How to Access Netgear Wireless Router Settings

by C. Taylor

    When you initially set up your Netgear wireless router, you had two options. You could manually configure settings through the browser-based interface or use the Smart Wizard to hold your hand through the process. After this initial setup, the Smart Wizard is no longer available unless you reset your Netgear router back to factory defaults. That leaves you with only the manual option for subsequently accessing wireless settings.

    Step 1

    Open your browser and enter "" or "" in the address field. Alternatively, double-click the "N" desktop shortcut to automatically launch your browser and access the login page.

    Step 2

    Enter "admin" without quotes for the username and password and click "OK." If you previously changed your password, use the updated values instead.

    Step 3

    Click "Yes" to check and install for new firmware or "No" to check later. This firmware keeps your Netgear router updated, but you can perform the update later. If you want to quickly check wireless settings, bypass this potentially lengthy step by clicking "No."

    Step 4

    Click "Wireless Settings" under the Setup tab.


    • Use a wired connection to the Netgear router when making changes to your wireless settings; otherwise, you will be disconnected and need to log in again.

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