, which help capture the signal on the element.

    Texting With Apple iPhones

    Wireless phones were capable of sending text messages long before the iPhone came along, thanks to the Simple Messaging Service protocol. However, the iPhone's ease of use, with a full on-screen keyboard, visual display of an entire conversation and one-click access to send photos via MMS, was a quantum leap over the "triple tap," single-message SMS display of old-fashioned phones. Apple upped the ante with the iMessage service, which enables unlimited texting between Apple devices without messaging charges.

    Importing a Contact List CSV to the iPad

    Most contact-management software has the ability to export your contact list into a comma-separated value file, but no software native to the iPad can import it. Apple's iCloud system of contact management can import your contacts from most email programs, but that isn't quite the same as being able to export a subset of your contacts and just import them to the device. Getting the file imported requires the use of a third-party application.

    How to Improve In-House Reception of AT&T Wireless

    If you find yourself with a mobile-phone dead zone in part or all of your house, know that AT&T has developed a portable mini-receiver called a MicroCell that improves your in-house AT&T reception. The MicroCell uses your broadband Internet connection to increase cellular reception in your house. You can register up to 15 phone numbers to your MicroCell and connect up to four AT&T cell phones at the same time. The MicroCell only works with AT&T phones, so if you also use another carrier, contact that provider to find out if a similar option is available.

    About Cell-Phone Boosters for the Home

    Cell-phone boosters solve the problem of spotty coverage in your home. Better boosters often create a strong-enough signal for users to drop Wi-Fi, choosing to use their data service's 3G or 4G connection instead. Cell phone owners that routinely lose calls in certain areas of their homes most directly benefit from these devices, making cellular calls nearly as reliable as land-based phone connections.

    Does AppleCare Cover Lost iPhones?

    Thefts of cell phones -- especially the iPhone -- are on the rise. Apple offers an extended warranty called AppleCare+, which offers support for damaged or malfunctioning devices, but does not provide for the replacement of lost or stolen phones. You have up to 90 days after the date of the iPhone purchase to decide whether to purchase AppleCare+, which extends the traditional one-year warranty term to two years from the date of the original device purchase. Since it does not cover lost or stolen phones, your best bet may lie with considering private, third-party iPhone insurers.

    How to Use Android Cell Phone as a Modem to Get Internet on Your Computer

    Tethering your Android smartphone with your computer enables the device to share its cellular data connection, so your computer can access the Internet even when a wireless connection is unavailable. Android 4.x offers three ways to create this connection. Connecting your computer to your Android phone using a USB cable directly shares the Internet. Bluetooth-enabled computers can also pair with the phone to share data. The Android device also offers a portable hotspot feature that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot to which up to eight computers can connect.

    Tips to Increase Cell Phone Battery Life

    Your cell phone may state it has a specific battery life, but that's with minimal use. Apps, hardware settings and even the brightness of your screen all drain cell phone batteries faster than you may expect. With a few changes to your phone, you can increase battery life so your phone doesn't die when you need it most.

    How to Set up a Motorola Android With Wireless LAN

    Most Android smartphones from Motorola are configured with some kind of data plan through a cellular provider. However, this data plan might be extremely limited and incur additional fees should you go over your allotted bandwidth. To conserve bandwidth, your Wi-Fi enabled Motorola phone connects to mobile hotspots, so you use traditional LAN settings when browsing the Internet instead of your data plan. This setup potentially saves you considerable data bandwidth when downloading or sending large videos, photos and e-books.

    Changing the Background on a Samsung Android Phone

    Changing the Android wallpaper on your Samsung smartphone customizes the device with personal pictures or preset wallpapers included in the phone. Preset wallpapers include still and animated photos that offer quick activation on your phone. Personal pictures, including those you might have downloaded, are almost as easy to apply, but the phone additionally enables you to crop images. Selecting just a portion of the image enlarges the selection across the relatively small phone screen.

