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    How To Buy Toshiba Laptop Accessories

    Toshiba laptops are a mixture of power and portability, and every laptop makes trade-offs in weight, battery life, size, and features – even the Toshiba Satellite series. These trade-offs can be compensated for by buying accessories, which add functionality to the laptop.

    How to Consistently Get Photos Sharp

    Three important settings affect how sharp your photos will turn out: shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Because each of these settings affects the others, understanding how they work and what they do is vital to getting the sharpest photos in different circumstances. Of course, these are not the only components in getting the best photos. Properly focusing your camera, ensuring your lenses are clean and saving your images in the largest format possible will also affect how sharp you photos appear.

    What Accessories do I Need for My Tablet?

    Tablet PCs are portable devices by design. They are made as slim and light as possible to facilitate easy carrying and storing. While they lack additional features that a laptop would consider standard such as an optical drive, USB ports and a full keyboard, these features are not out of reach. To get the most from your tablet, you'll need to purchase accessories.

    Critical Accessories for a Camcorder

    Cell phone cameras have made it possible to capture video almost anywhere with minimal equipment, but their quality is usually mediocre. Recording the highest quality home videos requires a camcorder, designed to excel in that one job. Unfortunately, the excitement of buying a camcorder can be dimmed by multiple trips back to the store for accessories. Hundreds of accessories are available for your new camcorder, but a few are more critical than others are.

    The Best Accessories for Android Tablets

    Android-powered tablets can be fully operated through their touchscreens and motion sensing features. But the addition of accessories can improve your productivity, make the device's operation easier and enhance the functions you can perform with it. Tablets are also vulnerable to damage, and choosing the right accessories can help you to protect it and keep it in good working order.

    How to Buy Accessories for the Wii

    The Wii attracted millions of casual gamers with its motion-based game controller and its broad variety of game titles. The Wii itself only comes with a single controller, a charging dock and the necessary cords and wires. To broaden the platform’s capabilities and capitalize on its success, Nintendo produced a number of accessories that enhance the performance of some games, make new types of game play possible and improve the gaming experience overall. Nintendo sells official Wii accessories through its website.

    How to Remove Write Protection from a USB Drive

    Write protection, when applied to a USB drive, prevents unauthorized users from adding to, changing or deleting anything contained on the drive. Using write protection, you can circulate the drive among several users with the assurance that each user will see the same message. You can also prevent inadvertent deletion of the drive’s data. To permanently remove write protection from your USB drive, you need to format the drive. Before doing so, copy any files you want to save to another storage unit.

    iPhone 4S & Accessories

    The iPhone 4S is Apple's fifth generation of its touch screen-operated smartphone hardware. Featuring multiple wireless connectivity options, the iPhone offers different forms of cellular and Internet-based communication and allows you to browse the Web while out and about. A wide range of games and applications make the iPhone useful for portable computing, navigation, multimedia entertainment and lifestyle management.

    How to Test Your Ping Time

    When you access a website, data travels to and from the site via several servers, or nodes. A bottleneck at any of these nodes can significantly reduce transfer speeds. To test a connection, you could use a browser to connect to the site, but this doesn't give you quantifiable results. The ping command does just that. It sends packets of data to a site and tells you exactly how long the packet took to travel full circle. The ping command is useful for testing website availability without the influence of browser protocols, but it also helps flag slow connections to a site.

    How to Take a Snapshot of a Windows Computer Screen

    Windows 7 includes a built-in function that enables you to capture snapshots of the computer screen. You can either take a snapshot of the entire screen or of the active window. The active window is the application currently in focus; you can make a window active simply by clicking on it. Once you've captured the screen, you can save the snapshot as an image file in Paint, the operating system's image editor.

    How to Renew an IP Address in Windows 7

    The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol allows your router to automatically assign an Internet Protocol address to each computer or device in a network. Renewing this IP address forces reassignment of an IP address, which can solve many connection problems associated with power outages, relocation or changes in hardware. As an example, a connection problem can occur when adding a static IP device that uses the same IP address as your computer. This creates a conflict that confuses routers. By renewing your computer's IP address, you release your current IP address and are reassigned a new, unused address that eliminates the conflict.

    Can You Use an HDMI Cable With an iPod Touch?

    The iPod Touch is a powerful media player that can play audio and video content, run games and applications and browse the Web. The small size of the iPod Touch is a great benefit when you use the device outside your home, but at home you may like to view content on a larger screen. You can connect the iPod Touch to your television via an HDMI cable using an accessory called the Apple Digital AV Adapter.