Belkin Surge Protector Boards for Television Comparisons

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    Lightning and electrical surges do not discriminate when it comes to damaging televisions, computers and sensitive home theater equipment. Belkin's solution to this is a suite of surge protectors, ranging from surge strips for a few devices to a comprehensive home theater power station for all your gear. Whether your needs are basic or advanced, Belkin has a suitable power solution.

    Configuration Offerings

    Regardless of what you need to plug in, it's rarely wise to connect any device to an unprotected outlet. However, that doesn't mean you require a home theater-oriented surge protector to power your clock radio. Belkin has models under $10 for basic applications, featuring six outlets and essential protection against everyday spikes and moderate surges. Moving up into mid-range models, Belkin offers the same basic protection but with features such as charging for USB devices and provisions for phone and coaxial connections. Advanced Power Consoles provide device-specific and timed outlets along with high-amperage surge protection.

    Power Consoles

    At the heart of advanced audio/video and home theater systems, Belkin's PureAV Power Consoles offer advanced protection and customization for your individual system needs. Although it's commonly known that external lightning strikes damage electronics, what is less well known is that everyday spikes from other appliances and noise from the other equipment in the same system cause damage over time, as well as injecting noise into the system. Belkin addresses these issues in its Power Consoles by applying isolation for each outlet, preventing one faulty component from causing hum and video noise. Component-specific outlets for high-power amplifiers, audio and video components provide specific filtering types to maximize power quality for each device. Belkin's PureAV Power Consoles offer isolation from one device to the next, stiffer surge protection and timed outlets for sequential power ups. This feature prevents all devices from powering up at the same time, potentially stressing and tripping a breaker. This is especially important when using high-power amplifiers that require a large inrush of current to turn on. Surge protection is rated in joules, with Power Consoles' maximum surge current ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 depending on the model.

    Device Isolation

    Larger electronics that use big power supplies offer their own built-in insulation against current inrush. Larger power amplifiers are an example of this, generally requiring less in the way of surge protection; excess protection actually harms performance from restriction of current. Known as HiCurrent, Belkin provides at least one outlet for high-current amplifiers, maintaining an adequate level of protection while not excessively limiting the ability of the amp to draw power from the wall as needed. Digital devices using unregulated switched power supplies are notoriously "noisy," injecting line interference into the rest of the system. Belkin addresses both of these issues by managing these outlet types on their advanced units. Although Belkin does not make specific claims of improving audio or video quality from employing these outlet types, the less interference the better.


    Belkin offers progressively higher levels of protected equipment guarantees, offering reimbursement for damaged equipment caused by one of their devices failing to protect the connected gear. Even their basic models offer five-figure equipment coverage, with upper-end Power Consoles extending into the middle six figures. All models feature a lifetime warranty against premature failure, with both coverage types designed to provide additional peace of mind when connecting home theater or computer equipment.

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