    Adding a PNG Signature to the Apple iPad

    You can change the email signature on your iPad in the settings menu, but you're limited to text only. If you want to use a PNG or other image format as a signature, you will have to add it manually for each email you send. While this might sound like a hassle, it's actually quite fast and easy to do if you prepare beforehand. First, you delete the default signature, then upload a PNG file you've prepared on your computer to the iPad. You can use a logo, a scanned image of your own signature or any other image you want. If you place your signature in its own folder it will only take you a couple of taps to quickly add it to any email.

    The Advantages of No-Contract Cell Phones

    If you are shy of commitments, a no-contract, no-penalty cell-phone service may be in order, particularly if you are not comfortable with having a credit check run and giving away your personal information. Traditional mobile phone service plans require a one- or two-year commitment, locking you into the plan by offering you a wireless phone for pennies on the dollar. One trade-off is that your no-contract cell-phone plan requires you to buy your phone upfront without the long-term contract subsidy.

    Where to Find Free Cell Phones

    The wireless market is very competitive, both for phones and service. Carriers subsidize phones so that you'll sign a contract for service, slashing hundreds of dollars off the unsubsidized cost of devices such as the iPhone. How low do these discounts go? It is possible to get a free phone, depending on the phone you're willing to take and your economic circumstances, but sometimes a free-phone deal that looks too good to be true is just that.

    How to Determine What Smartphone Is the Right Fit?

    When selecting a smartphone, the most important factors for you to consider are your wireless provider, the available apps, the data plans and model selection. Smartphones, unless they are unlocked, only work with a specific cell phone provider. Also, since each cell phone provider carries its own line of smartphones, they don't all offer the same selection. Therefore you should choose your provider and data plan before you select your phone. Think about the features of the phone and the applications offered, keeping in mind which you think you will use.

    How To Buy Prepaid SIM Cards

    Buying a prepaid SIM card for a cell phone or smartphone is an alternative way to pay for your mobile calls, text and data without having to sign up for a contract that locks you into a single network provider for a long period of time. Even if you have your own contract phone, you might also want to invest in a prepaid SIM card that you can give to a child or an elderly relative so that you know they will have enough credit to call you in an emergency. Electronics retail stores offer a range of prepaid SIM cards that you can buy from the store or its website.

    How to Block Text Messages

    Unwanted text messages are not just a hassle, they can also be dangerous. In September 2012, CNet reported a rash of phishing using text messages on mobile phones, luring people into providing confidential information like passwords and account numbers to unscrupulous hackers. Even harmless text messages can cost you money if you pay for each text received on your phone. Your options for blocking text messages vary depending on who your service provider is. There are two ways of sending a text message to a cell phone: through email or from another cell phone. Spammers often use mass emails to send text messages to cell phones.

    What Is a Cell Phone Data Plan?

    Modern cell phone data plans encompass more than just text. Internet browsing, music streaming and GPS functionality all rely on data access. Without the right plan, you may be shocked by your cellular charges at the end of each month. Unique to each carrier, data plans are chosen by usage amount, calculated in gigabytes. Choosing the right plan is critical to keeping the information flowing to your smartphone without breaking your budget.

    FCC Regulations Concerning Cell Phone GPS Tracking

    The ever-increasing use of cellular and smartphones alters the face of security and emergency awareness in the United States. Today, every cell phone made must be equipped with a GPS receiver to more easily locate those that cannot make outgoing calls due to injury or other impairment. With estimates placing over 70 percent of 911 emergency calls coming from cell phones, the Federal Communications Commission has comprehensive regulations regarding where calls are routed and how they are handled by emergency service providers.

    How To Buy a BlackBerry Without a Contract

    Cellular phones are heavily subsidized by the carriers, who make back their investment on monthly billing, data plans and a variety of other fees, charges and options. That takes time, so carriers typically offer larger subsidies on longer contracts. However, sometimes you might want to simply buy a capable phone, like a BlackBerry, and not take on the obligation of a carrier's contract. It's not difficult, though your upfront cost can be higher.

    How to Forward Voice Mail Messages on an iPhone

    When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, Apple also introduced "visual voicemail," which displays your incoming messages in a list. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn't offer message forwarding. However, using a third-party service or application such as Google Voice, YouMail or Fusion Voicemail, you can forward your voice mail messages to anyone's email inbox. These services also include other features, such as the ability to check your email from any computer.

    How to Find a Lost Cell Phone Using GPS

    Losing your cell phone is no fun. In addition to losing touch with friends and family, modern smartphones contain critical personal and financial information, such as contact details and passwords. Fortunately, the GPS functionality built into today's smartphones allows lost phones to be located using a Web browser, either on a second smartphone or a laptop.

    Ways to Save Money on Cell Phone Plans

    Cell phone budgets can easily get out of hand. The carriers don't make it particularly easy, either. Between the list of major and secondary carriers, the options they present for calling plans, group plans, contract-less plans, minutes per month, data amounts per month and more, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Even worse, you might be trying to make this decision just as your old plan is expiring, and there's a lot of pressure to make the decision as quickly as possible.

    How to Read Data Stored on a SIM Card

    Subscriber identity module cards are smart memory cards used by GSM or CDMA cellular phones to store user identity, network authentication, personal security information, text messages and contact phone numbers and email addresses. SIM cards can be read by other compatible cell phones and smart card readers using special software. In order to read a locked SIM card, you should call your cellular carrier to get the personal identification number or PIN unlock key associated with your SIM card. You can then make backups of or modify your contact and text messages on the SIM card.

    Uses of GPS Tracking

    Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers work by receiving signals from GPS satellites; each signal has the time it was broadcast and the orbital information of the satellite. A specialized chip on the receiver or a specialized program in a smartphone, convert this information into a set of coordinates. These coordinates get used in a lot of ways, some of which are a little surprising.

    How to Switch Phones Easily With Verizon Wireless

    Verizon Wireless enables you to quickly change the cell phone that's associated with your account. There are two ways to accomplish this switch: You can visit a Verizon store and have the customer service make the change, or you can access the My Verizon website and complete the transfer from a computer. Both methods enable you to purchase a new phone and connect it to your existing number. This will also work with phones acquired from friends, as long as the phone is compatible with the Verizon network.

    How to Charge a Cell Phone Without a Charger

    If you rely heavily on your cellular phone, discovering that your battery is nearly dead can be a shock. All those wonderful features of modern smartphones use battery power, and your battery can fade rapidly even while the phone is in your pocket. Fortunately, you have several options for replenishing your battery, even if your charger's broken or forgotten at home.

    How to Add a Bluetooth Device to a Cell Phone

    Bluetooth technology connects your smartphone to Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as headsets, keyboards and even other phones. Most phones can maintain a list of previously connected Bluetooth devices for subsequent use, but you can only connect to one device at a time. The procedure for adding a Bluetooth device varies slightly between iPhone, Android, Windows and BlackBerry phones, but each operating system makes the procedure simple to easily connect to peripheral devices.

    The Best Cell Phone for People Who Have Hearing Aids

    In August 2003, the Federal Communications Commission established rules and standards for digital wireless phones to guarantee their compatibility with hearing aids as well as ensure the availability of acceptable models by setting benchmarks for manufacturers. These rules became part of the Hearing Aid Compatibility Act, which Congress passed for landlines in 1988. Hearing impaired cell phone users should understand the issues and become familiar with device technologies to choose the best cell phone. Consider factors that include both cell phone and hearing aid ratings, the connection standard of your service provider, assistive phone features and bridge accessories.

    How to Download Music to a Cell Phone

    Cell phones have transitioned to smartphones, and even before the smartphone transitions, they'd already consolidated several other consumer electronics devices, like MP3 players and small digital cameras. Getting your music onto a cell phone usually requires a content management program like Google Play, the Amazon App Store, or Apple iTunes in iCloud.

    How to Watch a YouTube Video on Your Cell Phone

    A wealth of informative and entertaining content resides on Google's YouTube website. While you might be familiar with accessing YouTube from your computer's Web browser, you may not be as familiar with YouTube's dedicated mobile site, which is optimized for viewing on your mobile device. The site is accessible through your phone's Web browser or its YouTube application.

    How to Block a Phone Number

    Nuisance callers can range from pranksters and collection companies to jilted paramours or former spouses. A single call on a rare occasion is easy enough to ignore, but if the calls are frequent, it's time to take action. One simple solution is to block the number, but you can also take other pro-active steps to protect your peace of mind.

    How to Choose a Cell Phone Plan

    With multiple nationwide and regional carriers, buying a cell phone and getting the right plan has turned into a confusing muddle of options. Before you sign a contract, ask yourself questions about what services you use, what your budget is and how often you travel and where. The answers to all of these questions, and more, will help narrow down the options until you find a plan that matches your usage patterns and actual needs.

    How to Tether Cell Phone Internet to a Laptop

    If you make minimal use of your laptop outside of your home, school or office, you can probably make do with Wi-Fi hotspots. Serious mobile Internet users can invest in a mobile Internet package, with the appropriate hardware and data plan. For everyone in between, the best compromise is often to use your cellular phone as a mobile modem. This requires some planning and a modest amount of setup.

    Emergency Cell Phone Chargers

    People who use cell phones heavily understand the many problems faced when the phone's battery is dwindling: the inability to make a call, to look up information on a application or to remember a friend's or family member's phone number. Enterprising companies recognize the need for emergency cell phone chargers, operating on wind-up and solar power as well as offering a variety of backup battery packs. Keeping one of these emergency chargers in your car or briefcase may save your bacon if you need to rescue a dying battery.

    How to Sync an LG Cell Phone With Your PC

    In today's fast-paced world, people are the go more than ever before. To help them stay connected, many people use cell phones and computers to place and receive calls while on the road or communicate with those far away via chat or email. If you have an LG phone, you may create contact or schedule information on it that differs from that on your computer. Using some free software, though, you can sync your LG phone with your PC and keep contacts and calendar information up to date on both devices. Synchronizing the two devices also is also a quick and easy way to save backups of important messages on your LG phone just in case you need to reference them later.

    How to Get Pictures Off a Cell Phone

    Most modern phones include a digital camera, so you can spontaneously capture memorable moments. The photos you've taken reside in your phone’s internal memory or on a removable memory card. Getting these photos off of your phone lets you edit, print or share them, and frees up storage space on your phone. Depending on your cell phone model, there may be multiple options for transferring them.

    How to Change the Magic Jack Phone Number

    The MagicJack service allows customers to place and receive phone calls through a computer instead of a traditional phone line. Unlike a landline, MagicJack allows people to select a state and area code for their personal number. Users can also customize a vanity number to make their contact information more memorable. If a customer moves to a new city or would like a different vanity number, he can quickly make this change from the MagicJack website.

    How to Call-Forward With a Sprint Phone

    In a perfect world, you'd have time to talk to everyone who calls you on your cell phone. Unfortunately, real-life calls often come at inconvenient times, or from inconvenient callers. They'll also come when you're in a meeting, when your phone is broken or charging, or when you're conserving your minutes. Call-forwarding is one way to deal with those situations. You can set your Sprint phone to forward all calls or only selected calls to a chosen number.

    What are the Advantages of VoIP?

    A Voice over Internet Protocol telephone system converts the sound of your voice into data signals sent through the Internet. To do this, you need a computer, digital handset or other device to make a VoIP call plus a service to make the call compatible with standard telephones. Because this technology bypasses traditional phone service, it provides several advantages, including significant cost savings for long-distance calls.

    How to Put Cell Phone Pictures on a Computer

    Many modern cell phones include built-in cameras that let you capture photos that rival those shot with expensive stand-alone digital cameras. Most cell phones these days also double as removable disk drives you can connect to your computer to transfer files such as music, photos and videos between the devices. Consequently, moving images from your cellphone to a PC is very similar to using a USB flash drive or external hard drive to transfer files. Some smartphones, like the Apple iPhone, even transfer pictures to your computer automatically when you connect the devices with a USB cable. With many other phones, though, copying or moving photos to your computer is not automatic.

    How to Buy a Durable Cell-Phone Case

    Your smartphone is a compact, powerful computer that fits right in your pocket. Because you use this small, delicate device all around town to check email, listen to music, get directions, make phone calls and more, the chance of accidental breakage is relatively high. A slew of protective cases are on the market for nearly every current phone, adding style and protection to your device. Your choice of case revolves around the environment you place your phone in, and whether you're primarily interested in looks or safekeeping.

    How to Block Unwanted Calls to Your Cell Phone

    While modern smartphones offers many cool and productive features, perhaps the most important benefit of the phone is that allows others to stay in contact with others when you are away from home or the office. However, always being available for others can itself be inconvenient sometimes if you are busy with other tasks. For instance, if you are in the middle of an important conversation or meeting, the last thing you want is a call from a salesperson or other person with whom you do not wish to speak. Many modern cellphones allow you to block calls from specified numbers rather easily. However, with some other phones, you may have to install an application or use a third-party service to stop unwanted phone calls from interrupting your activities.

    How to Block a Phone Number With AT&T

    Call blocking for AT&T customers is available as an added feature to both residential and wireless service plans. You must purchase the AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless feature for each line that uses call blocking. Under this plan, call blocking can apply to 30 known telephone numbers, all of which you can manage online. Residential service users who wish to enable call blocking must add the AT&T Complete Choice Enhanced feature for a monthly charge. Residential users must then manage the list of up to 10 blocked numbers using a land line.

    How to Change the Ringtone on the iPhone

    With over 244 million iPhones sold since 2007 at the time of this publication, it is understandable that many users find themselves in the presence of others that own the device. If you use the default ringtone on your iPhone, you might find yourself reaching for it whenever you hear the familiar tone--even if it's not your phone that's ringing. However, changing the ringtone on your iPhone, or adding a custom one, so that you differentiate it from others in the crowd is relatively simple.

    How to Tell If You Need a New Cell Phone Battery

    As we use cell phones and smartphones for more and more things other than actually placing calls, the toll on the phone's battery increases. You may find that your phone's battery might last a day or a few hours under normal use, depending on how heavily your use the device. Over time, your battery will decrease to the point where it fails to hold a full charge, feels abnormally warm after charging or seems to deplete rapidly. These are among the signals that it's time to replace your phone's battery.

    How to Check Text Messages Online With Verizon

    Verizon Wireless customers can quickly view text message information online. A "My Verizon" feature allows you to review the dates and times of messages. The contents of all received messages are not automatically displayed on this site. However, as a Verizon customer you can view responses to text conversations that you have initiated. You can also send replies directly from the website, without the need to use your mobile phone.

    How to Send a Picture to a Cell Phone From a PC

    While using a cell phone is convenient for sending a cute or funny picture message to a friend or loved one, you may want to share an image that isn’t stored on the device. To send a picture stored on your PC, you can use email or a third-party service on the Web. Depending on the recipient’s data plan, he may incur a fee for opening the picture message or email. Prior to sending the image, verify that the recipient has a picture messaging plan or will accept the fee for receiving the message.

    Choosing a Cell Phone

    Choosing a cell phone can be a daunting task. With the great variety of shapes, sizes, features, cell phone plans and carrier choices, it all adds up to a plethora of decisions for the new cell phone buyer. Evaluating how you will use your new phone is the first step to deciding the best phone for you. After that you will need to consider which service provider gives you the best plan, whether to go with a traditional cell phone or a smartphone and the design and features of your category selection.

    How to Make Phone Calls Over the Internet

    The Voice over Internet Protocol is an increasingly popular method of worldwide communication that can save you money and provide high-quality audio, conference calling or face-to-face video chats. A high-speed Internet connection is required, and your computer, smartphone or tablet must have the necessary hardware to make Internet calls. This includes speakers, a microphone and a webcam if you wish to make video calls.

    How to Locate My Lost Cell Phone

    Losing contacts and photos, having important information stolen or simply losing an expensive device is not something you want to experience. You may be able to locate your phone and resume your life without further ado, but if not, you may have to resort to strategies designed to mitigate the damage. Cell-phone service providers and manufacturers all have ways to prevent unauthorized use, disable the phone or wipe it clean to forestall data theft.

    How to Block Incoming Calls on Your Samsung Cell Phone

    Most phones produced by Samsung have the capability of blocking all incoming calls or rejecting specific callers. This option is useful for users who receive harassing phone calls or simply do not want to speak to a particular contact. Some Samsung phones reject a blocked call completely. Other phone models forward the incoming call to voicemail. In both cases, the call blocking settings can be easily set from the Samsung's Settings menu.

    How to Activate a Used Verizon Cell Phone

    If you have recently purchased a used Verizon cell phone -- either to replace a lost phone or to avoid going under another two-year contract -- you found that the phone is essentially useless until it is activated. The way you activate the phone depends on what type of phone it is. For instance, smartphones can generally be activated online, while basic feature phones may require dialing a specific number for programming. A call to Verizon customer service may be necessary.

    How to Block Calls on an Apple iPhone

    Your phone rings. You reach for it, look at the incoming number and freeze. It's your ex, or a telemarketer you've warned off twice already, or someone else who just won't "get the message." It's time now to prevent their calls from getting to you in the first place. While it's not possible to block a call directly from most phones, including the iPhone, all three of the major U.S. wireless carriers offer online methods to block specific phone numbers.

    How to Reset a Samsung Cell Phone

    When a Samsung cell phone becomes unresponsive or when the device slows to a crawl, a reset may be in order. There are two primary methods used to reset the phone. Users should always start with the soft reset when the phone locks up or programs slow down due to memory or software response issues. A soft reset is akin to a reboot of the machine and usually solves most problems without any loss of user data. A hard, or master, reset is required when the phone completely locks up and becomes unresponsive to any cellular signals. This second and more drastic reset deletes all personal data, preferences and settings so that the device is restored to the original factory configuration.

    How to Transfer Music to Your Android Phone

    Unlike the Apple iPhone, Android phones don't come with a dedicated syncing application for transferring music and other media files from the computer to the device. However, you can use several different methods for transferring music to your Android phone. Some of the easiest methods include transferring via the USB cable, via the SD card or through third-party iTunes-like software.

    How to Save Data to a Phone's Micro SD Memory Card

    MicroSD memory cards are memory card expansions for small electronic devices, most often telephones. They also get used in smaller cameras, digital recorders and similar electronic devices. Not all phones have them; for example, Apple's iPhone does not have a MicroSD card, though most Android phones and tablets do. Moving data to and from the MicroSD card is much like moving files around from your laptop computer to a thumb drive or other removable media.

    How to Block Your Number from Caller ID

    The Caller ID feature is available on most phones and displays the number of a caller on the recipient’s phone. Various reasons exist for not wanting your information displayed to the party you are calling, such as if you are calling someone that would probably not answer if they knew it was you, or you do not want the party to have your contact information. You can use a dialing sequence to block your number from Caller ID. You cannot use this feature if you are calling an 800 or emergency number, or if you are a telemarketer.

    How to Add Contacts to Your iPhone

    Whether you want to transfer your contacts to your iPhone from another source by syncing the phone with iTunes on your computer, use the iCloud service or add a single new contact on the fly, Apple makes it easy to do. Whichever method you choose, your iPhone keeps your contacts organized and accessible.

    How to Call a Cell Phone Using a PC for Free

    Voice and video chat applications such as Skype, Windows Messenger and Apple's FaceTime have made high-quality computer-to-computer and even computer-to-smartphone communication easy and free. However, most of these apps require both you and the person you're calling to use the same software at the same time. There's currently only one company that offers unlimited-length free voice calling to domestic phones -- Google. For shorter calls you may use a lesser-known service, or convince your frequently-called pals with smartphones to install a free app that lets you call them from your PC.

    How to Remove iPhone Apps From Phone Applications Library

    Any games or apps you download to your iPhone are linked to your iTunes account, rather than a specific device, so there is no danger in removing unwanted applications at any time. Some apps may no longer be of use, or you may find your iPhone becoming disorganized and want to remove those apps that get little use. Unwanted apps are deleted individually directly from your iPhone's Home screen or you can determine which apps to keep on your iPhone by selecting them in iTunes and syncing with your computer.

    How to Dry a Cell Phone Out With Rice

    When your phone comes into contact with water, the impurities in the water allow electricity to flow through the substance, completing circuits in your phone that aren't meant to be completed and potentially causing significant damage to your phone. This contact with water will usually void your device's warranty, so if you want to prevent any significant damage, you'll need to get the water out of the device as soon as possible. Dry rice is a desiccant, which means that it absorbs water from the air around it. When placed in a sealed container, the rice will absorb water from the air, creating a state where the water in the phone evaporates quickly.

    How to Transfer Cell Phone Pictures to a Computer

    Cell phones and smartphones have more advanced features than ever. While included Web browsing and email or text features enable you to use your phone to stay in contact with those important to you, many phones also include an integrated camera capable of taking high-resolution photos. If you use your phone to take pictures, you may already be familiar with using the USB data cable to transfer the photos to your computer. However, if you do not have the data cable with you and you want to copy pictures to a computer, you can use several alternative methods.

    How to Download Pictures From Your Cell Phone to Your Computer

    Modern cell phones and smartphones enable you to do much more than just place voice calls; they let you browse the Web, send email and texts -- even take high-resolution pictures. In fact, many smartphones have integrated cameras that take much better pictures than digital cameras made only a few years ago. Therefore, you no longer need to carry a separate camera with you when you want to capture a special memory or moment in a photo. Once you take pictures with your phone, though, you should download them to your computer for editing, sharing and safekeeping.

    How to Save iPhone Contacts

    Your iPhone stores your important professional and personal contacts. The iPhone incorporates multiple data sets, including photos, phone numbers, email addresses, website homepages and custom ringtones per contact. With a few taps you can quickly add, access and dial a new friend or business from your iPhone.

    How to Block Unwanted Calls Through Verizon Wireless

    Verizon Wireless is one of the most popular providers of cell phone service in the United States. There are over 94 million Verizon customers, according to the company's website. One of the many features available to Verizon users is privacy control. This enables cell phone users to block incoming calls and text messages from specific numbers. If you are receiving unwanted phone calls, you can log in to the "My Verizon" site and enable this capability for no charge.

    How to Install Skype on Unlocked iPhones

    When an iPhone is unlocked, you can use it on any cell network. The unlocking process is not the same as jailbreaking, which involves gaining root access on the phone and installing a different operating system. Jailbreaking may void the manufacturer warranty, while unlocking only requires you to meet certain criteria and then ask your cell carrier for the unlock code. You can also purchase an unlocked iPhone with no contract directly from Apple. You can install Skype as well as other applications from the App Store on an unlocked iPhone.

    What Is Wireless VoIP?

    Wireless Voice over IP (VoIP) refers to any technology that allows you to make phone calls using a Wi-Fi network and the Internet. If you have ever used Google Talk on a laptop equipped with a Wi-Fi card, or Skype on an iPhone over a wireless network, you've already used a version of wireless VoIP. The term is usually associated with wireless handsets designed specifically for making calls over a Wi-Fi network. Such phones are often called SIP phones because they use Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) over Internet Protocol (IP).

    How Does a Smartphone Work?

    Smartphones exist in a the middle ground between a standard mobile phone, also known as a feature phone, and a full-fledged computer. Early smartphones simply combined some aspects of personal digital assistants, like email capability and basic productivity software, with a mobile phone, but modern smartphones contain a wide variety of powerful features designed to make your life easier and keep you connected to the people and systems that are important to you.

    How to Send Pictures From Cameras to Computers

    Sending photos from cameras to computers is a fundamental step in archiving and preserving precious digital photographs. Storage options extend beyond memory cards and computer hard drives, although those remain the primary mediums. Cloud-based storage offers potentially greater capacity and the comfort of knowing that your photos are not subject to loss from a failed hard drive. Modern smartphone users who use the built-in camera on the phone as their only digital photo-capturing device are increasingly familiar with both types of storage and transfer methods.

    What Cell Phones Will Work With a Mac?

    For many Mac owners contemplating a new cell phone, the choice may seem obvious. The Apple iPhone was designed with Mac users in mind. However there are several reasons why a different brand may be preferable. BlackBerry, Windows and Android phones each have their own strengths, including their different features, service-plan options and prices. Each of these smartphones can work with a Mac computer if you install the right software.